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- Fri, 28 Jul 2017 05:50:30 EST ePyNtzR2 No.43248
File: 1501235430814.jpg -(84397B / 82.42KB, 400x521) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Gwenpool
No Gwenpool?

Binge-reading all of the comics now!
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Ian Dabblesedging - Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:09:14 EST qUGqNh6Y No.43300 Reply
1504202954363.jpg -(97131B / 94.85KB, 1000x388) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I've only read Vote Loki & Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe, but enjoyed both. GWEN is judt as good at continuity & metawank as them but has them beat in terms of characters & story, seeing as it's an open-ended ongoing with an original cast & concept instead of a mini.
Also the art's beetus AF.
Nell Trotman - Thu, 31 Aug 2017 17:26:32 EST B4UhGj1W No.43301 Reply
love that artist, they do the post-TV show Avatar: Last Airbender comics.

sonichu appreciation thread

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- Fri, 18 Aug 2017 13:57:01 EST B0++E/sJ No.43280
File: 1503079021510.jpg -(16683B / 16.29KB, 200x329) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. sonichu appreciation thread

can we get a sonichu appreciation thread going?

Not sure if inspiration or ripp-off

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- Mon, 17 Jul 2017 02:28:48 EST zJe2Yuv1 No.43228
File: 1500272928868.jpg -(389775B / 380.64KB, 520x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Not sure if inspiration or ripp-off
Isn't this Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 ?

Did you discover any more "remixed" or "ripped off" art with other comic-books?
Charlotte Simmerwid - Mon, 17 Jul 2017 13:51:36 EST jNMqUSC0 No.43229 Reply
1500313896928.jpg -(1420830B / 1.36MB, 991x1403) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd have to know more about each character but appearance-wise there are some similarities. Some combo's like tanned/dark skin blonde hair contrast nicely and look good based on general appeal without the benefit of inspiration from another fictional source.
Charlotte Simmerwid - Mon, 17 Jul 2017 13:58:15 EST jNMqUSC0 No.43230 Reply
1500314295928.jpg -(49508B / 48.35KB, 334x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Marvel's X-23 closely resembles Fathom's Aspen. Whether she was "inspired" or not is hard to say, 30-40 years apart as they are, but then again there isn't that much room for customization on base human palettes unless you go nuts with the hair dye and body mods.

The best Eddie Brock/Venom story lines

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- Wed, 21 Sep 2016 15:07:13 EST LYkzF5Av No.42594
File: 1474484833395.jpg -(170764B / 166.76KB, 1040x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The best Eddie Brock/Venom story lines
What are the best comic books of Eddie as Venom?
P.S. Don't post any Flash Thompson shit!
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Walter Mengermat - Wed, 10 May 2017 21:34:36 EST DHG4Qdh4 No.43116 Reply
I don't really care if it's Eddie, Lee, Flash, Mac, whoever... The symbiote is the real start of the show now IMO. I've been enjoying the series (praised the first issue, lost some steam but still pretty good). The one thing I don't get is Eddie Brock's morality... Maybe they explain it in the upcoming issue, am I wrong or is Eddie not the type to merc a government security type in cold blood to get the symbiote back?... Also doesn't Eddie hate "Venom"? I know a lot of stuff has happened over the years but I thought he was more happy about the Anti Venom situation than the original suit.
David Gengerlotch - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 05:30:36 EST 4Gje/d17 No.43179 Reply
1497173436430.jpg -(114933B / 112.24KB, 555x664) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I liked Shiver as a kid. Venom literally rapes someone, well...the symbiote rapes someone. And Idk if it's even the same symbiote as "venom" anyway but still. Fucking hardcore. Happens off panel too though. But what can you expect? It's marvel. Anyway shiver is basically The Thing, but with Venom. It starts bonding with people, controlling them/making them mad with power, and then using them up so fast they die and it needs a new host. It pairs with "Run", where Venom fuses with wolverine, the only one who can survive as a host because he heals as fast as venom feeds on him.
Shitting Worthingstone - Mon, 31 Jul 2017 16:02:27 EST 7f7iNCvB No.43256 Reply
Eddie is the best one

What's your porn star name?

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- Wed, 05 Jul 2017 20:25:54 EST Za/T8rxn No.43219
File: 1499300754144.jpg -(72573B / 70.87KB, 960x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What's your porn star name?
Take the name of your first pet and follow it with the street you grew up on. That's your porn star name. I'll go first. Let's see my first pet... my name would be Pussy Fucking.

Boy I am fond of the days on Fucking drive, playing manhunt with the other Fucking kids. The whole Fucking neighborhood... and my cat pussy!

I loved pussy, still do to this day! I get tears in my eyes just thinking about pussy. I miss playing with pussy... I can still feel the hairs. on my hands and brushing against my face. It's been too long since I had pussy in my life. Especially when I was growing into my teen years, pussy was the only thing that would calm me down. Pussy wasn't always there when I was needed affection, but I suppose that's just the nature of the beast.
Reuben Lightville - Wed, 05 Jul 2017 20:27:11 EST Za/T8rxn No.43220 Reply
ohhh I thought this was a board for comedians
Cedric Chunderwell - Wed, 05 Jul 2017 22:34:08 EST 2SnEqKDr No.43221 Reply
1499308448309.jpg -(39082B / 38.17KB, 500x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cool story bro, nb.

What should i rad next?

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- Tue, 16 May 2017 09:45:37 EST +/l4Wjns No.43122
File: 1494942337855.jpg -(184792B / 180.46KB, 1284x722) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What should i rad next?
On my to read list:
>Saga, Vol. 1
>Brass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds
>Batman: The Night of the Owls
>Judge Dredd: Apocalypse War (or The Complete Case Files Vol. 1)
>Preacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas
>Astro City, Vol. 5: Local Heroes
>The Thanos Quest
>The Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 3
>Black Science, Vol. 1: How to Fall Forever
>Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile
>Top 10, Vol. 1
>Low, Vol. 3: Shore of the Dying Light
>Wasteland, Book 1: Cities in Dust
>Prophet, Volume 1: Remission
>Injection, Vol. 1
>Planetary, Volume 1: All Over the World and Other Stories
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Jenny Blatherson - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 13:30:00 EST NoPKT8XZ No.43206 Reply
>Avengers Geoff Johns run
>Morrison new x men
>Kingdom Come
>Green Lantern Will World, Emerald Dawn, Emerald Dawn 2
John Pangertadge - Tue, 04 Jul 2017 14:53:02 EST OOjubTde No.43215 Reply
90% sure it's an issue Warlock & The Infinity Watch. The monthly comic that spun out of Infinity Gauntlet. Likely one of the tie-in issues to Infinity Gauntlet's sequel, Infinity War.
Nota Bene: Infinity Gauntlet marked a big turning point for Marvel as a company & as a setting. Too much continuity, too little freedom, too many investors etc. meant something had to change. Some even claim Gauntlet itself is a story about the death of old-school Marvel. Point being, the period that pic's from is a whole 'nother animal from the period everything I splurged about in the last post is from. After Gauntlet there's Watch, then War, then Crusade, then Abyss, then Revelation/Relativity/Entity/Finale, plus the Malibu Comics crossover, plus Marvel The End, plus Thanos' 12 issue ongoing, plus the whole Marvel Cosmic renaissance... Things get complex, impenetrable, and unfortunately a lot less meaningful. Starlin even wrote in a "Thanos made clones" subplot to explain why other writers kept ignoring his character development. So if you're interested, adjust your expectations.

No idea what comic you want but it makes me think Mark Millar. Wanted, maybe?
Hedda Worthingville - Tue, 04 Jul 2017 19:59:33 EST 6o012Ass No.43216 Reply
There's a bunch of torrents that have things in proper reading order, I just got one last week and read all the first Thanos appearances where he fights Iron Man and Captain Marvel.


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- Sun, 02 Jul 2017 15:56:59 EST 7hsmeluk No.43209
File: 1499025419245.gif -(3319049B / 3.17MB, 400x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bullseye
I have never read any of his appearances or leads anyone know where to read ?
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nell Sicklefet - Sun, 02 Jul 2017 16:24:26 EST 6o012Ass No.43211 Reply
Actually, Kingpin might have been already established in Spider-Man by another writer, but Miller fleshed him out and created the other two characters.
Frederick Giblingshit - Mon, 03 Jul 2017 01:13:25 EST VEuqFKdz No.43212 Reply
Kingpin had been a well established Stan Lee-era Spider-Man villain long before Miller took over Daredevil.
But I guess Miller is responsible for molding him into the iconic, cold blooded, scheming, shadowy boss of literally all criminals in NYC, who remains beyond the reach of law enforcement. Before that, he was just a generic mob boss/supervillain character who just happened to be big and fat with a fancy white suit.
Oliver Turveyville - Mon, 03 Jul 2017 15:13:10 EST 6o012Ass No.43213 Reply
Yeah, I should have known that, I recently read Kingpin's very first appearance in a Spiderman comic by Stan Lee. I was baked when reading, but I'm pretty sure the Green Goblin was somehow involved. Also, Peter lays some heavy fat-shaming in his jibes, no wonder Kingpin is always so angry.

Fixing the X-Men

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- Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:29:04 EST HNCSxILI No.43039
File: 1489789744411.jpg -(192071B / 187.57KB, 900x554) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fixing the X-Men
Let's say Marvel hires you tomorrow to fix the X-Men. (think DC Rebirth in response to the New 52)

In the current world of Marvel comics
  • Where should the X-Men -- and mutants -- be in the greater Marvel landscape? Any big picture ideas?
  • How many books (solo & team) should there be?
  • How many teams should there be in-universe?
  • What kind of writers / artists would you be hiring?
20 posts and 5 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Phineas Middleforth - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 13:50:58 EST NoPKT8XZ No.43169 Reply
That's right, people like reading these kind of comments mr readibility.
genophyte - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 07:43:13 EST cVCXXNny No.43174 Reply
haha this wall of text is 99% what i do on /mtv/ but i remember im baked so i never hit the post button
Cornelius Drungerspear - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 09:40:08 EST tr7vmDZR No.43180 Reply
I am a very infrequent /616/ lurker but I just wanted to say that I have been in a dry spell for about a year and knowing that a guy somewhere got this high has made my day nb despite the SLAYER though.

Weird Manga

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- Fri, 21 Apr 2017 04:52:41 EST /sRP6oA+ No.43094
File: 1492764761786.gif -(1044734B / 1020.25KB, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Weird Manga
So i read this weird manga many years ago and I've never been able to figure out what it was. I remember a few things, a convenience store robbery with a clerk watching porn, giant wresters with naked women climbing all over them, a character that grabs a censor bar and breaks it revealing an entire 2 pages worth of a close up set of boobs. No idea on title or anything. Any suggestions?


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- Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:29:06 EST zOK5vIYJ No.43153
File: 1496424546830.jpg -(561565B / 548.40KB, 1602x2402) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Marvel
I want to get into Marvel comics, and I want to start with X-Men and Spider-Man. Where the fuck does one start, and where do I go?
4 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Rebecca Turveyson - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 04:25:22 EST 4Gje/d17 No.43166 Reply
I started with Essential, and branched from there.
Phineas Middleforth - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 13:49:28 EST NoPKT8XZ No.43168 Reply
I would read 616 and ultimate. A lot of the charm of what happens in the continuity of the ultimate universe is how things twist in imagining out of the picture you have of what might happen from your knowledge of the original Marvel U. For instance how important of a character Gwen Stacy became in Ultimate Spiderman.

Industry General

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- Fri, 02 Jun 2017 20:31:01 EST dwDIx+wx No.43155
File: 1496449861063.png -(236859B / 231.31KB, 792x1782) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Industry General
What do y'all think of the direct market system? Everything I've seen recently seems to show it's pretty outdated and doomed to fall apart. Particularly way shops have to gamble with their preorders and the way shops in general get fucked over except by trades but it's the preorders that determine what doesn't get cancelled.

On that note, is it really true that digital sales have a much smaller impact on what series make the cut? That seems ridiculous, is the digital market just too new to be dependable?

Also, do a lot of people here actually go to physical comic shops? I haven't been in one in years but my preference has always been for trades and online for stuff I'm impatient for. I can see how a lot of people have nostalgia for the shops but I don't think they'll exist in their current form for long. I always hear about how much comic shops are struggling and continuing just out of passion for the comics. Digital is just too convenient.
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Tony Montana - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 21:44:28 EST CPqdkIMU No.43163 Reply
1496627068152.jpg -(191280B / 186.80KB, 1200x885) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
'Been reading Gantz G. So far I don't know know how it fits chronologically but it tells the story of some high schoolers who got to play the hunting alien game with Gantz.

I like the tension mostly between the characters because it reminds me of my high school days, except less violent and over the top, but it's there.

Gantz' creator did the story for this one but it's another guy who draws it.

I like it.
Tony Montana - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 21:45:21 EST CPqdkIMU No.43164 Reply

Disregard my post. I was supposed to post it in another thread.
Beatrice Sommerford - Sun, 04 Jun 2017 22:20:54 EST ysuNYfxQ No.43165 Reply
Marvel Unlimited gets comics 6 months after they’re released. They also have most of the classic stuff.
About my buying habits, pretty much the same as you. I have a pull list of books I really like and want to support, but the rest I get from the hubs.

Alan Moore's The Birth Caul

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- Sun, 19 Feb 2017 14:36:44 EST tTPMDRw8 No.42963
File: 1487533004338.jpg -(61854B / 60.40KB, 450x663) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Alan Moore's The Birth Caul
Now available on YouBoob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoABdaomlCE
Caroline Crishsin - Tue, 11 Apr 2017 00:41:38 EST AJ/43nIb No.43080 Reply
seems interesting, ill save it for later. thank you
Edwin Hinninggold - Thu, 01 Jun 2017 10:50:00 EST s2F3ENTP No.43150 Reply
That was a real downer. Well written but jeez

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