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Ass Exercises

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- Sun, 05 Aug 2018 22:45:10 EST olyln65y No.94870
File: 1533523510756.jpg -(238361B / 232.77KB, 580x456) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ass Exercises
I'm in the middle of my first cut and I don't want to lose any ass muscle as I'm having trouble keeping my pants on already. I really should've known that was going to happen.

My current routine is rough on my feet and I commute by walking, so my old go-to of heel raises is out. Sad! I could heel raise 90 pounds and pretend I was a big shot for that.

What other exercises work well for the glutes?
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Fucking Brishhud - Sat, 16 Jan 2021 08:05:35 EST kzY7Q7os No.96568 Reply
1610802335988.jpg -(174991B / 170.89KB, 1080x1350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Work that ass
Samuel Dundleman - Mon, 08 Mar 2021 05:12:09 EST xTy3MQGl No.96629 Reply
1615198329758.jpg -(105594B / 103.12KB, 1080x1349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Glteus maximus

Swimming and snorkeling is the only sport I can do

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- Sun, 31 May 2020 12:59:33 EST gmp/muUL No.96260
File: 1590944373546.jpg -(134444B / 131.29KB, 780x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Swimming and snorkeling is the only sport I can do
I find jogging, running and lifting weights incredibly boring and too much of an efford.

I prefer riding my bike to divesites and go swimming and snorkeling as mich as possible.

Its the only form of sport I can get behind.

Anyone else feels this?

How do you keep in shape during winter?
Do you visit pools?
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Graham Clemblegold - Thu, 29 Oct 2020 05:21:02 EST p85xFx3L No.96468 Reply
They can be satisfying or freeing as you do them though. Running on a treadmill is a chore (fuck winter) but it's nice just going around a greater distance than you usually would in a relatively short amount of time. Lifting weights is slightly satisying with each rep or set. However that's subjective. If you don't feel that as you said, find an activity you like more. If you enjoy or love it then definitely do that.

During winter I'm mostly just sucking it up, at weekends I'll try to go for a real run but the treadmill at least helps (and its harder on the lower legs than proper running so it'll at least help with that, I can slowly force a pace increase too so I'm hoping to increase my pace over winter). OP you can still ride when it's not icy out but if you value your physical conditioning then going to the gym so you can resume or even improve where you left off in a few months might be worthwhile. You don't want to get out at the start of April and be tired before you reach the divesite.

It'll depend on your local weather. Most weeks it's not so horrible around here that you couldn't get out but you would have to be willingto jump on the chances when they come up, more reactively in other words. Maybe joining a pool and just swimming will be good. I know it's not the same but will that be the best exercise to tide you over?
Doris Depperwill - Tue, 05 Jan 2021 08:11:30 EST kzY7Q7os No.96548 Reply
1609852290150.jpg -(213557B / 208.55KB, 1080x1349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Be wet & wild

Anger/anxiety after workout?

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- Sat, 13 Feb 2021 00:00:23 EST geoxdxng No.96610
File: 1613192423411.jpg -(31230B / 30.50KB, 430x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Anger/anxiety after workout?
I used to work out and feel calm and clear minded. Now I feel angry and or anxious afterwards. I haven't changed anything other than slightly increasing weight over time. It's so bad that I almost rage quit my job (I am actively looking for another one), but that would be stupid. Seeing that this could have real life, negative consequences, is there anyone who experienced this in the past? How did you deal with it? I don't drink coffee, alcohol, and only smoke grass once every 3-5 weeks as a treat. Smoking would help, but I never want to use it as a crutch.
Mr_Shawmeen - Sat, 13 Feb 2021 10:22:54 EST aAfBocRb No.96611 Reply
What you're experiencing is increased testosterone levels. It will make your moods more intense and can make your sex drive as well. If you don't vent these increases then they can turn to angst. Make sure you're doing enough cardio, doing positive mental visualization as a thought exercise, and meditate when you can. Don't be afraid to masturbate just make sure you're spreading your energy around evenly and getting all your needs met. If not the flesh suit you've been piloting your whole life will turn on you in some way. Gotta feed the beast buddy. Hobbies helo

Just Coffee Pre Workout?

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- Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:52:27 EST q5rNVLou No.94562
File: 1513223547219.jpg -(136165B / 132.97KB, 845x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Just Coffee Pre Workout?
Sometimes I am in such a rush to get to the gym before I weight train, that I only have time to have a cup of coffee. Now this does supply me with the energy I need, however I have read that without a food source of carbs, my body will start to cannibalise muscle tissue?
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Mr_Shawmeen - Thu, 11 Feb 2021 02:39:12 EST GCWXHICQ No.96607 Reply
You're trying to get someone who's willfully ignorant to understand the potential catabolic pathways for the Krebs cycle to work and how that applies to the anabolic activities of hypertrophy. You might as well try to teach a donkey to fly an F22. Also myostatin naturally decreases as you build more lean mass, but they are developing myostatin inhibitors by studying naturally myostatin deficient animals.

My personal opinion on fasting is that it's not universally useful and that you should work on converting adipose to brown adipose as the activities that lead to that naturally burn fat and increase free floating chaperone levels and that helps hypertrophy speed up as test levels increase and myostatin levels decrease.
Samuel Donkinwan - Thu, 11 Feb 2021 08:35:03 EST NBJ/FElz No.96608 Reply
That's reasonable. In the long view of things, yeah, the best way of remodeling your fat distribution is to just build lean muscle. IF is a cool hack, but it's not a magic bullet.
>myostatin inhibitors
These are the best stuff on the market rn, my man.
Mr_Shawmeen - Thu, 11 Feb 2021 16:45:34 EST GCWXHICQ No.96609 Reply
But like all things that artificially boost muscle growth the dangers of cardiomyopathy or arteriosclerosis or other random unnecessary muscle thickening is real. I've never used PEDs despite what assholes on here wanna say. Its just been a good ten year grind really. I did workout before that but not on this level. Although I do use plant medicines for injury and healing.

What hobbies do you have outside exercise?

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- Tue, 23 Jul 2019 18:34:28 EST t+E83hiS No.95607
File: 1563921268331.jpg -(27534B / 26.89KB, 300x301) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What hobbies do you have outside exercise?
Everyday after work I exercise for about two hours. I always do about an hour of calisthenics, then half an our of juggling (lol), and then some weightlifting or body weight exercises depending on the day. Then after that I just fuck around on the computer until it's time to go to bed. What kind of fun stuff do you do when you're done exercising? Should I just give my life up to working out or something?

Sorry to shit up the board with my boring problem, but I'm desperate. I ain't got no one to turn to. Thanks
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Matilda Honeyville - Thu, 19 Nov 2020 10:01:34 EST 4RoTIFCB No.96494 Reply
1605798094256.jpg -(102302B / 99.90KB, 1008x756) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
he's saying you should do more than one thing to be a well rounded person

I wouldn't recommend working on cars, but I can't seem to get away from it.
Augustus Gimmlelock - Thu, 19 Nov 2020 13:47:18 EST LokB7dOs No.96495 Reply

Oh. I guess having just one hobby is lame. But there's no way they have only one hobby, because what else are they doing during all of the time that they are awake but not working or eating or pooping? The OP clearly has to have more than one leisurely activity.

They should read books and do things or something.
Albert Murdson - Fri, 29 Jan 2021 05:59:08 EST Wv/wt5Nm No.96586 Reply
1611917948057.jpg -(143839B / 140.47KB, 700x875) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>on the computer
What are you doing on it? Just browsing?
Hobbies on computer are writing, photo-edit, video-edit etc.
User is currently banned from all boards

What do you guys usually eat daily and what's the budge?

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- Thu, 07 Jan 2021 02:29:46 EST BpONVGe6 No.96552
File: 1610004586380.png -(454499B / 443.85KB, 1080x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What do you guys usually eat daily and what's the budge?
Hey /ana/

I'm trying to get into shape now I got my exercise routine down I"m looking into food.

I make only $900 a month from a part time job and about half of that is drained into my rent.

I make natural protein shakes and don't buy the powder

Do you guys just eat plain meat and have veggies on the side?
7 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Jenny Dablingdork - Sun, 24 Jan 2021 00:52:33 EST AKe8+OOi No.96577 Reply

Is there a reason you only work part time? You can make $1100 a week merchandising and get a work out
Lydia Murrykerk - Wed, 27 Jan 2021 10:19:01 EST +QNI8WcN No.96584 Reply

What is this merchandising? Like making fitness videos on youtube while shilling products for a fitness clothing company?
Ian Hollyfoot - Wed, 27 Jan 2021 14:43:23 EST NBJ/FElz No.96585 Reply
You place items in a store and it's like being a sales rep and a grocery store stocker at the same time.

HCG routine

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- Mon, 04 Jan 2021 15:45:50 EST ExF/Z3rI No.96543
File: 1609793150774.jpg -(33769B / 32.98KB, 360x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. HCG routine
finally got my hands on some hcg, i am wonderimg what kind of gym routine i should follow to maximize GAINS
Archie Pottinghood - Tue, 12 Jan 2021 05:47:13 EST 4AU994UR No.96560 Reply
I tried Jim Stoppanis Shortcut to Size and its bloody amazing, and free.
Alice Lightspear - Thu, 14 Jan 2021 14:11:15 EST NBJ/FElz No.96563 Reply
1610651475939.jpg -(28356B / 27.69KB, 500x380) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Depends on how you're quantifying GAINS. I'm going to assume you at least have been lifiting (don't try memeshit if you haven't conditioned ffs you will outgrow your tendons) and you want mass and hypertrophy fucking fast, You should try programming German Volume Training:
>Workout 1:
10x10 Bench Press
10x10 Barbell Row
10x10 Lat Pulldown, Wide Grip
10x10 Laying Dumbbell Pec Fly
>Workout 2:
10x10 Low-bar Back Squat
10x10 Deadlift
3x10 Leg Curl
3x10 Calf Raise
>Workout 3:
10x10 Overhead Press
10x10 Dips (add weight if too easy)
10x10 Shoulder Raise
10x10 Preacher Curl

You do this 4-5 days a week cycling through the exercises, doing 60% of your One-rep max each movement, and retest weekly. Do mobility work on days off (resistance bands, plank, etc.) Be sure to eat a 500-700Kcal over your TDEE, plenty of cholesterol for new cell membranes, and >2g protein per kg lean body mass.
calculator for that: http://www.fitnessfrog.com/calculators/tdee-calculator.html
If you're really into memeshit you could try a Candito 6week Periodization, which is a 5 day per week plan but is way more workload. I don't know how serious you are.

Only lifting twice a week

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- Mon, 04 Jan 2021 04:36:23 EST oFfGAszv No.96541
File: 1609752983536.jpg -(72841B / 71.13KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Only lifting twice a week
So to resume, i been doing three times a week workouts for years, but for a year now i started jogging too on sundays, boxing twice a week, i wanna start doing yoga and also judo once a week.

Today i went jogging and failed my typical course i could easily do when i wasnt lifting weights during quarantine, duo to my lower back being fatigated already, maybe its just because i stoped lifting weights and my body needs to get used to it again, but im not planning on lowering my cardio in favour of weightlifting, specially now i wanna focus on martial arts, i wanna just get enough strength to help, not to tire me out of my other activities.

So my plan would be monday and wednesday i would do explosive lifts focused on strength specially legs, shoulders and back, and prehab to avoid injuries.

Tursday and Thuesday i would do boxing.

Friday i would do yoga classes, this is normally when i add my third lifting in the week, but i think im plan on starting something light friday so i can focus on starting my judo classes saturday and taking sundays for jogging.
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Ernest Horrystitch - Tue, 05 Jan 2021 01:17:38 EST NBJ/FElz No.96545 Reply
1609827458489.jpg -(3236632B / 3.09MB, 1700x3350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I would say, given the split, you can definitely handle a full body like twice a week provided you are alternating pull and push movements and eating properly to recover: on the contrary, not alternating pull and push will lead to plateauing from uneven development. The disadvantage would be that BOTH days are leg days because of this, most people do not have the endurance for that. You take a martial art, so I am gonna peg you as not the type to disdain a bit of soreness.
I have spent a little bit looking over my own notes and would suggest the following. All expressions in SETSxREPS. Please let me what you think.

>Day 1 (push)
  • Standing OHP 3x5
  • Bench Press 3x8
  • Low Bar Squat 3x5
  • Leg Extension 3x8
  • Strict Dips 3x8
  • Arnold Press 3x8
  • Laying Tricep Extension 3x8
  • DB incline press 3x8

>Day 2 (pull)
  • Lat Pulldown 3x8
  • Pendlay Row 3x8
  • Deadlift 5x1
  • Hamstring Curl 3x8
  • T-bar Row 3x5
  • Face Pulls (rope) 3x8
  • Concentration Curl 3x8
  • Power Clean 3x5

Feel free to change this up with variations (guillotine press instead of bench) or add accessory work (dragon flags, pec flyes, rack pulls, neg squat)
Would not recommend uncoupling Squat and DL, or attempting to do DL for reps when you have other work to do. Try to keep work in >85% of your ORM for all movements. Would not attempt this on a cut because the higher rep count on some of these is for hypertrophy.
Ernest Horrystitch - Tue, 05 Jan 2021 01:18:41 EST NBJ/FElz No.96546 Reply
also the fact you do other stuff in addition to a 2-day split means you will see some gains if you lift near your ORM endurance, but it's gonna be a little brutal.
Sidney Munnerlock - Tue, 05 Jan 2021 17:13:00 EST oFfGAszv No.96549 Reply
Thats a great rotine thanks, not a easy one definitely but i think ill get used to it with time, i believe it will work i pulled (he) similar routines already focusing on three days.

I really appreciate it.

Whats a good weekly type program/Is 5/3/1 good?

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- Sun, 13 Dec 2020 16:59:35 EST jClezG6t No.96517
File: 8.jpg -(80085B / 78.21KB, 666x69) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Whats a good weekly type program/Is 5/3/1 good?
So I used to lift 1 day then rest 2 days
Might sound retarded but I got myself to a 2pl8 bench for 5/3.5pl8 for 5 deadlift/4pl8 for 5 squat/67.5kg(148lbs) for five OHP so it did work
Would rotate between a OHP/Deadlift day and Bench/Squat day

However gyms here where I live have closed on the weekends messing up my routine so i decide to take up one of those legit powerlifting weekly plans(the type that has you lifting the first 3/4 days then you rest till the next week.

What plan would you guys recommend for some one with my stats who is on a cut curently.Side note hopefully something where cardio doesn't hinder the plan.

Thanks in advance
Beatrice Bebbersirk - Mon, 14 Dec 2020 12:58:22 EST zUkhK9Os No.96521 Reply
Ive been running some iteration of 5/3/1 for the better part of this year. I personally really enjoy the fact that it really takes out a lot of the "guess work" from your routine. Once you establish your training maxes for your lifts you have a set weight and set amount of reps to hit in your progression. Not too sure how well your progression would be on a cut seeing how that's a big counterproductive to gaining strength, but you might see some gains or at least help keep some of the gains you have already gotten.

Bicycle velocity

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- Sat, 06 Apr 2019 17:40:04 EST IzmO64gs No.95296
File: 1554586804336.jpg -(96641B / 94.38KB, 500x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bicycle velocity
On a straight flat surface, how fast can a bicycle go?
17 posts and 7 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Simon Hodgetun - Tue, 14 Jul 2020 04:41:08 EST 4qPRjBQ1 No.96372 Reply
1594716068132.jpg -(66540B / 64.98KB, 474x794) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ian Fessleshit - Sat, 21 Nov 2020 18:37:00 EST 1f2ZX5ZY No.96498 Reply
1606001820436.jpg -(3309336B / 3.16MB, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Climbing until I nearly vomit gets me high and makes me horny.

standing left leg question

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- Sun, 08 Nov 2020 16:46:51 EST OvEksDc3 No.96480
File: 1604872011046.jpg -(135548B / 132.37KB, 1000x562) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. standing left leg question
ive noticed something that is annoying me and i ask you what that is. i have resistance bands, whenever im on my left standing leg and lift my right leg behind, i feel like im excercising more my left glute than the right. i assumed im overcompensating my left side abs, but in leg lift supine it turns out my left side abs are strong enough.

why do i often have the feeling, whenever im working on my right side, im engaging still the left one?

30 day challenge

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- Fri, 20 Dec 2019 17:24:16 EST 65MoHg9w No.95988
File: 1576880656380.jpg -(99271B / 96.94KB, 416x636) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 30 day challenge
i am doing this program, pic related. i am now on day 15 and feel fucking great. i always do what says on the program and sometimes i add a little extra, +5-20 per day. my arms got bigger, i feel much hornier and stronger.

do you guys have any suggestions to a puny program like this? or should i just continue doing this every month?
13 posts and 6 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Isabella Tillingham - Fri, 23 Oct 2020 20:23:43 EST 4qPRjBQ1 No.96460 Reply
9.jpg -(80085B / 78.21KB, 666x69) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
When do muscular builds go from aesthetic to freakish?
Esther Brookman - Mon, 26 Oct 2020 18:34:11 EST LokB7dOs No.96464 Reply
1603751651565.jpg -(65144B / 63.62KB, 600x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lolomg this board is supposed to be SFW what are u doing?? lol !

Based or Cringe?

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- Fri, 14 Feb 2020 08:35:14 EST Fj41q+G8 No.96068
File: 1581687314377.jpg -(3004228B / 2.87MB, 3376x5984) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Based or Cringe?
Please tell me if I am making it or not.
16 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Jack Gorringtetch - Sun, 06 Sep 2020 16:48:49 EST lZgNZq8n No.96425 Reply
Look ok to me. Look at the vein running on top of his bicep. He's not really flexxing either. Wonder how he's getting on...... thread is eons old.

tiny vertrebra muscles

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- Sun, 20 Sep 2020 16:01:31 EST cybfEfs5 No.96431
File: 1600632091891.jpg -(23915B / 23.35KB, 236x270) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. tiny vertrebra muscles
i have wrecked my spine unfortunately so that i almost have no cushion disk between my lowest vertrebra bones and i know there are muscles that can be worked to ease that pain. but i do not know what excercises could be fitting without any harm plus any tiny movement aches. i started with balance excercises like plank and alternating leg and arm lift on all fours. any other idea?
Walter Dupperspear - Wed, 30 Sep 2020 12:31:07 EST NBJ/FElz No.96443 Reply
This is broscience, but glucosamine can help regrow cartilage

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