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Kitten suckling issues

- Wed, 07 Sep 2016 10:16:12 EST 11M9U0r6 No.33068
File: 1473257772408.jpg -(4031903B / 3.85MB, 5344x3006) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Kitten suckling issues
Gonna keep this short, basically me and some friends adopted a group of feral kittens way too young to be away from their mom and I'm quite sure they never really knew their mom at all we did a little bottle feeding then moved them to the bowl with the fake milk concentrate then then to water, they'd always try to breast feed off our dogs. And it's been a while and i know some animals never really get completely over it, but now my cat is a few months old at least, and at night always tries to suckle my dogs cheeks and it drives her crazy when she wants to sleep and wakes me up to i try to pull him away but he just keeps going back occasionally I'll spray him with a bit of water but I don't want to discourage him too much and I feel he's way too old to go back to bottle feeding.

Anything I should do? Anything im doing wrong? I'd like him to grow out of it if he can.

Pic related its mah kitteh first one I've ever owned always owned dogs though.
Jenny Suzzlestine - Wed, 07 Sep 2016 10:34:54 EST NUbzj27G No.33069 Reply
You shouldn't be feeding cats milk. Go ask for help from actual cat experts or something.

The cat sounds retarded, tbh.

Maybe let them sleep in separate rooms.
Albert Cacklepatch - Thu, 08 Sep 2016 02:07:33 EST NCrnHUhY No.33074 Reply
I have asked vet techs they said they weren't quite sure what to do about it but I'll definitely ask the vet when he goes in for his 2nd round of shots, was just here asking for personal experience. Not sure why you're so angry about my question... and I certainly hope he's not retarded but if so id still love him all the same.

And yeah I could separate them but they like to sleep with me and as do I with them and my dog will knock or just sleep at my door if I don't let her sleep in here with me.

Thank you for pointing that out lel yes I'm not just going around raising animals without doing research I've litter box trained him myself and feed him a good diet yada yada while it's still new to me having a cat i think I'm capable.

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