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I can't connect to IRC!

- Sat, 08 Aug 2020 15:03:24 EST Ot+4giJT No.266054
File: 1596913404570.jpg -(58891B / 57.51KB, 1100x762) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I can't connect to IRC!
I've been using mIRC, and at the opening screen I enter "irc.420chan.org" and it simply responds "connect to a server". I haven't used mIRC in years, what am I doing wrong?
Nell Claygold - Sat, 08 Aug 2020 16:56:07 EST pjFsomCy No.266072 Reply
I wish we could have one thread about wooo on 420 without it getting locked. We cant discuss our issues on wooo and we cant discuss them on 420. Its stifling.
Barnaby Gecklesark - Wed, 12 Aug 2020 18:40:31 EST Ot+4giJT No.266220 Reply

OP here, could anybody possibly be helpful about this?
Fucking Hudgefield - Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:10:51 EST zM2UUBh3 No.266282 Reply
That's not how you do it
User is currently banned from all boards
Fucking Hudgefield - Thu, 13 Aug 2020 20:13:20 EST zM2UUBh3 No.266283 Reply
Heh more like LieRC or LiarC. Get it? Cuz the cake is a lie?
User is currently banned from all boards
Molly Shakeridge - Sat, 15 Aug 2020 22:42:28 EST 3j78a33Z No.266340 Reply
if you think the platform is the only thing stopping you from being a zoophile it's already too late for you
Sophie Tootstone - Sun, 16 Aug 2020 15:19:02 EST Ot+4giJT No.266356 Reply

OP here, could somebody please help me use mIRC to connect to the server? And please stop insulting me.
Hamilton Gommerwune - Wed, 19 Aug 2020 13:35:20 EST Ot+4giJT No.266420 Reply
OP here again, bump. I used to know how to connect with mIRC, but I've completely forgotten. I really would like to chat with some users. Somebody please help me.

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