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Any point in bulking on keto?

- Sat, 22 Feb 2020 23:15:36 EST aFexIQ++ No.96087
File: 1582431336395.png -(408637B / 399.06KB, 667x505) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Any point in bulking on keto?
So started at around 165-170 (had no scale) on January 1st. Gave keto a try since
I have a ton of what I assume is visceral fat from being hugely overweight from 14-16 (285lbs, 5'11).

At this point I weigh 150lb on the dot which seems to be the lowest healthy weight for my height, and honestly while I've gone from a 34" waist to 30" I still have a gut esp if I relax my abs. I'm not sure if I have like detached abs or what
from being so overweight so young or what but it's a mess.

Anyways, at this point I want to start building muscle. I've been doing a standard stopgap dumbbell routine 3x a week and HIIT cardio on the two other days with two rest days in there. I would say I have nice definition and clothed I look fit / not skinny fat. I'm about to pull the trigger on a power cage and 300lb Olympic weight set for my home gym and want to get some advice before dropping $500 or so.

My main question is if there is any point in continuing keto if I'm eating in a surplus anyway? Evidence seems varied, and obviously muscle will build slower but will it be more a 75-25% muscle-fat ratio gain compared to 50-50% with normal carb cycling? I assume if I'm building lean muscle while losing fat it will target my visceral fat better than bulking with carbs but I'm not sure. I've also thought of doing targeted keto with like a sweet potato before my workouts to increase glycogen and get better performance.

Any advice / experience would be pretty helpful.
Matilda Blatherfield - Sun, 23 Feb 2020 14:37:51 EST F9re/7Nr No.96088 Reply
1st of all well done on the weight loss. I'd deffo purchase the weights if u have the space, going to a gym is even better but not for everyone i know. I've keto dieted and still gained muscle and strength, i was in the best shape of my life with high protein med fat and low carbs with heavy intense anaerobic training. But i was using steroids too.

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