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Help me stop being a fat piece of shit

- Tue, 05 Dec 2017 02:28:52 EST OmLCn6L4 No.94530
File: 1512458932205.jpg -(7510B / 7.33KB, 200x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Help me stop being a fat piece of shit
I spent 500 dollars earlier in the year on a bicycle to try and lose weight. Every time I went to ride it something on the bike would fucking break, literally every time (probably because I'm a fat piece of shit). I did this like 9 times and spent over a thousand dollars getting this bike fixed over and over and now its sitting collecting dust and getting rusty. I have gone from 250lb at the start of the year to 310lb now. I am constantly stressed out and have a horrible habit of going through a drive through and eating shitty fast food when I get stressed.

I need to cut for a while before gaining muscles. I should honestly probably lose like 120 lbs before attempting to bulk. I'm 6 ft 1 inches btw, 310lbs. Someone please tell me what to do. I am currently trying to get on adderall or some other such stimulant from a doctor to lose weight, I'm literally drug seeking like a dope fiend because I need to slim the fuck down before I ruin any chance I have at a decently happy life.

ITT tell me what to eat/how to count calories, etc, also workout tips? How do I even cardio with no bike? Running hurts like a motherfucker because I'm a land whale
Rebecca Greenstone - Tue, 05 Dec 2017 12:15:23 EST s34QSaLu No.94531 Reply
what kept messing up on your bike? i cant get past that you spent over 1000$ on a bike and hardly got to ride it even. who did you buy it from? was it new? were you taking it to someone you can trust to repair it?

a bike would be great for someone that size to lose weight. i would try that route again. The most I ever weighed was around 240, and at that weight even just walking around the block a few times will burn more calories than you think. You'll lose weight surprisingly fast even just doing simple cardio like walking extra and taking the stairs when it's an option. You can do it man.
Oliver Dummerkerk - Tue, 05 Dec 2017 13:21:46 EST y7YIqKa8 No.94532 Reply
Okay OP you're my height and 10 pounds heavier than when I first dieted. I reckon what works for me shouldn't be a million miles from working for you. I was 26 when I decided to commit to getting in shape. I lost the weight in 17 months though the second christmas I got the shits and instead of stuffing my face I was shitting so that probably shaved 6 weeks off. I started training strength during my weight loss but I didn't try to bulk and never have. I'd probably drop more like 140-160 pounds before trying to bulk. Over the years I kept going to the gym and maintaining my weight. It's been a constant effort but it's better than being fat and miserable. I won't lie, it's hard but it's worth it. Over the years I think the amount I weigh at a given waist size has slowly increased and so has my strength and musculature. Switching to sets of 8-12 when it's time to stop losing weight helped. Strength is good for the first year or two though. I'm currently about 175 pounds with a 31-32 inch waist. It's just before christmas so I'm about as skinny as I'm comfortable being at this point.

Okay the habit of driving to the drive through has to stop. You have to just not do it. Usually I'd say only keep food in your house that you actually intend to eat, don't keep snacks, don't keep grazeable shit, keep stuff that requires meal prep. I gave up drink (not hard for me as I don't drink often anyway) and unfortunately now think of my treat food in terms of how much joy I can get out of my calories. I am an accountant though so this comes naturally to me.

You can and should gain muscle while you lose weight. If you are super unfit you will be able to make strength gains even as your weight plummets and this will help you a lot.

There are a tonne of ways to lose weight but essentially you've got to burn a lot more energy than you gain from food. I did this in steps. First I stopped the snacking on shit and started eating healthier. Then when that was easy I started calorie counting. First 2000 but eventually dropping to 1600. Once I started calorie counting (a couple of months in) I signed up for a gym (second week of february to avoid being a january person, you know the ones, I didn't want to make a new year's resolution because I should I wanted to change because I wanted to change). Calorie counting is just working out what you can withing a budget. Because of the final thing I list in this post I technically intermittent fast and eat within a 11 ish hour window most days.

At first I did gentle cardio. I just used machines at an intensity of "fast walk" I guess. I dunno. I just did 6 lots of 5 minutes (a short break in between each bit) at a modest pace with the resistance turned down. Because I was so unfit I was a) super sore afterwards and b) was making improvements almost every session, I went to 6 lots of 5 minutes 30 then 5 lots of 6 minutes and so on. I kept increasing the time in 30 second increments and dropping the number of lots down to the lowest it could be and still be 30 minutes or more. This was too easy and I actually starting dialling the resistance up. By the time I was doing 3 lots of 10 minutes I was no longer getting sore so I'd come in 3 times a week. At this point weighing about 260-270 pounds I started doing weights before my cardio. Not super intense but I'd work my whole body a bit. At first I couldn't squat a bar without sweating and was sore as hell but again after a few months I was progressing on every machine. I did 3 sets of 5 at the most weight I could do that at as I was strength training and made serious progress. By then I was at 1600 calories. Eventually the intensity of my cardio (at some point I went to 2x15 and then 1x30) and weights had gotten higher and I started doing them on alternate days and coming into the gym. I also started doing extra walks. Just walking a couple of miles on top of everything else.

Anyway what I learned is the following.
>Walk before you run, literally
>sometimes you have an off day and get high and eat a box of cereal, stop keeping cereal around the house, the next few days make sure you are definitely on your calorie goal and it'll barely slow you down
>learn from your mistakes
>don't try to willpower things if you can just avoid temptation
>find ways to make things you don't want to do just a bit harder, often a token extra step of effort will do it
>don't be afraid to do it step by step, but if it gets easy it's time to take it up a notch.
>it's often easier to not start eating something than to stop
Molly Cuzzlechuck - Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:05:37 EST iQGIlGVP No.94533 Reply
when you are heavily overweight (300lb+, like you), all of your bodily systems are already stretched beyond design specifications. joints, cardiovascular system, etc. are already working overtime just to keep you alive and allow you to function. i would recommend avoiding any intense exercise until you drop at least 50 pounds. for now just walk and swim. walking can do a lot of good. try walking 1 mile a day, then work up to 2.
TinyTrip !5pb17tfZto - Fri, 08 Dec 2017 00:09:37 EST D6tcx8FP No.94545 Reply
I helped a few people with worse BMIs than yours,
Consistency is key, it becomes habitual behavior Even "ritualizing" whatever excercise you do, by this I mean do start and end it the same way . Even if the beginning is waking up, getting home from work, doing a brisk walk first , etc Really helps ingrain it, it becomes something you do without thought.

Tbh physics is real and you should be able to determine your caloric goals. Find a healthy diet, determine what the reductionin calories equals in monthly lost weight. For me diet was trial and error, from weighing nothing and eating constant to keto ahd just keeping at sub 10%. Not everyone can do keto, also just cleaning up your diet should help.

Find an excercise of some sort you can atleast somewhat enjoy, it'll feel like less of a chore and you'll enjoy getting better at whatever you choose. ie an older woman picked a heavy bag, a young friend picked up squash. Another didd walkibg and water like the post above suggesrs (and makes some valid points (

Find something you can incorporate into your daily life. For me having a chin up bar causes me to do a set when I walk near. Kettle bell infront of my tv. Becomes second nature

Also just wanted to say kettle bells are both excellent for losing weight and very fun.

The mirror is a better judge than the scale, your self esteen will raise.

Walking isn't a bad place to start but I'm not sure you need to be that worried, composition matters more than weight in many ways. Use a method even calipers to ball park bf Unless you shoot meth and run a marathon, or you've only moved for meals for the last five years, then I'd say do low impact excercise so you don't destroy your joints or have a cardiac issues.

Do you drink often ? If so stop. If you don't wanna alter your life too much then don't drink beer or dark liquor and mix with a diet pop. Gin is ideal

Do you smoke? Have the opportunity to take the stairs at work ?

Little life changes add up ime
gl op
Ian Brellyfine - Sat, 09 Dec 2017 01:13:31 EST P+7BiA0W No.94546 Reply
1512800011277.jpg -(58591B / 57.22KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Step 1, eat better food. If you are use to just eating drive through any exercise you do will be moot by lager drive through orders. I use to be addicted to the drive-through. Now I carry protein bars with me when I drive. If I get hungry I eat one of those and get on with my life. Take that time you were spending in the drive through and commit some of it to step 2.

Step 2, fuck the bike, get a gym membership. Commit to spending 1 hour in the gym several times a week. Once you are there, actually doing work is easy.

Step 3: While your at the gym, don't skip on the resistance strength training. Those workout machines are easy to use, if you are looking for someplace to start.

Warning bro science: Building muscle is very helpful in losing weight. Muscles increase your metabolism because they require more energy to maintain. You'll feel sore as fuck your first few weeks of exercise. That's how you know it's working. After you are in a routine that sore feeling fads.
Fucking Drerringridge - Sat, 16 Dec 2017 07:37:53 EST p+gd7C9t No.94570 Reply
He's right but there is more. The metabolic effect would be noticeable but it's not a big deal by itself. It is not however by itself.
>muscle does burn 3 times as much energy at rest as fat, but that's 12kcal/day/kg instead of 4.
>16 pounds of muscle adds about 100kcal to your BMR

Now if OP is losing weight and gains muscle he's not going to gain 16 pounds, and it'll be over time (though frontloaded), so if we're generous that's 50kcal a day on average.
>3500kcal is about 1 pound of fat so that's 1 pound every 70 days
So that means if he runs a 1000kcal/day deficit he'd probably take about 18 months. Gaining muscle will shorten this by about 3 weeks. Every bit helps but there's more.
>However building muscle takes energy
>More muscle means more power and so you can burn more energy by exercising more intensely
>and more energy needed to repair when you're done
>These reasons is why muscle will help and why Ian is still correct in his advice.

Additionally speaking from experience, if you just lose weight when you're done you'll be skinnyfat and if you've been that overweight very long your skin will not shrink back entirely. Contrary to popular belief losing weight too fast won't make this worse in the long run, if anything it'll be better because you're big for less time and so less permanent damage will occur, but it will make this effect more pronounced while your skin catches up, you're already in long haul so don't go slow just so you can be a bit less baggy for a few weeks, anyway I digress If you have good muscle definition you will feel a lot better about your body and be more attractive. There is a good chance you will never be super ripped and you'll always be flabby in the middle but you can have great arms, great legs and if you've got some muscle, that will still show. You will feel better about yourself sooner.

Also it'll improve your mobility, posture and all other practical things strength even tangentially helps with at all stages during the weight loss.
Barnaby Sevingstock - Wed, 27 Dec 2017 02:15:33 EST OmLCn6L4 No.94584 Reply
Well I bought the bike and had my friend who works at a bike shop throw it together but I bet he was being a lazy fucking asshole and didn't do it properly. The spokes kept going out of true and I crashed it pretty hard exactly one time the first time I rode it, it didn't seem like it was the crash that did it though idk. Fuck that bike.

Really solid advice. I like the 11 hour window thing, I never thought about it that way. Thank you man.

Ok word, walks, I'll do some walks. Thanks bro.

I don't drink much. Maybe a handful of times a year. I have drank 3 times this month but it was my birthday and christmas, that's easily the most I've drank all year. I smoke weed but not cigarettes. I drive uber for work because I've been stuck in low-pay cycle my whole life and prefer barely making it on my own terms to being fucking abused so no opportunity to walk more often at work.

How would you recommend I do keto? I would really like to try it because my dad did it and lost a decent amount of weight, he put it right back on but thats because he has no focus. What can you eat on keto besides meat? I am really curious about it.

The fucked up thing is that I have had a gym membership for months and I've let myself get so isolated and full of anxiety that I haven't gone much. You're absolutely right about the drive through, I've gone much less this month. Been eating at home more and doing some meal prep which has made me feel a lot better just in terms of energy levels and mental clarity, the calorie dense fatty foods make me sluggish and depressed big time, probably had a lot to do with my anxiety and stress levels as well. That's a good idea bringing protein bars in the car, I should get some trail mix or some shit to bring in my center console.. Thank you bro, and no worries about the bro science, bro science is just common sense shit that works.

Thank you for the breakdown. 1000 calorie deficit per day sounds like a good goal. I definitely want to do the long cut and then gain muscle. I need to do some homework and determine my bmr..

I'm hopefully still going to get the adderall. I also want it to learn how to code because I'm a fucking horrible student. I don't want to abuse it or anything, having amphetamines in your system raises your bmr significantly and contributes to burning fat stores, I need all the help I can get.
Nigel Givingstock - Wed, 27 Dec 2017 15:30:52 EST tuZ2hQav No.94585 Reply
If you're 6 foot 1 and average ish build like me your BMR at your target weight is 1800-1900 calories. Because that's mine. I personally tapered down to 1600 calories over 6 months, starting at 2600. As my weight fell I exercised more and more. Even if I was ill on a given day at that level I'd still be in deficit. 1600 calories is not a lot of fun and you have to make an effort to include veg and protein so you remain healthy but you can fit a few treats in there. If you do weights make sure you get plenty of fibre. Just living on protein and then going to the gym and straining might give you piles. And shoving a wax bullet up your arsehole and then putting tissue in your underwear to catch the shitmelt is much less pleasant than cabbage, celery and mixed frozen veg.

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