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Dodged a bullet sort of by Corky McRapekids - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 14:48:54 EST ID:IVQjD/od No.4899759 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513367334051.jpg -(82582B / 80.65KB, 900x619) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 82582
finished a pre-employment physical with no drug screening for the county this week. You think I'm off the hook?
Corky McRapekids - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 14:49:27 EST ID:IVQjD/od No.4899760 Ignore Report Quick Reply
socal btw

Cigarette clicker by Phoebe Wudgepun - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 14:04:03 EST ID:fN8KvAUQ No.4899756 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513364643820.jpg -(4156000B / 3.96MB, 5312x2988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 4156000
Is there something like a cigarette clicker but for joints?

Alternatively, guess you can just use a cigarette roller for joints?

Random image of weed incorporated
Silas Grae - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 14:34:52 EST ID:15zvBAu9 No.4899757 Ignore Report Quick Reply

What is a cigarette clicker? I tried googling it but the only thing that comes up is some general stuff about cigarettes and this thread.
Isabella Chammerhood - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 14:44:08 EST ID:OVMcN/Ki No.4899758 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>guess you can just use a cigarette roller for joints?


Need to piss clean asap by Walter Goshhan - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 11:10:11 EST ID:yhZu8kwF No.4899703 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513267811908.png -(258240B / 252.19KB, 860x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 258240
Long story short Ive been unemployed for a couple months and Ive been smoking weed because it's cheaper than booze. Anyways I got a call from Office Depot. They need somebody with a lot of retail experience a.s.a.p. and they want me to come in for an expedited interview in a few days. I didnt expect to need to pass a drug test on such short notice and even if I stop smoking now I'll probably piss dirty.

Any tips to help me flush out my system quickly? I've probably got about a week before the drug test.
1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Martin Brinderbore - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:10:13 EST ID:X4mlTIsV No.4899712 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513282213823.jpg -(16034B / 15.66KB, 350x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm 2 for 2 with this, and my buddy used it to get a government job. it works 100% of the time
Ronaldo McCornCunt - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 19:50:02 EST ID:yhZu8kwF No.4899726 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm only 140lbs, very little fat, think that will work?
James Giblingwure - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 13:06:21 EST ID:DC9FQv5T No.4899751 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Tl;dr: get fake urin
Prudence Goat - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 13:55:20 EST ID:9TmttXP6 No.4899754 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513364120610.jpg -(39561B / 38.63KB, 440x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You could always stay home and smoke more instead

Pluck n stuff blunts by Thomas Crivingset - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 04:43:16 EST ID:A87wQa+e No.4899640 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513158196861.jpg -(82651B / 80.71KB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 82651
Is plucking the tobacco out of backwoods with tweezers "cheating"?
My friends insist on it but none of them can roll woods this tight even when compromising thickness and the plucked ones never unravel with heat.
pic related just lit this up
4 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Tokey McWeed - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:43:59 EST ID:RWD/Vlbn No.4899714 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Anything for a good smoke
Simon Shakebanks - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 16:22:25 EST ID:jDnmDx2N No.4899716 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513286545428.jpg -(154310B / 150.69KB, 480x699) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
As someone with a gnarled middle finger that makes normal rolling a pain, this so much.

Ever since I got one of these fuckers (got one for both small and big papers now) it's so much easier to roll joints for me. Prerolled cones are stupidly expensive, and these are just as fast.
Archie Ciblingham - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:12:23 EST ID:srS1QR3k No.4899748 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Your friend sounds like a faggot who complains when playing street fighter and someone picks akuma “you can’t use him because he’s OP!” Do what works best for you and if he wants to take a hit of your blunt tell him he shouldn’t because you cheated and didn’t roll.
Ebenezer Sonderpit - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:40:05 EST ID:/ow0P8fx No.4899749 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If you get the weed in the wrap and it smokes good, who gives a fuck?

Cannabis induced Psychosys by Eli420 - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 05:12:07 EST ID:znPfoGx8 No.4899690 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513246327858.jpg -(97820B / 95.53KB, 394x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 97820
So, a friend of mine recently went fucking nuts. I've been knowing him for at least 6 years and i've never thought he could go this mad.
One day we talked about a farming project with some friends, we were gonna use European funds to start, he got excited at the idea but he was alright. The same day, but during nighttime he started talking fast like in a stream of consciousness and becoming more and more agitated and aggressive. He went on for three days talking like a madman about this project all the latter while not eating nor drinking or sleeping for 3 days. Us friends got him at home and hospitalized him( he lives with his parents but he's 24 and doesn't have a good relationship with them),when we found him he was pissing red and was skinny as a skelly, his Glycemy was 25, which means he was almost going into a HypoGlycemic coma. He was brought to the Psych ward because he had been binge smoking for the aforementioned three days and they diagnosed him with a cannabis-induced psychosys.
They asked many times if he tried any other drug but we were with him the whole time and know he didn't.
Can Cannabis really fuck up your mind so badly? because I never saw it that way while smoking 1-2 grams a day.
He's now out of the psych ward after 2 weeks and is on Serenase, Aloperidol and some other shit to (fix his brain), he looks and sounds better now but I can feel that he's far gone and won't come back.
Now i'm not scared, but i'd like to know if any of you had similar experiences.
Sorry for the long post and the bad english.
11 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Jarvis Honkinspear - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:05:29 EST ID:IDN7wqQa No.4899735 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>da JOOS!
>shareblue shills!

Please for the love of god dont bring your retarded /pol/ crap here
Jericho !.iRAtomic2 - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:37:43 EST ID:kkU8SCY5 No.4899736 Report Quick Reply
I swear to bloody Moses' fucking testicles I will ban the shit out of the of you ridiculous goyim who go off on a random "Fuck Jews" tangent for literally no reason.
Violet Stoolbutter - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 23:19:13 EST ID:IubtWZGr No.4899737 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Dude maybe he just really wanted to grow shit with you guys
Hugh Wacklemud - Fri, 15 Dec 2017 05:03:32 EST ID:vWmQTGMy No.4899741 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You have to control it, for some people its too much.

Darkweb by Albert Simmlefield - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:30:04 EST ID:OJ2ATD9z No.4899593 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513099804476.gif -(1253552B / 1.20MB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1253552
How safe is it to order weed from the dark web these days?
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nathaniel Pubblefoot - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:43:33 EST ID:SuSKbj5L No.4899678 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513215813306.jpg -(18136B / 17.71KB, 240x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
this my frand
Brad Cunnilingus - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 17:11:14 EST ID:2smYCh+g No.4899721 Ignore Report Quick Reply
only get from deepweb now most secure and no fuckshit or dealing with fake people. look at seller reviews before buying
Shitting Pavingworth - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 17:30:04 EST ID:zjhjHtC+ No.4899723 Ignore Report Quick Reply
its fine just dont get edibles like i did...
Archie Wagglestag - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:01:23 EST ID:go4rb6Id No.4899734 Ignore Report Quick Reply
just do it bet you wont wimp

drug test by Ellen Brownpaste - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 00:20:19 EST ID:vp13bTlA No.4899628 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513142419044.jpg -(267088B / 260.83KB, 2048x1365) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 267088
I have a question. I smoked for the second time December first. I'm pretty sure it didn't go to my lungs because I didn't really feel anything but paranoia. Then I got told I'm being drug tested this week, and so far it's been 11 days. Today I drank a lot of water, cranberry juice, and some detox tea. Is there a chance I might come out clean?
3 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Lil' Timmy Bongsworth - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:39:22 EST ID:IlpnpcVu No.4899669 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Graham Fazzleridge - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 19:32:55 EST ID:g4iPQtV8 No.4899673 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513211575399.jpg -(35287B / 34.46KB, 346x224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
walgreens drug tests are like $2

and 14 days of not smoking if you do not smoke once a day will be enough to clear the threshold
Nathaniel Pubblefoot - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:03:03 EST ID:SuSKbj5L No.4899674 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513213383306.jpg -(64193B / 62.69KB, 534x712) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Phineas Pemblesetch - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:35:45 EST ID:jfupwr5T No.4899711 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah you're most likely fine, but if you're worried just make sure to keep drinking lots of water.

Greedy Moochers by Edwin Woffingsidging - Tue, 31 Oct 2017 17:34:38 EST ID:VmhTXnHD No.4897308 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1509485678923.jpg -(71678B / 70.00KB, 687x686) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 71678
>hit up friend who i usually supply the booze and weed for because he's perpetually jobless and lives at home
>dont mind because hes my best friend from high school
>last time we chilled he took the jewery to a new level
>make the mistake of mentioning offhand i have a couple ounces of weed at home currently (a semi-long-term supply)
>after we smoke 2 blunts, and a few bowls, and hit my vape pen many times, and getting drunk, the next morning he asks for a little weed to go "until he gets his new job" (lol yeah right)
>give him a couple grams and a canister to carry it in
>"dude i thought you said you had OUNCES man!"
>"yeah. i did. here, one more nug"
>"dude you got like 2 ounces man"
>"i didnt get it for free man, here"
>"well i guess this will last me a little while"
>doesnt even say thanks
>hasnt hit me up since

this guy is really a great friend, but he is also a selfish asshole. thoughts? stories of moochers being painfully unaware of their own greed?
62 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nigel Brookshaw - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 06:44:13 EST ID:sO56FtmJ No.4899643 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Don't make the same mistake twice
Ian Hecklelock - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 07:28:42 EST ID:WuxemsiM No.4899644 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I'm gonna have to be even more nitpicky than you and disagree with you on the /INSTANT/ thing, my guy
In my experience, you don't feel anything for about ten seconds after inhaling. I like to hold my first hit in until I start to feel it because I know that I've absorbed a good amount of it by then
And even then its just a weird hyper-aware state where your blood pressure is shooting up, not really visuals until a few more seconds after that
If you experience the skyrocketing sensation as soon as you inhale that's pretty neat though
Alan Balls - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 02:06:23 EST ID:lQyER8w0 No.4899687 Ignore Report Quick Reply
stop enabling this loser, op
Angus Bunfield - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 11:56:32 EST ID:51AUH4o7 No.4899706 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>you're going to have to jerk me off
way funnier than asking for a bj i love it

Smoking and random drug tests by Nicholas Chottingcocke - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:46:06 EST ID:hs7CjUZf No.4899613 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513129566593.jpg -(59978B / 58.57KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 59978
Since there is very little information about this topic online, I figured you guys may be able to tell me more on this (or may even currently be in a similar situation), but anyways my job does random unsupervised drug tests, and I am thinking about picking up on smoking weed on the weekends again. I know the smart answer is to not start smoking again at all so I don't have to worry about failing, but let's face it, that's not the point of this post. Right now my current idea is to buy some fake piss online, and then get a thigh wrap or something similar, sew a stash pocket in it, and go to work everyday with some same fake piss in-between my legs. Do you guys have any better ideas? Or have ever been this kind of situation?
1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nicholas Chottingcocke - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 21:34:53 EST ID:hs7CjUZf No.4899622 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Only issue with that is dilution isn't guaranteed to work because THC isn't water soluble, and is easily detected.
Nathaniel Pubblefoot - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:35:48 EST ID:SuSKbj5L No.4899677 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513215348306.jpg -(226714B / 221.40KB, 1000x667) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
wat? but anyways depends on how fat you are. If you are skinny and around 150lbs, drink at least 4 gallons of water up to your test, drinking water on the way there, man. every 5 mins drinking water. Cranberry juice helps
Priscilla Dunnerstun - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 00:16:21 EST ID:HSHu+rbM No.4899683 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513228581263.jpg -(47790B / 46.67KB, 480x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Does your employer out source the drug testing with a nearby clinic or do they perform it on site?? My job does the drug testing with a clinic in the city, so anyone who is selected gets to go to the clinic on their own. Because of this I just keep my fake pee pee in my car and if Im chosen, i have time to warm it up.

I will add that the brand of pee pee in your pic is the exact one I use, and have passed multiple drug tests with.
Albert Dobberson - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 08:33:49 EST ID:FQ48RkF5 No.4899697 Ignore Report Quick Reply
get some powdered urine op they sell it with heating powder mixed just add water

My joints always come out thick and short. HELP by CantRoll4shit - Thu, 05 Oct 2017 18:55:47 EST ID:UMbifyfz No.4895664 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1507244147005.jpg -(9808B / 9.58KB, 300x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 9808
Any tips or post a link of a legit good rolling tutorial?
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sidney Blittinglodge - Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:32:47 EST ID:dq8rHlKF No.4898461 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Cedric Claydale - Wed, 22 Nov 2017 10:12:47 EST ID:39hDmyTp No.4898466 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I know it's seth Rogan but hey, it's very informative.
Grizzly Brownball - Tue, 28 Nov 2017 21:21:17 EST ID:2qGiZxZW No.4898882 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1511922077373.jpg -(297419B / 290.45KB, 300x2410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Found this OP, here you go, some anon on 420chan made it not long ago too.
Phineas Pettinggold - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 11:20:31 EST ID:ACg20EU6 No.4899653 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Honestly just go buy some tabaco or use some herb practice makes perfect

how much money by Teddy Von Shackleford - Fri, 01 Dec 2017 19:43:55 EST ID:ykWSbihE No.4899053 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1512175435442.jpg -(854251B / 834.23KB, 1798x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 854251
counting things like papers, pipes, lighters, and weed of course, how much money have you spent in the course of your life time on weed and weed-related things?

for me, a long time smoker, i'd say easily $1000
41 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Ebenezer Bunridge - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 15:30:34 EST ID:JWWfC3Em No.4899601 Ignore Report Quick Reply
last 5 years bout 14000 smoked less before then
Silas Skullfuck - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:03:16 EST ID:vLqOdP1l No.4899609 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513126996144.jpg -(62494B / 61.03KB, 666x374) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I spent at least 5 grand in the 2 year period I was going to a trade college.
Dextrolord - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 00:32:16 EST ID:QiUKNKsj No.4899629 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Idk about just weed stuffs but drugs in general it's been about 3-4k a year for seven years until very recently when I had to almost stop everything for legal reasons
Ian Hecklelock - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 07:33:50 EST ID:WuxemsiM No.4899645 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh god, been smoking since I was 13 and almost 21 now
To be honest, probably upwards of $12000 maybe even $15000
I've also moved a little bit of weed products though.. made maybe $2000 doing that
Damn that's a lot of dough on dope :/

Living Life After Weed by Dr. Katz !KqgSR25gAQ - Fri, 08 Dec 2017 18:41:08 EST ID:WNm5E04P No.4899424 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1512776468208.jpg -(28961B / 28.28KB, 420x294) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 28961
Good evening /weed/,

I want to know the board's consensus on how life went from switching vices? Until medical marijuana is available in my area I cannot smoke due to educational and occupational obligations. It has been this way since August 2016 when I started grad school, but I started decreasing my smoking after being RX'd benzos back in summer 2012 right before I started college. /psy/ and /dis/ became staples of my undergraduate weekens. Booze became too prominent at certain points as well.
When I am able to smoke again I'd really like to get off of most benzos, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

>Stories about stopping smoking or getting back to weed after hiatus
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Dr. Katz !KqgSR25gAQ - Sun, 10 Dec 2017 16:52:21 EST ID:WNm5E04P No.4899489 Ignore Report Quick Reply
This post seems mostly serious, but the polyphasic sleep cycle isn't well supported by anything in science. I thought you were trolling initially.

I've kept up on weed and enjoy recreational weed when visiting legal states. I do try to go on vacation around once per year. Medicinal edibles being funneled into other states have been a thing for quite some time. I was gifted a MFLB by my girlfriend (at the time) back in early 2014. Great vape. I'm just waiting for nationwide decriminalization/medicinal weed, really.

Understandable. That's basically said for any substance though. I feel ya.
Cyril Chennernut - Sun, 10 Dec 2017 17:56:34 EST ID:4YOcOdcA No.4899496 Ignore Report Quick Reply
My post was serious. Going into polyphasic sleep is not easy, and I'm not sure it's possible for everyone to do it, but I did mostly keep it up for a long time.

In some ways it was freeing because I had an extra 6 hours a day, and the nighttime hours were the most productive. In other ways it was restrictive because had to precisely control my sleep, to the point that it controlled me.

I remember one week I had to travel on an airplane, and I was very irritated when bordering was during a scheduled nap. My entire trip I had to shift back to a 8 hour block of sleep. When I got back I had to spend 3 weeks adjusting. During the adjusting period I was at an average of 50% productivity.
Aloucious McBreeze - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 23:57:38 EST ID:soGfiw6b No.4899582 Ignore Report Quick Reply
you sound p arrogant and edgy here buddy
Dr. Katz !KqgSR25gAQ - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 03:17:54 EST ID:WNm5E04P No.4899638 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That's why I, nor science in the big scheme of sleeping, buy into crazy sleep schedules like that. Nothing against your method of sleeping, but sleeping in multiple increments during the day is not only bothersome to you but also bothersome to those around you.
I've read studies that indicate that the productivity piece is largely placebo and/or short-lived.
Nevertheless, I understand why experimenting with sleep may seem like a good idea. But overall, sleeping at odd hours multiple times a day isn't really beneficial for anyone.

Mflb finally got me high by James Pitthall - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 19:20:06 EST ID:Cr7K6hU2 No.4899606 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513124406365.jpg -(17623B / 17.21KB, 695x523) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 17623
First and foremost: I'm not an English man. With that out of the way, I can safely state that, without the least rational ammount of doubt, I'm high right now. I used my mflb and it actually did the trick. And what's better: people can't smell any of the delicious cannabitic aroma. Vapes are gifts from the God's!
Mary Jane - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 01:08:48 EST ID:jDnmDx2N No.4899631 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>And what's better: people can't smell any of the delicious cannabitic aroma.
Spoilers: They can.
Dr. Katz !KqgSR25gAQ - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 03:13:30 EST ID:WNm5E04P No.4899637 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Eh, it's more like subtle bud traces with a heavy smell of roasted nuts and something else on the verge of burning.
I had more troubles with actually taking the bud out of the bag/jar in terms of smell than when vaping during college.

Where to buy? by Sho Minamimoto - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:00:54 EST ID:5DcaUmAg No.4899608 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1513126854688.jpg -(938968B / 916.96KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 938968
Newfag here.

Is there a site or something I could use to find a dealer in my area?
I live innawoods in a nonlegalized state and have no real friends or connects
Blanch Colton - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:49:54 EST ID:PHNPtjRF No.4899614 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Even if you have no friends or connections, here is how you do it.

Go to college campuses, no matter what college it is you will find stoners there who will be willing to sell to you or at least give you a dealers contact info.

Another trick of mine is to casually smoke outside of local bars. People will more than likely ask you to spark them up, and from here you should start a conversation. Mention the topic of weed, and if the not only look like a stoner but actually smoke it themselves, ask them places where they get it from.

Lastly, go to parties. It can be about almost anywhere that is not sketch as fuck. Pot will more than likely be there. You simply ask the person/s that brought it, and there you go, you have a dealer.

Don't worry about living in the middle of nowhere. There is always supply and demand for weed.

Asking random people is not the best choice, and I am not a fan of buying off the dark net, but if you wish to do that, do your own research.
Sho Minamimoto - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 21:02:44 EST ID:5DcaUmAg No.4899615 Ignore Report Quick Reply
thanks for the advice, there's a couple of colleges near me I could hang around

Colorado, FUCK YOU by Barnaby Lotawitz - Tue, 05 Dec 2017 22:28:44 EST ID:7mzWwaJA No.4899310 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1512530924358.gif -(1029995B / 1005.85KB, 489x366) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1029995
Colorado legalization was the single most harmful thing to weed growers across in America and sold out and ruined everyone else with their greed. Debate me you faggot 15 year olds
18 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Angus Fattingnick - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 20:29:24 EST ID:hIY9tb7r No.4899569 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513042164151.gif -(958689B / 936.22KB, 300x169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

you're a shitposting undesirable element looking to foment conflict for no reason at all, yet you have the audacity to accuse a random poster of being immature, when in reality you failed to even grasp the meaning of his simple post and your rude post is the most immature of all. you are a dick head.
Herald Budsworth - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 21:46:16 EST ID:go4rb6Id No.4899577 Ignore Report Quick Reply
gran torino blows
Angus Fattingnick - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 21:49:59 EST ID:hIY9tb7r No.4899578 Ignore Report Quick Reply

uhh the movie is called grand tostino, lol dumbass
Caroline Blandersedging - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 07:37:07 EST ID:u8M18EWv No.4899590 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513082227871.jpg -(13927B / 13.60KB, 238x173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Pretty sure it was called gran turismo

WILL I PISS HOT by Alan Balls - Sun, 10 Dec 2017 17:02:30 EST ID:+omtybSw No.4899490 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1512943350165.jpg -(25625B / 25.02KB, 480x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 25625
I'm in the military. It's been about six months since I smoked at all. But last Friday this girl and her friend wanted to "match" so we smoked two blunts between us three. Pretty sure I tapped out about halfway through the first but maybe not. I was hgh asf and we were sitting there arguing about God. They left and I was scared they were the feds or something so I threw the rest of it out. But I've been hanging with that girl like everyday and all she does is smoke weed.

So I smoked that Friday. Then that Monday night I took two hits off her blunt. Then Tuesday night I smoked a roach she left over here. THEN BAM. FRIDAY COMES AND I GET PISS TESTED AT 11 AM.

So now I'm freaking the fuck out dudes. If I piss hot it would be so fucking embarrassing to be that guy. But will I? They do the 50ng screen and the 15ng confirmation of you test positive on the 50. I want to know what to expect. I smoked another roach last night but that has to be the last time I smoke. I'm telling her to stop leaving shit in here cuz I'm too weak. Also I haven't been exercising or drinking water or anything, but I'm 6'2" and 160 lbs with high metabolism. What you think? Am I gonna be ok?
7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Name - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 16:20:40 EST ID:oaTMI/Km No.4899556 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Look, as a fellow vet, whom has gone through this, your best bet might be to tell someone about it before you test. That's the most likely option you have to get out of this OP. Sure, they'd send you to rehab, but better than UCMJ.
Angus Fattingnick - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 20:40:27 EST ID:hIY9tb7r No.4899571 Ignore Report Quick Reply
if you are lucky you will be forcibly ejected from the military industrial complex and all of its mind melting indoctrination and be able to break free of the psychological conditioning they have laid deep into your brain and become an empathic human being once again
Edith Ethelbert - Mon, 11 Dec 2017 21:45:31 EST ID:dqEzrTSM No.4899576 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1513046731663.jpg -(54152B / 52.88KB, 540x696) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This also in the future if people ask you why you were kicked out of the military and you say it's because you smoked weed... at this point you literally have to be retarded to think that's an acceptable reason to be discharged
Barnaby Dannerfoot - Tue, 12 Dec 2017 04:05:27 EST ID:oaTMI/Km No.4899587 Ignore Report Quick Reply
You give us too much credit. Nobody grows beyond the mentality of a highschooler, and the egotistical bs that comes with it just becomes more severe by the "I am your boss" mentality. It's really more of a blind arrogrance. Granted the confidence is needed to kill with sureness and little to no hesitation. Kind of the trade off to survive combat.

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