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video courses

- Sun, 12 Apr 2020 15:57:54 EST loxu8Eo3 No.96193
File: 1586721474208.jpg -(18609B / 18.17KB, 474x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. video courses
Hey I wanna do exercises at home and i figured a video course could help me.

Any decent video courses you recommend to a beginner?
Nigel Murdson - Fri, 17 Apr 2020 05:47:00 EST p85xFx3L No.96201 Reply

Most of us have done some sort of research at some point and developed what we do and then recently been forced to adapt to current conditions. I don't think many of us will have tried video courses but there's still something you need to ask yourself.

>What are you trying to achieve?
This may change in time as a you meet goals and decide you want to keep going or go in a slightly different direction. But first what is your goal? Stave off the sitting around? Get strong? Run? Lose weight? protip that last one in particulary is mostly down to diet but exercise helps

Also in general, if you're sat around for hours at a time, get up and get the blood flowing for 30 seconds every couple of hours. That doesn't have to be an intense exercise, just something that will elevate your heart rate slightly. Even if you work out for an hour in the evening, being idle outside that is bad for you.

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