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Calorie Intake

- Fri, 14 Apr 2017 08:11:12 EST D+yWJEAx No.94098
File: 1492171872237.gif -(3223815B / 3.07MB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Calorie Intake
I have started fully commenting at the gym for about 2 months now and I go 4 times a week for weights and then 1 day for cardio. I have seen some impressive initial gains and have lost a little fat (I wasn't exactly fat to begin with but I wasn't lean if that makes sense)

The problem I am having is gauging how many calories I should take daily.
I am 5'11 and weigh 85KG right now, and I would suggest I have something like 18% body fat.
I work out solid 1 hour weight sessions 4 times a week and then cardio 1 time. The thing is that I work online and so I am at a computer 10 hours a day. I try to take a break every hour or so to walk around for 5 mins, do squats or pushups, but yeah that is my activity.

If I use online calculators it says things like take in around 2,900 calories for maintenance!

If I take my total calories for today:
>half of a whole chicken with squash, peas, carrots and potato
>oatmeal with berries
>Thai green curry and rice

I am not even meeting that, but it seems to much for my metabolism.. I am conflicted and don't want to put on weight but also of course don't want to lose muscle. Any advice?
Albert Fevingmene - Fri, 14 Apr 2017 23:35:32 EST vAwktgOp No.94101 Reply
oh and just to give some info on my workout intensity, today I just did back and biceps and I did
>32 sets of 8-12 reps in total
Sidney Billingham - Sat, 15 Apr 2017 21:21:34 EST jf7oW54O No.94103 Reply
East less clean food or it will be hard to get enough sheer matter in you to amount to your calorie intake
Hannah Chellylodge - Sun, 16 Apr 2017 10:08:41 EST TeT2jw52 No.94104 Reply
What would you suggest? The thing is that I cannot take in so much oils and fried foods due to a skin condition, there must be some foods that are calorie rich foods that are not so shitty for your health
Cyril Drublingridge - Wed, 19 Apr 2017 12:45:35 EST 7x16C/ow No.94113 Reply
do you have a liver or galbladder dysfunction?

otherwise grains, pastas are sources of carbs.

butter and cholesterol is good for you laddie
Nicholas Sibbleson - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 06:27:11 EST X8F/XZrt No.94114 Reply
psoriasis which effectively is a gut / autoimmune dealio, kinda sucks.

I have gotten onto using peanut butter in my oats and a few other things this week
Archie Cockledirk - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 16:42:27 EST 7x16C/ow No.94117 Reply
well then the process is to find foods that do not aggrivate your disorder and utilize them without going overboard.

That is for you determine, but you can see how it is not impossible.

I'm sure online resources can list some foods that are safe, try the psoriasis forums.

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