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Starting an Anavar cycle

- Thu, 06 Feb 2020 06:16:19 EST oa4lnsrR No.96050
File: 1580987779629.jpg -(114346B / 111.67KB, 500x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Starting an Anavar cycle
Hey everybody, I've been thinking a lot taking the shortcut, AKA, roids and I would really appreciate everyone's tips and advice before I start. I don't know a lot about steroids or cycles but I think I just want to run a pure Anavar cycle for as long as I can manage until I can just naturally maintain an alright physique, I mostly just want to use Anavar because I hear it's the safest roid with the least amount of side effects and permanent damage but I'm not exactly sure where to get started.

Anyways roid thread I suppose
Cyril Soddlebit - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 13:05:01 EST ddhTa01v No.96052 Reply
Make sure you already have a decent diet and routine and can stick to it so you're not wasting money and time.

Not a roid user, not sure what to think about roids but I know that it'd be stupid to get into that and take the risks without maximising the benefits. Also if you aren't capable of staying the path, when you stop you aren't going to naturally maintain shit.
William Fazzlewell - Sat, 08 Feb 2020 02:07:59 EST 2Cswusl/ No.96054 Reply
Get a doctor or someone who actually knows what theyre doing first
User is currently banned from all boards
Nicholas Didgeville - Sat, 08 Feb 2020 11:16:22 EST xpDwxR9W No.96055 Reply
Have fun being on anavar and your estrogen levels skyrocket and grow bitch tits. You just cant do one cycle and stop and expect to hold onto all that muscle and size post cycle naturally. You should stay natural and just eat good and train hard since you obviously know nothing about steroids and compounds.
Matilda Blatherfield - Sun, 23 Feb 2020 15:06:35 EST F9re/7Nr No.96092 Reply
i wouldnt consider roids unless u have a couple of years of hard training under ure belt. I hope u dont use them but i chose to. It depends what ur goals are. Best stack i ever took was oxymetholone, winstrol and proviron. I gained muscle lost fat and kept a lot of it off cycle.
Matilda Blatherfield - Sun, 23 Feb 2020 15:11:07 EST F9re/7Nr No.96093 Reply
  • i just want to add i got severe acne and became an asshole at times too due to aggression so choose wisely, preferably dont take em unless ur determined u wanna be huge or something.
Ebenezer Nubbertere - Mon, 09 Mar 2020 14:30:32 EST 5dASl4Ja No.96102 Reply
Dunno if OP's pic is really roid rage but I am 100% you can achieve these kind of results without them.
Yes, it may take 1-2 years but don't do roids, once you roid there is no going back, there is no "a few cycles and then I will go natural".
James Pozzlepat - Fri, 13 Mar 2020 10:26:50 EST JWBWFH0p No.96105 Reply
yes 100%. minimum 3 yrs natural to get to op's pic imo. perfect diet and hard consistent training.
Caroline Clackleshaw - Fri, 13 Mar 2020 14:56:55 EST Wc4dfmYk No.96106 Reply
For me it's just as much a moral compromise as it is a risk of well being. Are you really that obsessed about building muscle? That desire is just as bad in my view as any negative side effects.
Caroline Clackleshaw - Fri, 13 Mar 2020 15:01:31 EST Wc4dfmYk No.96107 Reply

Also, that doesn't look like three years worth of effort. I would not believe that level of fitness would take more than 24 months with perfect diet and proper training.
Lydia Smallman - Sat, 14 Mar 2020 08:46:24 EST QqqVTvYW No.96109 Reply
there's nothing immoral about using steroids as long ure not competing in a natural contest or something. many people use chemicals to try to enhance gains. i don't recommend them due to side effects and not being needed unless u wanna go really big

>not 3 years
i made that guesstimate based on seeing numerous people progress in the gym. it took me about 2 to 3 years (my memory fails me) to get in similar shape to that using steroids. i've seen natural guys in that shape and better but they had been training for 5 years plus. but i'm not saying i'm 100% correct people gain at different rates etc.
Mr_Shawmeen - Mon, 16 Mar 2020 19:55:49 EST GCWXHICQ No.96114 Reply
I dunno man, I've lost 60+lbs of fat in less than 3 months and put on 42lbs of muscle in the following 3 completely natural. I think it all really depends on how much you're willing to give it. Granted I did do a previous 9 month of cardio titrating up in intensity before just to make sure it wouldn't kill me, burn off the carbon so to speak. I think if you have the right mindset and knowledge you could do that in 4 to 6 months. Sure it'd hurt like hell and you'd have to be as relentless as you were careful as your were determined but you could do that fairly quickly if you already have a good percent body fat. That's the real kicker.
Cedric Crendledock - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 16:01:12 EST SRB7Juv0 No.96116 Reply
hey dude, just think, you will die a virgin.
Mr_Shawmeen - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 20:22:34 EST Ld9O29jy No.96118 Reply
Because I disagree with a bunch of guys who can't commit to training or need steroids for their piddly fucking gains? I'm a grown man with a family, full time job, and the ability to put up decent weight all in all. I'm not quite as good as I was when I really worked out a lot, but there's no reason to be at that point anymore anyways. Being able to run a five minute mile isn't resume worthy unless you want to be a seal.
James Guddletere - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 20:56:17 EST zUkhK9Os No.96119 Reply
1584492977376.gif -(454782B / 444.12KB, 175x184) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

> I've lost 60+lbs of fat in less than 3 months and put on 42lbs of muscle in the following 3 completely natural

Yeah i'm gonna have to call out some bullshit on that one.
Mr_Shawmeen - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 21:23:58 EST GCWXHICQ No.96120 Reply
I mean people saw me do it. It was a regular increasing titration schedule of lifting and cardio and when you're starting out from relatively no where the results come quick on both fronts starting out. Some people did think I was doing drugs but it was just strict hard cardio, two ish hours lifting every day, yoga and calisthenics, and a good fucking diet. Lots of lean protein like buffalo, goose breast, venison, and 90 percent or higher lean beef with a fuck ton of veggies, eggs, lentils, and some sprouted grain products. I mean I ca take a pic of my shoulders and such where it still shows a bit. I'm more dad bod these days but I can still almost overhead press 300lbs, probably more like 265-280.
Mr_Shawmeen - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 21:35:57 EST GCWXHICQ No.96121 Reply
Titration really is key I meant to say. Christian Bale went from The Machinist to The Dark Knight in 5 or 6 months and was barely able to do a single pushup in the beginning, he gained over 100lbs of lean mass in that time naturally. Just because YOU don't know how to do it doesn't mean it can't be done. I took measurements the entire time and measured against IFBB standards for some stuff. We can talk numbers and scheduling if you want.

Polite nb
James Guddletere - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 21:59:37 EST zUkhK9Os No.96122 Reply
Dude, you don't seem to understand that is it physiologically impossible to gain that much lean muscle in 3 months no matter if how good your workouts are or how many drugs you are or aren't taking. I only sort of doubt that you may have moved the number up on the scale by 42 pounds in that time, but claiming that even a portion of that was actual muscle mass it just silly.
James Guddletere - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 22:01:57 EST zUkhK9Os No.96123 Reply
I meant to say that even half of that portion was muscle. I do believe you gained some good mass but claming 42 pounds is looney territory. nb
Mr_Shawmeen - Tue, 17 Mar 2020 23:27:50 EST GCWXHICQ No.96124 Reply
Oh no, I deopped at least 60lbs of fat at least with a good hard cardio burn and ended up at just over 180lbs at about 6'(just a touch over), and people thought I looked sickly or like I was stimming so I began lifting furiously. I got back up to 240 but at a totally different body comp. I imagined at that last weight I was holding some water and some of what I put back was fat, but I was in 32 inch waist jeans and was 21 inches at the bicep.
Jarvis Guttingferk - Wed, 18 Mar 2020 09:05:03 EST 7cABhwMW No.96125 Reply
you're just trolling cause you don't see why people lift or may be you tried it yourself and failed. people lift cause they want to improve themselves and their lives and working out often does this.

it's highly likely your life is pretty shitty and those who workout don't want the same. at least we are making an effort to improve things, your effort at improving your existence is trolling. bravo.
Edwin Mavingson - Wed, 18 Mar 2020 10:21:09 EST Wc4dfmYk No.96126 Reply
God, you guys are total faggots. No wonder nobody comes here to bump the bwg thread.
Mr_Shawmeen - Wed, 18 Mar 2020 16:48:33 EST GCWXHICQ No.96129 Reply
I'm being completely serious here. The results I was talking about would be considered a failure by some trainers even. There's not a single ounce of trolling there and there's examples of people doing more in less time than what I spoke of in my own personal journey. It did end with me meeting my wife and starting a family. I still plan on going back to school and I'd like to study dietetics and more specifically catabolic processes. I didn't "try lifting" I studied form and function that follows it in basic lifts and practiced them at increasing weight. If you are having a hard achieving any results then ask someone who knows what they're doing what you're doing wrong and go from there, maybe hire a personal trainer. There's plenty of legit information online just don't be a whiny ignorant baby like you are now, there's no progress that way.
Albert Tillingbury - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 08:22:04 EST kzqIMzAB No.96132 Reply
>The results I was talking about would be considered a failure by some trainers even
you're a fucking troll or just making shit up for some unknown reason lmao gtfo.
You should actually start training it might improve your life.
Mr_Shawmeen - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 11:11:04 EST U/kZ/P0r No.96133 Reply
I was being polite but I guess I'll meet you on your level faggot. Carb cycling, muscle confusion, a proper titration schedule, and of course grit you can accomplish all that. Well, not you of course because you're a gigantic cavernous floppy pussy but other people can do this. I started lifting and learning in high school and really started training in my early twenties and haven't stopped for more than a year or really dropped below simple maintenance lifts since then. You are a weak coward if you simply choose to believe these simple things are possible just because you lack the determination to try it. How about you get the fuck out there and train but you won't because you're worthless and clearly lack the guts.
Shit Billingcocke - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 12:59:19 EST Wc4dfmYk No.96134 Reply

Bump While Glowing. It's for when you finish your workout and are chilling in that delicious glow, basking in the eminence of success and glory. Fixating upon this divine exertion. Titillated by the maximal splendor.
Albert Tillingbury - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 13:58:42 EST kzqIMzAB No.96135 Reply
fuck you lol ur fall of shit.
getting /fit really can change your life bro i recommend it. you might lose your virginity through it.
Ernest Grimgold - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 14:22:25 EST p85xFx3L No.96136 Reply
You gained 42lbs in 3 months? That's about 3 pounds a week. That's the speed of Christian Bale getting ready for Batman. He had the best food, trainers and steroids money can buy, had nothing else to focus on and wasn't losing fat. In fact it probably wasn't 100% lean gains.

Maybe if he was 20 years younger he'd have been able to go a little faster but honestly anyone claiming to do half that without steroids is still likely full of shit.
Albert Tillingbury - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 14:35:57 EST kzqIMzAB No.96137 Reply
I very much doubt bale did it either. ive trained with a competitor and he never gained like that, and he did shit a load of roids, had the best diet, trained really hard.

he's claiming to lose 5lb fat and at the SAME TIME gain 3.5lb muscle weekly lol! the very best pro's wont even do that lmao. you could lose 5lb per week fat but no way gain 3.5lb muscle at the same time, and naturally lmao.

i'm not sure if he's trolling or just living a fantasy.
Ernest Grimgold - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 15:47:49 EST p85xFx3L No.96138 Reply
Bale started at 140 pounds. He wasn't a competitor who slowly picked up steam as he learned, I may be wrong but I suspect gains are much easier when you're basically a toast rack. As a competitor did this guy have other job? I know a lot of the best still aren't full pro. Remember Bale's entire job was to get swole. It's possible the figures are exaggerated but he went from the Machinist, to Batman in 6 months. That's hard to deny.

But yeah I mean that guy is doing crazy talk.

Hard to know given the brotherhood of the steel, it takes all sorts.
Albert Tillingbury - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 16:00:59 EST kzqIMzAB No.96140 Reply
>he went from the Machinist, to Batman in 6 months. That's hard to deny.
i see your point, gaining from a skinny base is easier, and he would've had the BEST of everything at his disposal, so may be there's some truth in it. he could've been on hgh as well on roids.
Mr_Shawmeen - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 17:36:55 EST g96NtBGY No.96141 Reply
I never said I did both of those things at the same time. I'm not sure if I've said it before under this name but I've talked about this on here before. In the 9 months prior to the 60lb push there I lost a significant amount of weight and began a calisthenics routine before I ever started lifting as well as working on my diet. All of what I learned over the almost two years I was researching and practicing is what led me to want to study dietetics. So it broke down over 18 months with the last 6ish being the most intense by a ridiculously almost incomprehensible amount. First 3 months I was just walking and reading about diet after being sick with myself for letting things go that far. Then in the 9 months that followed that I did more of the same counting miles on a treadmill and mapping routes on Google maps and actually following through on them. I calculated that there's 3500 calories to a pound of fat and at my height and goal weight I need x amount of calories and x miles at about 90 calories a mile to burn a pound. So insert figures up to desired calorie deficit and I was off walking and doing light calisthenics for 9 MORE months after the initial 3. So that was the first year of getting reacquainted with working out. I probably lost about 60lbs that year because I was a fat fuck and had been depressed for some time. Because of diminishing returns from a repeated exercise that first 60lbs took a fair bit over 2000 miles of cardio. That first year I practiced a repeated titration schedule where I'd add a mile or fraction of a mile every day of the week mon-sat increasing the start amount and amount added every week or two until it ate up most of my free time. Then at the beginning of the next year those first 3 months I wanted to go as hard as fucking possible. That's when my titration schedule went up faster and more often until I was adding miles by the day and starting higher each week. In that 3 months where I lost 60lbs I would do HIIT training of walk-run-jog repeat broken up by decline to regular pushups and wall sits on trees as well as dips. Near the end I remember a good week where I started on 9 miles the first day then did 12, 12, 18, 21, and 24 miles on the last day. Always several hundred pushups a day, 5-10 minutes of wall sits and planks, and as many dips as I could do. The most cardio I did in one day was 27.35 miles almost exactly and that was during that 3 months where I lost 60lbs at least. I definitely gained some lean mass during that time but for those 15 months I was counting miles and calories to calculate loss and work like hell to achieve those goals. So while there was some body comp conversion going on I was counting what I lost. Then in the 3 months following those where I lost that last 60 I focused on lifting
In large part because I wanted to and also people thought I looked too thin like I was doing meth or something which only fueled my fire. The three months where I gained probably 42lbs of lean mass I went from 182-4 up to 245 while keeping a small waist and ended at roughly 21 inches at the bicep. It was my traps I was happier with though. Again I never said it was all lean mass I gained during that time because I didn't think I gained 60lbs of lean mass during that time but I gave myself the credit of about two thirds of that weight. Starting out I'd do my cardio around town in baggy t shirts and in the end I was doing it under armor heat tech shirts and other athletic gear. All in all it was grueling learning Olympic style momentum lifts and using other basic barbell exercises. Curl, reverse curl, ohp, upright rows, bent over rows, clean, clean and jerk, clean and press, powerclean, and anything else I could think of along with weighted calisthenics and static contraction exercises(overload and isometrics). There was more to the weight lifting aspect and it was MUCH MUCH harder than the cardio bit. A big part of that is because growth like that fuckin hurts, it just does, and losing weight and runner's high feels fuckin good. Don't get me wrong that swoll feeling of being all pumped up feels good but there's always waves of soreness following that during healing. All in all there was the more productive 6 months but I did a full year of priming my cardiovascular system and studying diet and exercise before hitting it full strength.
Mr_Shawmeen - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 19:01:44 EST GCWXHICQ No.96143 Reply
That's a good point, I should have included a TLDR but is /ana/ the home of lazy asses?

TLDR; I went in phases over the course of a hard year and a half with sound knowledge and a growing experience base. I didn't just up and get those results, I did work to prime myself.
Ernest Grimgold - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 19:52:09 EST p85xFx3L No.96144 Reply
Gonna be honest I haven't done the detail work on roids and other supplements because I'm not going to take them but yeah probably that too, I imagine he had absolutely every tool at his disposal at the best quantity and quality possible and no impediments or obstacles. Just him and his regimen. He's a multi millionaire and this would have been an investment of tens of thousands, maybe a 6 figure sum but to get another 7 figure payout. What Bale did represents the absolute pinnacle of what someone could do.

Except maybe if they were 18-21 but then who has those resources and links at that age and isn't already being groomed for something else? And of that nonexistent group how many are that focused at 19?

So anyway, see above 3 pounds a week natural is still bullshit. Losing weight isn't rocket appliances. Yeah you just eat a bit less than BMR for your target weight and do a lot of exercise. Someone I worked with did your rate of weight loss too. But it's the sudden weight gain.

Suddenly details flying out the woodwork there. Lots of best guesses and you credit this and think it was this. I think there's a lot of details still missing. Rounding the duration down, generous assumptions and extrapolations that make sense if you don't want to think too hard. Things you overlooked. It's a nice headline it's probably more like 30 pounds in 4 months.

Doing my day job I can tell if someone is reaching for figures to match a narrative they want to sell. You're trying to fund your project by using the same underspend 3 times, that underspend won't happen and you forgot oncosts.
Mr_Shawmeen - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 21:47:18 EST tAoCS+Am No.96145 Reply
Some more of that may have been dirty than I had previously thought, but I could also be genetics since I'm just over six foot and have an ape index of 3.5. There was a lot of room to put muscle and I did work with my diet to make sure my body was able to have all the building blocks needed to make androgens. Plus I did any and all even moderately effective scientifically proven method to raise testosterone that was reasonable. I'm grateful your not being so negative and simply analyzing what's been provided, but there were a LOT more details than that. I realistically lifted no less than 2 hours a day during that time at relatively high intensity, not calisthenics, cardio, yoga, or anything else and I counted all that separately. I started out struggling to rep a full set of barbell curls at 55lbs and ended repping 115lbs fairly easily. I mean my roommates saw all this first hand and I'm not starting from scratch working out again now but I look back at how quickly I progressed at 20 vs nearly 30 now and it's just fucking retarded. Then again I didn't have a wife or kid then and most of my income was disposable between two roommates. Also, working in food I could eat salad and lean protein for free every day and with friends who are hunters I'd help clean game and get free super lean meat. Goose breast stir fry, venison lentil stew, and I'd buy bison instead of beef when I could or 93% & 95% lean beef. Lotta free time, disposable income, a house full of equipment, and having a lot of knowledgeable people in your life helps.
Jarvis Feckleway - Thu, 19 Mar 2020 22:06:04 EST pdYtE9xy No.96146 Reply
ahhh so you’re just full of shit, got it. nb
Mr_Shawmeen - Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:03:21 EST GMrqR71y No.96148 Reply
Whatever pussy, kill yourself now and you won't have to see yourself fail repeatedly.
Eliza Dillytidge - Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:26:03 EST UrtiJfYA No.96149 Reply

Wow strong liar. I believe you in terms of losing 60lbs in 3 months since its possible. But, 42lbs of muscle naturally... you're full of shit and everyone knows it.


21 inch biceps? How are you not an ifbb pro yet? Unless that's a lie too.
Lydia Pobblechure - Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:53:40 EST kzqIMzAB No.96150 Reply
i'm not reading walls of text.

you are absolutely full of shit and you know it. even losing 5lb a week (if you weren't 400+lbs in the first place) would require you to eat practically nothing, and yet you claim to have gained 3.5lb of muscle of week at the same time, naturally, lmao.

i've never witnessed anyhing like that and i've come across most things in the gym. i've looked online to find results anything similar to what you claim and found nothing. link me a *reliable* online source that claims those sort of gains? you won't because they don't exist. go tell any non noob bodybuilder irl or on a bodybuilding forum/chan about your claims, they will laugh at you.

i dont actually think you are trolling now as you've effort posted, i actually think you're delusional/unwell/or seeking Edick points.
Nathaniel Fadgefare - Mon, 23 Mar 2020 11:21:06 EST Wc4dfmYk No.96157 Reply

Yeah, that seems a little too dedicated to be trolling. You'd think they would at least be aware enough to know that we know better. We're certainly dealing with a particular level of stupidity and desperation.

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