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Excessive exercise killed my sex drive

- Mon, 03 May 2021 04:35:56 EST oFfGAszv No.96721
File: 1620030956905.jpg -(13923B / 13.60KB, 306x362) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Excessive exercise killed my sex drive
I need to somehow get my libido up again, when i did moderate boxing, gym and jogging exercise i felt great, like specially i was almost painfully insatiable, to the point i dealt with a borderline sex addiction a lot.
Now im training to focus on amauter boxing, and my training is way next level compared to my moderate training before, i dont want to stop it, i love boxing and i love the Idea of competing, but It tires me so much it Just feels like my sex drive is inexistent, last week i had my First not getting hard experience during sex ever, im 26 years old, and while i did get way drunker and high in a while since i spent months sober training, i never had a problem with whisky Dick before, even on harder drugs i could have sex.

Now i seriously dont want to stop training, neither i plan on doing roids, my muscles became bigger and stronger than they ever were, i doubt this is Just low testosterone, but i seriously want my libido back, i bought some ginseng and im getting some peruvian maca to see If it helps but any help or insight is helpful.
George Clayville - Mon, 03 May 2021 18:28:40 EST NBJ/FElz No.96722 Reply
Honestly, part of this is gonna be psychological: if you desire to be better at something, and put mental focus and energy into this, then you're going to need that energy from somewhere else, ie. sublimation.

Also, be sure to be stretching and showing your body some active recovery love. If your thighs are flexed/cramped, then your blood is going there rather than your dick. Foam rolling, stretching, etc. all helps. Also, try kegel-style exercises for your pelvic floor muscles: keep flexing your gooch until you can't anymore a few times a day.

also, in order of priority, the meme-tastic ballmaxxing stack:
  • fish oil (non-rancid) 2g
  • zinc 50mg (don't go higher, because it competes for copper)
  • magnesium citrate 300mg (oxide has low bioavailability)
  • l-arginine 3g
  • l-citrulline 2g
  • pygeum extract 200mg
  • sunflower lecithin 2g
If this doesn't make your balls feel painfully full and your nitrogen oxide transport system make your veins pop, then you got brain problems or blood problems.

tried it, did not get good results, seemed like a waste
Nicholas Meblingman - Thu, 06 May 2021 11:26:55 EST oFfGAszv No.96725 Reply
Forgot to check the thread but thanks anon,i think ill do this list, since i got nothing to lose and come back with kegel exercises.

Tho i found out a good reason why i went limp lmao, since i had another night with her and was rock hard till i put on the condom that was just too restricting or something, it used to be a brand i loved but its producit somehow turned to trash, so i think im also gonna go and search for a better condom that restricts less the sensitivity.

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