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how to get into space by booq - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 03:08:53 EST ID:gbNE17Eo No.37106 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1487578133724.jpg -(641948B / 626.90KB, 749x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 641948
so lets collaborate

considering where we are now with technology how do you think we could even get into space and survive life living and evolving?

what do we need to do here biologically? as in modification

molecular robots, quantum computing...

considering they are robots they could make them smaller... and the possibilities of medical science plus others

myself i've considered this, its been a fascination of mine for some time

so this is what i've been thinking

obviously we can destroy protiens now without chemical intrusion so we should even be able to get rid of viruses
no more aids even
and more to the point manipulation of nucleus maybe so genetic modification is possible too
as in benificial aids or parasites that help... augmentation, life extension, and manipulation of our own genes and chromosomes…

i keep thinking brave new world, gattica, and the forever war with the "perfect beings" but the psychology of it seems sorta down sided with the lack of "flavor"

black white latino asian
its all nice having variety

thinking about our bodies is all opiniated, i'd like better toes or tail a tail for the emotive and the fact i could hold my beer while doing things

but then into the other things, thought about it thinking how can we go into space... obviously we're already able to connect and control computers with certain advancements
but my theory is that with this molecular robots we could augment our minds to computers more extensively... but one thought could almost wreck a system

so it would seem almost proper to have them be able to switch to physical controls, certain gestures that pull up.. think minority report and vr

with that other things can be easily manipulated and created.. even a satellite the can be controlled with the mind, drones.. things like that

the real question is fuel but since we can split atoms and atoms are abundant and other sources can be tapped the ship itself would and should be maintained

but getting humans there is the real part... how to get into space... and how will it be built

the best way i can guess now is that we find a way to build in space where its easier ... maybe a "sky hook" lowered down that we can hook things to to sorta elevate up... but the orbit of anything holding that would be thrown and fuel and resources on that would go out...

so i had thought why not anchor it to the moon and disconnect it as needed so nothing is damaged... every 29 days between moon phases so with that it seems easier.. rope is cheap and easy and we won't have to throw a lot into certain areas considering we can hit a plane with enough material to cart up.. even building on the moon for a while and retreating if need be during phases so we don't freeze

plus the whole death star thing seems easy... i don't know how things work there but i know a semi takes time to get up so pulling things like a freight might work

i thought titan AE with a frieght to pull so we could store and keep whatever...

bad enough though.. we can't get along on this planet and it'd be like fall out

but since everything seems somewhat subjective and people adapt

please keep this going
Charles Pushkot - Mon, 20 Feb 2017 15:10:28 EST ID:fokVD8qA No.37107 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Ok well good enthusiasm but your post is all over the place. Also you're wasting a lot of mental energy thinking about things people have already done a lot of work on! Do some more research on the specific plans you're bringing up.

We can already do any kind of genetic manipulation, the problem is learning what kinds of manipulations are safe to do. Using nanomachines to destroy viruses in targeted ways is something we've already figured out how to do. Also using nanomachines is the most powerful strategy for indefinite life extension via the SENS program.

But no, no, no, a thousand times no do we need any kind of Brave New World or Gattaca shit to get us there. Authoritarianism is bad and will get whatever kind of utopia we try to create destroyed from within.

As for a single thought being able to destroy the internet if we connected our mind to computers...yeah no. That would like there being able to be a single virus able to destroy the entire internet, there are too many fail safes, and ultimately all a virus is is a program, and ultimately all a thought is is a program. The thoughts you would send out into the network by such an interface would be no more dangerous than any program you could write, and there would be even more robust defense software, even anti-viral AIs, by that time.

We are awash in an inexhaustible source of fuel in the form of sunlight. Solar cells are approaching conversion rates that make them nearly the perfect energy source, and that even with just the industry standard mode of photovoltaic construction. There are some revolutionary methods involving things like quantum dots and refractory films that could push conversion rates close to 75%, which would be thousands of times more than we need.

The sky hook...yeah, it's a good idea. It's not possible with any technology we currently possess. For one thing, we could never attach an orbital tether to the moon. You just have no idea how fucking far away the moon is. Just to make the tether, even if it was like only a centimeter wide, would require as much material as has ever been mined from the earth in human history. So to make an orbital tether, we would most likely use an asteroid and bring it into much, much closer orbit than the moon is at. The second big problem is that the amount of tensile strain that would exist on the tether would be so great that no currently existing or even theoretical material would be strong enough to keep it from ripping apart. So for right now, until we can discover some new stronger material, orbital tethers are just impossible. Sorry.

But that's ok, because spaceflight is getting cheaper all the time. A really important stepping stone will be find a way to achieve orbital velocity without having to rely on propellant carried in the spacecraft. Whether that means some kind of ionic propulsion, or a maglev catapult, or just launching spaceplanes from high-altitude deep sky stations, there are a lot of strategies for getting the price per kilo in orbit down, which is the last real barrier.
booq - Tue, 21 Feb 2017 23:35:12 EST ID:gbNE17Eo No.37108 Ignore Report Quick Reply

pretty sure you're right on with the machines giving viruses but at the same time having a computer that is here to be able to connect to is almost needed but at the same time physical keys would be easier ways to prevent data manipulation from unwanted outside sources

plus being able to go from a thought pattern to a motion based control system is better considering the deliberate control...

also i imagine that connecting to the internet via the mind could be interesting since you could privatize your imagination with another person meaning you could have private conversation via telepathy almost... its interesting cause first i think
cause of all the other things you could use to keep "shut ins" connected - like sex toys that stimulate through thought actions or whatever... plus games will be interesting in the mind but because of the whole speed ratio they might be quicker

but with this i think a lot of interesting things with the matrix will arise

like it is you would almost insist on having sub matrixes like "alternate" dimensions if you could have multiple Internets you'd almost would think about it, connecting them like second life

so many interesting things

back to the other will the ability to convert light to electricity give enough power to maintain an entire ship
Esther Heggletut - Wed, 22 Feb 2017 16:18:05 EST ID:fokVD8qA No.37111 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1487798285714.jpg -(61217B / 59.78KB, 800x477) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Having a physical control doesn't necessarily make you safer, it just gives you an additional very particular weakness. Pic related, TSA master keys seemed like a pretty fool proof security scheme until someone was able to take a picture of one and reverse engineer the entire set...

And yeah, once we have mind machine interfaces, we will definitely use them to link up our minds, engage in VR, and really we already have multiple sub-layers of the internet, that's what the Dark Web is.

As for the efficiency of solar power -- yes, solar power would be sufficient for any application if we get the conversion percentage high enough. If we could convert the energy of the sun that hits the earth to electricity 100%, it would dwarf our needs. The current power output of our entire civilization is only 12 Terawatts per year. 83,600 Terawatts of sunlight hit the ground each DAY.
booq - Wed, 22 Feb 2017 17:19:49 EST ID:gbNE17Eo No.37112 Ignore Report Quick Reply

until someone breaks into my house i don't think the keys being copied would cause much problem... as with any set

as efficient as solar power and other radiations are i wouldn't rely on them completely
Jarvis Brookham - Sat, 25 Feb 2017 00:21:48 EST ID:NDEVlKhQ No.37138 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I feel as though once the barrier of traveling into space more easily and more often is pushed that's where you'll start to see sources for new materials. New materials, new discoveries that's what will push the science forward.

I imagine that space travel can be the thing that causes the next big jump forward in technology. Between that and nanomachines we could really see a change in what the idea of a humans life is like. It's easy to make a few jumps and you've got basically cybernetically enhanced human beings traveling among the stars.

The scariest thing about nanomachines is that there most likely are going to be some major vulnerabilities to them. I can picture them being the target of malicious people. Or even breaking down.I also picture the military making major use of them. I really do wonder if anything is going to push mankind forward, war is often the motive. And space travel doesn't really meet military goals. As easy as it is to dream, I wonder how realistic it all is.
booq - Sat, 25 Feb 2017 16:29:00 EST ID:gbNE17Eo No.37139 Ignore Report Quick Reply
tiny robots creating tiny robots getting into atoms

what will stop us other than drugs and jello

with space travel as it is you'd want to extend life anyways - which is a lot of other possibilities

the brain deteriorating... skin etc

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