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Can't I just do a full body workout twice a week?

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- Sat, 02 Apr 2016 00:04:19 EST 6Pb9xgPr No.93221
File: 1459569859597.jpg -(103530B / 101.10KB, 620x629) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Can't I just do a full body workout twice a week?
Instead of having chest, back, and leg days, what's stopping me from doing all of it in one sitting, twice a week?
Is "you'll be too tired to do it all man" the only argument? Or is there something like less muscle gaining efficiency going on here?
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Archie Sebbleworth - Fri, 19 Jul 2019 00:14:41 EST l7BS3FSM No.95599 Reply
I have been lifting for almost 10 years now. After the 3rd/4th year, for a few years I just did ONE full body workout every few MONTHS. Like 2-4 months in-between sessions. I kept all my gains. Obviously the haters and marketers will tell you that you need to lift 3-4-5-6 times a week and drink their protein shake before and after each time etc.
Archie Snodfoot - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 16:27:57 EST l96urExd No.95654 Reply
1565123277705.jpg -(77831B / 76.01KB, 460x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
If you'd said 80% I MIGHT have believed you.
Eliza Cippersidge - Mon, 16 Sep 2019 05:22:08 EST fsEMAeoq No.95792 Reply
1568625728889.jpg -(64416B / 62.91KB, 667x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A full body workout aiming for power with grace.

Hey /A N A/ Just wanted your opinion

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- Thu, 12 Sep 2019 21:43:32 EST cPs4exGr No.95781
File: 1568339012738.png -(154360B / 150.74KB, 257x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Hey /A N A/ Just wanted your opinion
How do you feel about this cook book?

Would you follow it? I'm trying to find a decent cookbook then start getting into shape.
OP - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 23:39:45 EST L8LmydPt No.95782 Reply
yeah if you want to fucking die!

That dude was found guilty of hiding monies and vital nutrients from the children

Full body 3 days or Upper/Lower 4 days?

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- Mon, 26 Aug 2019 16:24:21 EST 6OMz1/Rf No.95736
File: 1566851061648.jpg -(65927B / 64.38KB, 680x634) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Full body 3 days or Upper/Lower 4 days?
I dont really post here much but I need some help. Currently weigh 180 with a bench max of 375 and squat max of 550. Been working out on and off for awhile but im ready to step back in fulltime, only problem is that I cant find the proper routine. I usually did 3 day full body and 4 days of rest but I am not seeing much growth anymore like I used to. I'm considering on doing 4 day upper/lower but need advice. My goal is bulk and growth. Help me out guys!!!
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Nathaniel Changerhall - Fri, 30 Aug 2019 23:30:07 EST S7+lan+O No.95752 Reply
1567222207299.jpg -(59990B / 58.58KB, 536x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Currently weigh 180 with a bench max of 375 and squat max of 550
Angus Sadgedun - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 00:09:22 EST 3p0RtG8u No.95760 Reply
>Currently weigh 180 with a bench max of 375 and squat max of 550.
>Been working out on and off for awhile but im ready to step back in fulltime
post body
Molly Dallylatch - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 01:26:03 EST YxU1eyER No.95761 Reply
you're more full of shit than lettuce
get fucked Gullibrand 2020


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- Thu, 06 Sep 2018 19:11:29 EST 5NtbGv9Z No.94988
File: 1536275489263.jpg -(37253B / 36.38KB, 283x216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Subscapularis
Hey guys massage therapist here. Ever find yourself playing a sport and you've noticed a phenomena called pulling? I.e. My shot pulled to the right or my throw pulled to the left. Well turns out what your experiencing isn't a problem of eye hand coordination but is more than likely a tight rotator cuff. With a loose and properly functioning rotator cuff passes, punches, shots and even aiming a gun shouldn't take much thought and should be a fluid experience.

One muscle people tend to have a lot of problems with and don't realize is involved in making a basketball shot. Id bet 10$ you've seen someone wing their elbow or even play mind games about how to make their shot everytime. Well I've come to save the day. The primary reason people play mind games when making a basketball shot is because their brain hasn't made the neural connections to relaxing a primary muscle in a basketball shot. The muscle in talking about is the subscapularis muscle posted in the picture. It's underneath the shoulder blade so people tend to have no clue this muscle even exists. Focus on relaxing this muscle next time you take a basketball shot and watch the sparks fly as you witness your body having correct body mechanics and watch all those mind games fade away.
Comments appreciated always trying to learn something new.
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Ebenezer Narringforth - Tue, 11 Jun 2019 10:20:12 EST OQOsgd+j No.95490 Reply
finally got surgery done arthroscopically and now i'm 4 months post op and I'm experiencing a tight, tender pain in my upper bicep. god i hate my life right now
Frederick Chiddlewater - Thu, 29 Aug 2019 09:34:53 EST OQOsgd+j No.95747 Reply
me again, yes pain has gone away almost completely, have about 85-90% range of motion, starting strength building at PT now. things are going okay.

Bicycle velocity

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- Sat, 06 Apr 2019 17:40:04 EST IzmO64gs No.95296
File: 1554586804336.jpg -(96641B / 94.38KB, 500x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bicycle velocity
On a straight flat surface, how fast can a bicycle go?
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Charles Grimfoot - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 04:39:40 EST pjY+q2cu No.95697 Reply
1565944780425.jpg -(122883B / 120.00KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yo that one chick broke the land speed record with 183.9 mph a few months ago.
Denise Mueller Korenek. What's super insane is she is 45 years old. Like... goddamn.

She can get it, for someone 14 years older than me, she looks hella good. I bet her thighs could literally snap your spine in half.

here I am reducing the fastest cyclist on earth to an observation about her looks and whether or not I'd do her despite me never accomplishing something a quarter as insane as she did. Men are trash lol but at least I'm self-aware trash
Archie Turveycocke - Sat, 24 Aug 2019 06:41:32 EST Wc4dfmYk No.95731 Reply

I just wanted to say that's amazing. I looked it up because it seemed unreal, but it is real. I'm also bumping because I rode my bike the other day and this is a bike thread. I went fast. But not too fast. Gotta go fast sometimes.

Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer

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- Wed, 11 Jan 2017 19:58:14 EST L1txwjLH No.93835
File: 1484182694391.jpg -(495493B / 483.88KB, 1408x1296) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer
I finished my degree.

Ive been working in the field for 6 years
485/340/545 @ 82 kg


I dont know anything about steroids
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Matilda Pickville - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 19:24:24 EST bheGMgSs No.95713 Reply
What the fuck is it with all you people and doing cocaine off another person's body?

That is the least efficient and most risky (in terms of like, spilling) way to get fucked up. nb
Oliver Gablingbury - Wed, 21 Aug 2019 18:52:42 EST Wc4dfmYk No.95722 Reply
1566427962193.jpg -(14788B / 14.44KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This dude really went all the way to /stim/ to make a thread about it.

First, git gud. Second, you just don't get it. If you aren't interested in doing coke off a girls ass then you just wouldn't understand. It is not science, bro pfft
Thomas Segglelock - Sat, 24 Aug 2019 03:47:32 EST 45p30RyA No.95727 Reply
1566632852177.jpg -(115675B / 112.96KB, 720x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Where are the female trainers that coach & train alongside guys?

What annoys me - no visible gains

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- Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:20:20 EST yqDfCbZY No.95494
File: 1560338420117.jpg -(53566B / 52.31KB, 640x861) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What annoys me - no visible gains
I can lift.. a lot. I go to the gym five days a week, run often, etc.

But my muscles are NOT gaining in size. They appear to be the exact same size, but denser. Obviously stronger, as I've been increasing my lifts weekly. I've gained half an inch on my biceps and 3/4inch on my chest over three months, and I wasn't fat to start with or anything.

I always wanted like.. the Captain America guys physique but what's the goddamned point with stick arms that can pull and push more than the roid bros at the gym.

I have had many a day where I'll swap in on a machine with someone clearly juicing, up the plates on my turn, and watch their eyes bug out. As funny as that is, I want some actual shape and definition and having essentially none is tiring.

Note that I have tried tons of varieties of sets vs reps for size, resulting in dick all. I track my calories and make sure my protein is on point.

I'm basically at the point where I feel maybe a month or so of jabbing myself might be the last resort here.
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Martha Fanwater - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 09:14:26 EST pNWH3EoV No.95659 Reply
I get the feeling you're taking OP waaaay too literally. I got the impression of general shape/size which is still very achievable with hard work.
Augustus Shittingcocke - Wed, 21 Aug 2019 16:14:15 EST d/j94LTI No.95721 Reply
Damn I feel bad for you. I can go up and down over 10 pounds in a week and I'm 5-9ish and 175 pounds. In a month I can go from like 165 to 190 and back again. Then again, my diet is mostly soda and a couple pieces of junk food in a day so if I'm working and only eat like some crackers and a can of coke, that is probably like 500 calories a day. I also don't sleep much, maybe averaging 3-4 hours a night with lots of 30 hour days.

I'm probably going to die at 30 lol.
Archie Turveycocke - Sat, 24 Aug 2019 06:39:07 EST Wc4dfmYk No.95730 Reply

Yeah, that's really unhealthy. Chronically getting too little sleep is attributed to up to a 1/3rd loss in life expectancy. It's also directly attributed to a loss of muscle mass, even when exercising. Add to that not getting enough vitamins and minerals for your organs and you've got a veritable recipe for disaster.

Do you at least drink half a gallon of water a day?

leg day

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- Sat, 17 Aug 2019 12:02:20 EST kZUBaLTE No.95709
File: 1566057740752.jpg -(82747B / 80.81KB, 1000x665) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. leg day
honestly I shouldn't need to do leg training at all if I do 2 hours of intense cycling daily right? I already look like a "don't skip leg day" meme, and it's to the point it's genuinely unattractive, but cycling is the only form of cardio I can consistently get myself to do because it's so fun to me
Cyril Crebblewell - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 16:06:47 EST Tp1rP3uI No.95710 Reply
I think it really depends on what your goals are. If you wanna get stronger and be able to lift heavier and heavier shit, cycling alone probably won’t get you there. But if leaner, not so huge looking legs are what you aspire to have, you will probably be fine just riding your bike

I've been working out for 4 months now but haven't dropped a lot of weight

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- Thu, 06 Dec 2018 15:24:27 EST hAOos8By No.95171
File: 1544127867559.jpg -(55506B / 54.21KB, 723x610) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I've been working out for 4 months now but haven't dropped a lot of weight
I have made a ton of gains in my biceps and pecs mostly, I'm doing about 205 with my pecs but not a ton of reps and they have gotten much better looking. My biceps won't work with me like they did 7 years ago in high school and I'm progressing much slower in that. I have been taking protein powder. Anyway I can't drop weight despite barely eating and gaining strength fast. The common knowledge I have is telling me that I am replacing fat with muscle strength and mass which I find to be partly true. My core has less flab that I noted before I started but it still looks kind of bad. I'm looking for something to do about my diet to cut. I think I slowed down my metabolism pretty badly and I don't even eat 2000 calories but can't drop weight. What should I do about it? Thanks. On a side note I used to do 300lbs with my triceps and did about 225 with my biceps back in high school.
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Nell Blecklegold - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 10:33:16 EST K6IP/DCq No.95671 Reply
>advanced age
>7 years out of highschool

FFs you're actually serious.
Phineas Bebblemidge - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 11:06:25 EST Wc4dfmYk No.95672 Reply

What point are you trying to make except maybe pointing out to us how little you know about the human body?
Ernest Bunworth - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 13:11:02 EST 9PAJO8bi No.95687 Reply
Maybe that peak physical fitness for men is reached around 30.
The math would put OP at what, 24 at the oldest? So yeah, no.

One retard's anecdote

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- Fri, 09 Aug 2019 22:10:15 EST kBG1yzDV No.95666
File: 1565403015669.jpg -(8834B / 8.63KB, 355x355) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. One retard's anecdote
This is how I got fit.

Wake up 1hr before I used to.
Purchase this freestanding device: Stamina 1690 Power Tower Free Standing Pull Up Bar https://youtu.be/l16LGA1Ucbw
Now, at first I could not even hang off the bar. I just spent about a month everyday trying to hang off it until I could simply hang for about half minute.
Doing chin ups was easiest, so I started with that. About another month or so of just hanging, trying to pull myself up and failing.
I then did rows with the high dip bars, everyday.
So after doing these rows, one day I just walked up to the chin up bar, and tried to fail as I usually did, but magically I pulled myself all the way to the top of the bar.
I repeated this and eventually I could do about 3 or 4 without a break. Every time I lowered myself down as slow and as controlled as possible. The negatives really build 'gains' when trying to do a single chin up. Then I switched to pullups.
Same thing here, cannot for the life of me do one pullup but I kept watching youtube vids on proper pullup form, and again one day, after doing many, many chin ups, and many attempts at pulling myself in pullup position, I could do one pull up.

I repeated this every 2 days or so. Do some chin ups, the next day do one pullup, if I couldn't pull myself all the way up I'd just hang there in flex mode for as long as possible, or lower myself down as slow as possible.

Eventually I got to doing 12 pullups, and 25 chin ups no problem. I switched to dips with the dip bar and could do about 30 of those. Then I started doing pushups with the lower bars and could do 30 of those after a while. At this point I started looking for calisthetics people, stumbled upon this Ukraine guy and tried his routine https://youtu.be/U_I9LcWNrBg and I also tried his diet, just eating meat, small amount of veg, small amount of rice.
The hanging leg lifts he does hurt like fuck for the first few weeks. Then you get used to that stomach pain. The extra weight I had fell off (I weighed 250lbs when I started, the max limit for the pull up bar). The more weight I lost the easier these became where I could start doing planche positions while doing pull ups. Then I could do pull up, switch grip and push up above the bar. Then I became beast mode.

This was all accomplished just 1hr before I had to do my regular things in life. If I put it off, I noticed as the day went on, I was less likely to do any pullups. Anyway good luck anons

Help me I'm a poor student

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- Tue, 27 Nov 2018 12:35:19 EST JkYsgPio No.95157
File: 1543340119725.jpg -(241654B / 235.99KB, 2592x1458) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Help me I'm a poor student
I'll have little to no money for next 4 to 6 months so I'm in a forced cut phase.
That's not a problem since I'm a skinny fat.
The problem is: what I should eat? I don't wanna live eating cheap ramen et similia
Help me please

I practise calisthenic since 4 months, 2 times a week and I'm around about 14% bf
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Archie Snodfoot - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 13:57:50 EST l96urExd No.95652 Reply
1565114270705.jpg -(301941B / 294.86KB, 1500x843) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Poorfag eating guide

Bulk chicken breast
Bulk ground pork or beef
Pure Casein and/or Whey isolate
Cottage cheese
Canned fish (in moderation due to mercury content)
Frozen fish (a bit pricier but good for variety)

>Fruit and Veg:
Frozen veg mix
frozen broccoli
frozen berries
bananas (good for preworkout or in shakes but keep in mind they have a quite a bit of sugar in them)
Seasonal fruit (avoid or stick to lower sugar fruits if cutting)
Spinach (large tub is $5 at costco)
peppers both spicy and mild
Bulk Onions (keep in cool dark place to avoid spoilage)
whatever is cheap and fresh

50lb sack of beans is $20 (Make sure to soak overnight and rinse before cooking)
50lb sack or rice is $18 (good if not trying to cut)
50lb sack of rolled oats is $25 (steel cut almost double that but worth it imo due to superior taste and lower glycemic index)

>Fats & Oils:
Reuse bacon grease and beef fat. You might also be able to buy tallow/lard but I've never done this so I can't make recommendations.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fuck Sambleway - Tue, 06 Aug 2019 14:22:59 EST Erbsbo3d No.95653 Reply
Finally some actual advice instead of a retard not contributing just so he can spam his thots
Beatrice Claystock - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 03:02:21 EST 2Cswusl/ No.95656 Reply
>Wholesale/warehouse stores such as costco/sams club/selgros/makro are you friend.

only for rice, beans, and oats. otherwise its not really different.

Eating unhealthy closer look

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- Sun, 04 Aug 2019 19:14:40 EST elOwE49S No.95648
File: 1564960480449.jpg -(35567B / 34.73KB, 500x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Eating unhealthy closer look
Lets say someone has a very healthy diet, never deviating from it. But that person then wants to eat something "unhealthy" like potato chips. What factors are at play for how long that persons "health" will be affected and what determines how well anyone can eat such things and it not really having a big impact on their health... Is it solely based on how strong their immune system is?

Also, once having shit out the potato chips, wont the body have reset to its original state of "health" or at least not having any continuous negative impact as long as no more potato chips are eaten?

When will the unhealthiness 'wear of' and what is really going on in depth?

What allows one person to eat several bags of chips a day and their health is not really impacted vs someone else barely being able to eat the second bag and realizing he or she should stay far as way as possible from those chips ... What factors are at play for how much one can tolerate unhealthy foods and get away with it?
Nathaniel Pigglebetch - Mon, 05 Aug 2019 03:36:57 EST SKvnE+Gb No.95649 Reply
>obesity is one of the biggest predictors of health problems, so calories vs. the person's TDEE is a pretty big factor
>the way that the food influences the hormones in your body that regulate hunger, based on its macronutrient content - carbs, or the lackthereof, change how you feel hunger and if you're not super disciplined this can change your eating habits
>lack of micronutrients if the person is actively giving up healthier food options, eating just potato chips, to stay at or under their TDEE
>the presence of toxic substances and I don't mean that "toxin" bullshit - I'm talking about heavy metals like mercury, lead, or cadmium - substances that will cause serious harm to your body if present in high enough concentrations
>any sort of viral, bacterial, fungal, etc. infection contracted as a result of organisms present in the food source

The answer to all of your questions is dependent on what's causing the problem.

This video is tangentially related and just really fucking cool - watch it. It'll give you a better idea of how the body processes food.
Polly Perringmon - Mon, 05 Aug 2019 13:07:09 EST B9vL6okO No.95650 Reply
What the other guy said is all true.

The body has some margins for error and ability to process shit. Potato chips aren't poison, it's that they either displace other macro and micronutrient sources or make you fat. If your diet is good you have a bit of room for crap food honestly. Especially if you're active. However refined carbs do fuck with your metabolism. I normally eat healthy but someone brought crispy creme into work today so I had a big sugar crash this afternoon.

If you don't enjoy food at all then you are giving up pleasure and being happy is part of the reason to live and extends your life.

I know a guy whose vice is crisps. He has a couple of bags per day. However he otherwise eats healthily and plays football, runs triathlons and trains a lot and so it doesn't impact him. Empty carbs are fine because he doesn't eat lots of other shit food and is eating what he's burning and getting what he needs. He drinks occasionally, likes the odd cake but he also burns thousands of calories per week doing exercise outside his required routine.

All things in moderation. Make sure you're not chasing off the good things or making yourself ill.

Personally I don't have that ability so I have excess in moderation. I think that probably does have some repercussions even one day a month but my sanity is a balancing factor here. I still know when to stop and give my body time to recover rather than slowly getting fatter as a result of overdoing it.

Outdoor Summer Hoops

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- Sat, 28 Jul 2018 21:26:13 EST RxwlhUSp No.94839
File: 1532827573879.jpg -(106421B / 103.93KB, 752x1063) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Outdoor Summer Hoops
Let's say that I wanna git gud at basketball quickly to impress the local chocolate hunnies.

Obviously on-court practice is best, but what can at I do at home or during bad weather to maximize footwork, agility and mad air? I assume cardio in general but specific exercises/diet/tips from experienced ballers would be appreciated.
5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nathaniel Numbleseck - Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:07:02 EST beWzC5Hx No.95136 Reply
1542917222741.jpg -(133229B / 130.11KB, 1021x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Does wearing weighted clothes help you jump higher or does that only work in anime?
Edwin Cocklefoot - Sat, 24 Nov 2018 23:01:09 EST OL3swCLi No.95155 Reply

That's a meme. Weighted clothing (wristbands, shoes etc) are used for training muscles, in specific controlled movements (like glute kick backs). If you run while weighted down it's dog shit on your joints.
Eugene Drangerdock - Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:17:59 EST hbfQHISq No.95637 Reply
1564499879092.jpg -(116848B / 114.11KB, 693x1067) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Unfortunately it is getting way too hot here in the Deep South for a white boy to play bball outside :/


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- Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:08:56 EST 0e6ht6pX No.95318
File: 1555117736500.jpg -(111619B / 109.00KB, 1080x1350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Sleep
How important is sleep for a daily schedule?
Ernest Clenninglun - Mon, 22 Apr 2019 20:45:01 EST V3eCMh4D No.95342 Reply
All memory, muscle memory, and muscle recovery happens when you sleep. Probably the most important thing
Eugene Drangerdock - Tue, 30 Jul 2019 11:15:48 EST hbfQHISq No.95636 Reply
1564499748092.jpg -(72270B / 70.58KB, 640x629) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>It’s not only that getting enough sleep helps muscles grow. Without adequate sleep muscle mass decreases.

>A study in 2011 examined how sleep deprivation affected muscle gains and recovery.1 The study followed individuals who were on a strict sleep schedule for 72 hours. During this time, one group was allowed 5.5 hours of sleep; another was allowed 8.5 hours per day. All individuals followed a calorie-regulated diet.

>What researchers discovered was that the individuals who slept only 5.5 hours had 60% less muscle mass at the end of the study, while those who slept 8.5 hours had 40% more muscle mass.

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