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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated June 12 [TaimaTV Update])
What annoys me - no visible gains Ignore Report Reply
Phyllis Serryshaw - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 07:20:20 EST ID:yqDfCbZY No.95494
File: 1560338420117.jpg -(53566B / 52.31KB, 640x861) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 53566
I can lift.. a lot. I go to the gym five days a week, run often, etc.

But my muscles are NOT gaining in size. They appear to be the exact same size, but denser. Obviously stronger, as I've been increasing my lifts weekly. I've gained half an inch on my biceps and 3/4inch on my chest over three months, and I wasn't fat to start with or anything.

I always wanted like.. the Captain America guys physique but what's the goddamned point with stick arms that can pull and push more than the roid bros at the gym.

I have had many a day where I'll swap in on a machine with someone clearly juicing, up the plates on my turn, and watch their eyes bug out. As funny as that is, I want some actual shape and definition and having essentially none is tiring.

Note that I have tried tons of varieties of sets vs reps for size, resulting in dick all. I track my calories and make sure my protein is on point.

I'm basically at the point where I feel maybe a month or so of jabbing myself might be the last resort here.
Angus Brennerstuck - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 09:10:03 EST ID:pdYtE9xy No.95495 Ignore Report Reply
Sounds like you should eat more and do more accessory type lifts if size is what you want.

but roids will also work too
Angus Cemmleford - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 12:48:31 EST ID:1cyqkk2O No.95496 Ignore Report Reply
How many reps are you doing per set? Aside from you need to eat at a slight surplus maybe you're training strength (3-5 reps). Do 8-12 a set. My layman's understanding is:

>low reps is essentially pushing to your limit and then a couple more just to make sure your muscles get the message "You need to increase your raw power"
>higher reps you are constrained by the stores of glucose in the muscle. If you exhaust these, rest a minute then exhaust them your muscles instead get bigger per cell to store more. This does increase the maximum power. But a lot less.
>Really high reps is about your ability to run those muscles off the shit in your blood. Endurance.

If you're doing 8-12 reps already eat a bit more and see if it helps. You can't defy thermodynamics but metabolisms vary and maybe you're under estimating how much you burn by 200kcal a day. If you run a lot it doesn't "kill gains" but it definitely makes it harder. You're burning energy in vast amounts and will have less energy for workouts. If you're in the gym 5 times a week that's also probably too much. Your body grows over time. As long as it's stimulated enough (every other day usually works) you're just burning calories and wasting time.

If you're doing low reps, then just start adding reps to your set until you hit 12. Then go up a weight and see how many reps you can do and so on. I trained strength for years but switching the number of reps I did made a visible difference. Sometimes I eat a lot, usually I'm on a deficit and I've lost an inch or two from my waist since I switched up without my weight moving and it shows.

You'll never match a hollywood actor though because
A) their body is part of their job, it's an asset and maintaining it is an investment, they also have time between shoots to work on it
B) they are on screen flattered to the extreme, every photo is shopped and enchanced, every costume flattering, every angle perfect
C) They have access to the best trainers and best diets
D) Even if you go for steroids they're better.

I'd try without roids though. I think
A) You are being hard on yourself
B) You are burning more calories than you think
C) You work hard but not smart

Working hard is the hard part. A few small changes will pay huge dividends over time with your ethic and determination. You don't need roids for serious results here.

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