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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic


- Thu, 11 Oct 2018 19:09:37 EST Pjv3vSt0 No.53279
File: 1539299377654.png -(35126B / 34.30KB, 180x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. soCIAL STUPID FREAKIN MEDIA


I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY PTSD BORDERLINE PPD AND enthusiasm AND THERES just this social media component about being an artist i hate and will never under satand qwubbb ;___;
Jack Blythewater - Thu, 11 Oct 2018 20:57:53 EST lF/2zZ27 No.53281 Reply
just put this on instagram and ur gucci
for real tho I hear u
Doris Guzzlehood - Sat, 13 Oct 2018 00:40:37 EST IQGWs/Wm No.53288 Reply

you're an outsider artist, you dont belong on instagram anyway, instagram is for feel-good kitsch, landscapes, portraits and aesthetics rather than artistic outlets of mental illness.
Hwhwhweh sshisioajh - Sun, 14 Oct 2018 21:50:23 EST rquH4vo1 No.53291 Reply
is there anywhere you would recommend then?
Priscilla Nullerkeck - Mon, 15 Oct 2018 08:15:12 EST IQGWs/Wm No.53292 Reply

Find out who buys/sells/is interested in outsider art in your main city, send them your portfolio.

Outsider art is a toughie because it doesnt really fit in the contemporary scene and also doesnt fit in the kitsch scene, due to its lack of conceptual vigor and being too 'out there' respectively
Hwhwhweh sshisioajh - Tue, 16 Oct 2018 05:18:52 EST rquH4vo1 No.53294 Reply
No one will ever want to buy why I make so I might just keep it to myself then
Ernest Cluttingshit - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 12:07:06 EST FMDfA6kq No.53302 Reply
you didn't make this post to stay where you are now though..
Hannah Mozzlestone - Fri, 26 Oct 2018 21:33:17 EST RiVvjlCS No.53303 Reply

Exactly. I feel like the OP might be like me. I enjoy making art, but I don't care about making art that other people enjoy, and I don't have the slightest drive or desire to go through the trouble of trying to actually profit from my art. I make art because it's an expression of my being, not to try and jew some people out of their dollars. Then again, I am an artist, not a graphic designer.
Barnaby Bushridge - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 08:55:43 EST FMDfA6kq No.53305 Reply
I'm ernest and I don't condone the "jewing people out of money" joke, so please stop that.
Other than that: you're right, but social media is just about finding the right audience, that already loves what you like. Don't think you're special enough, that only you like your kind of art, there are loads of people out there waiting to discover your shit.
You just need to make it available to them and you could profit/live off of your own special art.
Hannah Mozzlestone - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 17:13:57 EST RiVvjlCS No.53306 Reply

Hello ernest. I think my rigid views on the acceptance of consumer art as a viable means of survival are tied heavily to my own experiences regarding professional art. I have a lot of demons to surmount regarding my place in this existence. I think we're disingenuous to ourselves in ways we don't consider, but I also see a distinct line between functional art and fashion. This life itself is an artful experience, and in that sense is inherently corrupt.
John Dresslefire - Sat, 27 Oct 2018 18:35:58 EST IQGWs/Wm No.53307 Reply

but if artists make a living off of their work how can they pretend to be tortured artist types?

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