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Emperor Penguins Are in Mortal Danger Thanks to Us

- Fri, 18 Oct 2019 13:29:43 EST e8nqwtu4 No.34306
File: 1571419783363.jpg -(73908B / 72.18KB, 750x669) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Emperor Penguins Are in Mortal Danger Thanks to Us
>A species that has come to symbolise Antarctica’s wealth of wildlife now faces mortal danger: climate change is putting emperor penguins in peril.

>British scientists say the continent is warming with unparalleled speed, meaning the birds may soon have almost nowhere to breed. Some researchers think the number of emperors could be cut by more than half by 2100.

>Philip Trathan, head of conservation biology at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, says: “The current rate of warming in parts of the Antarctic is greater than anything in the recent glaciological record.

>“Though emperor penguins have experienced periods of warming and cooling over their evolutionary history, the current rates of warming are unprecedented.

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