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clonazolam or flualp?

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- Tue, 07 Sep 2021 07:48:03 EST uEDYgyGm No.152305
File: 1631015283819.jpg -(90528B / 88.41KB, 794x802) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. clonazolam or flualp?
pretty benzo naive noob here + opi addict (poppy seed tea) coming hrre with advice as to which to pcik, ive been using xanax past few weeks, gone through roughly 200mg over a few weeks and buying more powder to dissolve soon, see as i am an opiate addict, and flualp lasts longer, that gets me a bit worried about redosing and shit, but i can get the same amount fof flualp as i can for clonazolam for the same price, wondering which i should choose and which would be more functional with an opi addiction like myself,

(to avoid blackouts and ODs) although, im generally prettty smartr about that stufff.

Im getting pretty tolerant, i can tell, so that is also a factor,

Any help greatly appreciated
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Ebenezer Sussletat - Mon, 13 Sep 2021 20:50:16 EST +dVS6JYr No.152334 Reply
I use Clonazepam for a similar effect to >>152309 - they just make me feel like a normal human being. I started taking 0.5mg once a week, then everyday, then upped the dose to 1mg, and later 2mg. Now I sometimes even take 4mg some days. Is it over for me? Should I taper it off? I still have a lot left. Anti-depressants always made things wrong for me, benzos are the only thing that have helped me (and psychedelics but you can't take those all the time or you'll fry your brain).
Brain - Tue, 14 Sep 2021 00:01:17 EST V/7akuaI No.152336 Reply
It’s hard man. I was on 3mg a day after 3 years and I had enough. I ended up tapering off, was sober for 4-5 months I think and released because of paws. Long story short I regret it now immensely. Although I did abuse etiz and other shit a lot and they definitely contributed.

When I think back I should of never said anything. If you truly find them helpful fuck it. You already seem like you are at a high dose so I’d just ride the train until your doc wants to ween you. That’s even if he does to be honest.

I’d just be carful with your usage and try not to self medicate with them. That’s when they become an issue. Once you start to get used to that warm comfy feeling, it’s hard to get over IMO. I’ve had trouble sleeping since I quit that shit

Probably rambling nb

What’s the best benzo for anxiety

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- Thu, 15 Jul 2021 20:06:11 EST t6FBIxX/ No.152057
File: 1626393971829.jpg -(74829B / 73.08KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What’s the best benzo for anxiety
What’s the best benzo for self medicating anxiety and not to get fucked up? Something like Ativan.

I can only get alz or research Chems
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DTMO - Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:28:31 EST UT+E9AiW No.152323 Reply
LSD is tasteless, it definitely doesn't taste acidic.

Sounds about right.
User is currently banned from all boards
Brain - Sun, 12 Sep 2021 15:44:35 EST V/7akuaI No.152325 Reply
Probably some RC i'm sure like 1Plsd or something

I believe this. I know vendors who would cut it even more locally
m - Mon, 13 Sep 2021 09:54:36 EST QQHC2LOH No.152329 Reply
AFAIK, the good ones like 1p-lsd, AL-LAD, normal LSD, etc. are all tasteless. If I ever had one that wasn't tasteless, especially acidic/metallic taste, I'd either immediately spit it out, or if I was more focused on getting high, I'd immediately swallow it to decrease the effective BA on the chance it's not real LSD.


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- Wed, 08 Sep 2021 12:21:15 EST 3pPF5owl No.152314
File: 1631118075972.jpg -(33910B / 33.12KB, 596x537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Clobazam
I just got prescribed Clobazam for epilepsy. Anyone tried this one?

Does anyone else notice they can chief weed on benzos?

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- Tue, 17 Aug 2021 04:07:42 EST Rwr7dr9S No.152198
File: 1629187662036.jpg -(310563B / 303.28KB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Does anyone else notice they can chief weed on benzos?
I just took a nice dose of etizolam and I’m ripping my bong and I’m taking hits like twice the size as normal no problem. Whenever I pop a bar and smoke a blunt or joint I can Chief the whole thing down like nothing
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Graham Bocklepane - Mon, 30 Aug 2021 06:18:32 EST thgGeu5L No.152289 Reply
1630318712206.jpg -(349269B / 341.08KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My alpraz script is the only reason I can smoke weed at all
Priscilla Gecklelot - Wed, 01 Sep 2021 01:44:53 EST hsZ7NUd2 No.152295 Reply
sounds about your usual weekend on benz.
You forgot about the missing couple hundred bucks in cash that you had in your wallet and random electronic merchandise like random notebooks and shit that seemed to have turned up out of thin air and apparently don't belong to anyone that had been over to your house recently
Thants !IZgeXR9w82 - Thu, 02 Sep 2021 22:42:32 EST 8gjuk5QC No.152300 Reply
1630636952593.jpg -(58319B / 56.95KB, 672x613) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>IV clam
That sounds crazy as fuck. I gave up IV use nearly 7months ago and put all manner of shit in my veins but that sounds intense AF. Is there a rush involved or do you just slam into a blackout immediately and even if there was a rush there's no way you could remember?


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- Sun, 22 Aug 2021 12:22:08 EST qUCRR1zK No.152260
File: 1629649328636.gif -(511589B / 499.60KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Etizolam
I liked Diclazepam and Clonazolam. But Dicla has a half life that is just to long imo and Clonazolam can sometimes be unpredictable and you black out.
I got myself Etizolam but I never tried it. What can I expect? I am person who gets euphoria from Benzos. Is Eitzolam good for that?
I am experienced with benz although I have no tolerance atm. What would you recommend as a first dose?
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David Fuvingworth - Sat, 28 Aug 2021 20:57:04 EST qUCRR1zK No.152284 Reply
1630198624886.gif -(1573031B / 1.50MB, 250x186) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
op here wow what an answer
from what you wrote than it is what I was looking for thanks bro for taking this much time
you should be a med lol
m - Mon, 30 Aug 2021 17:49:06 EST QQHC2LOH No.152291 Reply
I'd love to be a "mod" even if it was just in a minor janitor capacity where I only ban/remove actual pedo link/garbage spam/outright sourcing posts etc., and simply provide mild warnings for moderately egregious posts. Unfortunately, last time I offered Kirt a $50 donation and another $50 "1 year probation deposit" to be given back after one year of good use of said privileges without abuse, he simply outright ignored both my thread posts and twitch messages.
Cedric Bobbernodge - Tue, 31 Aug 2021 02:29:26 EST kzFQsOLo No.152293 Reply
no offensebut to be honest kirt is a lil bitch he once banned me from 420 irc for a pathetic reason. I even was a hop on it for some time
When asked him if he would lift my ban he just said "I do not even know who you are" and that after I had been active on irc for a couple years.

Really horrific gabapentin/Lyrica withdrawal

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- Thu, 24 Jun 2021 06:40:53 EST H+RcZDes No.151971
File: 1624531253599.jpg -(232531B / 227.08KB, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Really horrific gabapentin/Lyrica withdrawal
Now I'm no stranger to the awful withdrawal gabapentinoids bring, but after 2 months binging on them I start to notice ringing in my ears when I go into withdrawal. After burning through like 200 grams of gabapentin in a month combined with a week of pregabalin in between getting gabas, it's worse than it's ever been before. I just got my pregabalin script and even though I wanted to use it to stave off opiate withdrawals, it looks like I'm stuck rapid tapering with a measly 6000mg of pregabalin and a couple gabapentin 800s. Never had to taper this fast before, but hopefully it minimizes the agonizing panic attack inducing withdrawal. I'm used to insanity, bad fevers, pain, weakness, anxiety and insomnia, but the whole ears ringing and world vibrating thing makes me think I might have a seizure if I stop cold turkey. Be careful, these drugs are much more addictive than people think they are if you use for extended periods of time and kindle the shit out of your brain.
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Augustus Cummerkare - Sat, 28 Aug 2021 22:19:47 EST 6VHqiNee No.152285 Reply
300mg at a time is max BA but ime it's too little to get a good high staggering. You can absorb up to 1200mg at a time but the BA gets lower and lower as you up it. I do 800mg at a time staggered so I can get high faster. Stagger 20-30 minutes apart, drink coca cola, avoid antacids, and SMOKE WEED. I have a mega tolerance to it, but that's what I gotta do to get high. Used to get psychedelic effects off only 1200mg staggered and smoking bud, but now I need like at least 2400mg staggered before I even start to feel it. Oh yeah, I'm OP and just went through a week of hell until I got a refill on my pregabalin. I puked for a week straight and had to get ondansetron from the hospital. Last time it happened I was so dehydrated I got a UTI and acute kidney injury. Pregabalin withdrawal is even worse then gabapentin withdrawal for sure, but I'm so kindled it probably wouldn't be so bad for a new user. I was dopesick too but opiates didn't stop me from puking and I was still so sick. Gabapentin didn't cure the symptoms either, but pregabalin always cures gabapentin withdrawal. Pregabalin is a wonder drug for opiate withdrawal especially mixed with kratom, and I only need 450mg to be high almost all day. It's probably one of my top 3 favorite drugs, with 4-aco-dmt and hydromorphone being the others.
Augustus Cummerkare - Sat, 28 Aug 2021 22:28:25 EST 6VHqiNee No.152287 Reply
I did that before successfully when I had a 90 day supply. Now my insurance won't cover 90 day scripts of it for some reason, so I just get high as hell for like 10 days. A proper taper makes it way easier as long as you're not using it to numb opiate withdrawal
Graham Bocklepane - Mon, 30 Aug 2021 06:15:40 EST thgGeu5L No.152288 Reply
1630318540206.jpg -(197194B / 192.57KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yeahhhh I'm absolutely neurodivergent about it. I'll go through my entire 280,000mg script in a weeks time. Taking 9x 800mg caps at a time with my only gauge being to not take over 30,000mg in 24h

In all honesty it's had almost nothing in terms of wds in the 3y I've had a 90k my script/month. Compared to CT oxy/xanax/fent/heroin/kpin/meth wds it's nothing

That said, I had 20+ breaks & fractures in 18' I do not recommend abusing shit like this at all. I told my doc I didn't want my oxy script in 19' anymore & this *appears* to be a leader evil in terms of pain management

Born to drool

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- Sat, 28 Aug 2021 10:34:49 EST qU/9yjQ1 No.152277
File: 1630161289328.jpg -(117342B / 114.59KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Born to drool
Anyone have the version of this meme made about benzos?

Says like born to drool sum sum sum extrapyramidal shakes

it's important thanks

Psych appt tomorro kinda wanna get dosage upped

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- Wed, 25 Aug 2021 14:28:18 EST na9BCf4w No.152269
File: 1629916098375.jpg -(122899B / 120.02KB, 851x767) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Psych appt tomorro kinda wanna get dosage upped
Got a 3 month appt scheduled for tomorro, 6 mo total on alprazolam. Feel like it woildnt be a stretch to tell him that it doesnt work as well as it use to, but also dont wanna seem like a fiend and can easily bide my time to play that card, the guy is basically a pill pusher anyway and first time visit prescribed me xanax and then when i went back after a yr of not seeing him presxribed me the exact same dose which i had already had increased from .25 3x daily to .5 3x daily, so no viait for a yr and straight back to .5 3x. Point is the guy is liberal with his pen but i wanted to pick /benz/s brains
Alice Seddlefoot - Wed, 25 Aug 2021 20:24:31 EST KUZdwXzE No.152270 Reply
don't up your /benz/ script unless you have friends you're splitting your script with. The pill heads are fucking up the world, and I'm getting tired of it. Obviously drugs aren't inherently evil, but they are definitely a slippery slope, and it sounds like you're sliding down that mountain with no brakes.

Seriously friend, I don't want you to melt your brain

Dropped bar somewhere at work

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- Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:33:33 EST PHeDWVUj No.151612
File: 1617856413975.jpg -(18019B / 17.60KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dropped bar somewhere at work
Dropped a xan somewhere at work... Its in a little tube amd it must have fell out of my pocket somewhere in the kitchen I work at. Its possible they might at least suspect irs mine bit would probably not be possible to prove unless I did something on camera im not aware of which isnt 100%. Advice? Pic unrelated
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Hugh Hallerwater - Sat, 21 Aug 2021 10:34:40 EST qUCRR1zK No.152241 Reply
Ye working sucks ass. I recommend anyone to work for some bitch ass mofo for slave wage just to fill that persons bank account. Find a way to hustle up money by yourself (ofc nothing illegal because that won't work in the long run)
Jack Branningditch - Tue, 24 Aug 2021 15:31:00 EST iEWnwHgE No.152268 Reply
1629833460959.jpg -(26643B / 26.02KB, 718x579) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you're clueless dude. OP is just being a paranoid druggy, could be at his parents house or literally anywhere else and he'd be posting here with the same reaction. most of us can steal from work and nobody gives a fuck, you do your job and go home. having an entrepreneurial or creative job is much more stressful and worrying, you're literally always on the edge of failure if you ever find some success to begin with. even as a NEET if your heads not right you're gonna end up isolated if not full on agoraphobic, that's just life.

Testing pg solution for benzo content

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- Sat, 21 Aug 2021 14:13:16 EST iGZoQwrL No.152244
File: 1629569596396.jpg -(151778B / 148.22KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Testing pg solution for benzo content
So I have reason to believe that I've been scammed. I have a vial of "diclazepam" in pg 250mg 5mg/ml. But I think it's just straight PG.

Any ideas on how I could go about testing this? Maybe diluting some of it and putting it in a home UA test?

I don't have anyone to give the solution to try test it and my tolerance is way too high to tell. Any ideas?
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Beatrice Serringputch - Sun, 22 Aug 2021 02:58:41 EST iGZoQwrL No.152258 Reply
1629615521625.jpg -(257556B / 251.52KB, 705x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is there a place where I could send 20ml of this solution 50mg of "diclazepam" to someone without tolerance? And all i would ask for in return is if they had any effects?
Barnaby Greenfoot - Sun, 22 Aug 2021 05:10:36 EST 5KisrFp3 No.152259 Reply
If you pay for a reshipping service or something so I don’t have to dox myself I will.
Beatrice Serringputch - Sun, 22 Aug 2021 12:32:25 EST iGZoQwrL No.152261 Reply
If you change your mind. You can email me sadgirlbigbreasts@aol.com not interested in 'doxxing' and anoymous person lol

Fake Valium

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- Sat, 21 Aug 2021 19:38:40 EST V/7akuaI No.152247
File: 1629589120633.jpg -(3006351B / 2.87MB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fake Valium
It’s most likely faked but I’d like some input.

These diazepams I’ve been getting recently taste crappy (like diaz) but i nodded out on a couple and it looked like the pill has colouring in it. Pretty sure these are fake junk, although they are indistinguishable between this and real apo diazepam I got.

Help, pic related
Hamilton Pibblelone - Sat, 21 Aug 2021 19:44:13 EST 5KisrFp3 No.152248 Reply
I’ve at least around the uk that fake vals usually have etizolam on them. Etizolam does make me nod if i redose a lot 2 days in a rown

whats the best rc benzos?

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- Fri, 20 Aug 2021 21:06:15 EST LzIuES/9 No.152234
File: 1629507975064.jpg -(579969B / 566.38KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. whats the best rc benzos?
Also which ones are shit or high risk of blacking out?
i can get these...

Ive done etizolam before and it was good but im not familiar with these other ones are they good/bad? i dont want one like that russian benzo that made people black out, back in the silk road days im sure i got it sold as xanax and i ended up loosing my e pill collection
Hamilton Pibblelone - Fri, 20 Aug 2021 23:15:56 EST 5KisrFp3 No.152237 Reply
Nvm I just read your post. Buy etizolam

First time on xanax

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- Tue, 17 Aug 2021 01:18:13 EST NhAwjRSq No.152196
File: 1629177493038.gif -(495363B / 483.75KB, 275x173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. First time on xanax
Holy fuck, I now see why so many people get hooked on xanax. This shit is something else. I got offered one of the smaller oval shaped tablets, not a bar, took it with a mixed strong drink x2 and I'm feeling pretty damn good. It reminds me a bit of being wide awake drunk, but yet not as dulled in mind sharpness as that would be. It's like my thoughts are swimming in water, but are still strong swimmers with foot flippers like scuba divers. Image unrelated
Hugh Nassletuck - Tue, 17 Aug 2021 09:52:00 EST bcsEr8YA No.152204 Reply
>wide awake drunk
It gets even better when you actually think you are sober than you appear.
Reuben Nattingpat - Tue, 17 Aug 2021 11:51:23 EST qUCRR1zK No.152205 Reply
Even better when you have memory loss of the past 3 hours but apparently you did some outrages bullshit and after a while image of what might have happened flash up and you suddenly remember how dumb you were lol
Henry Dimblekig - Tue, 17 Aug 2021 12:31:47 EST KnS3HP1g No.152206 Reply
When you go out in a stupor and call everyone within your walking distance a faggot or a bitch. Then wake up home (if you are lucky) or jail/hospital all beaten black and blue cause you tried to fight some cop or someone that could beat you easily.


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- Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:34:28 EST AWWZ8drb No.152075
File: 1626863668448.jpg -(30459B / 29.75KB, 622x433) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Kpin
How much Clonazepam should I take with no tolerance
5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Polly Braggleson - Sat, 24 Jul 2021 09:53:15 EST f+rLvSej No.152102 Reply
1627134795285.png -(9975215B / 9.51MB, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
hm, I was scripted 3mg/day for a long time & recently had my doc switch to 2mg alprazolam. would say the xanax is a good bit stronger but that's just from my experience m
m - Fri, 13 Aug 2021 22:28:38 EST QQHC2LOH No.152186 Reply
I bet 2mg xanax "hits" harder than 2mg kpin, but 2mg/day taken as a single dose kpin habit definitely causes more severe physical dependence than 2mg/day xanax taken as a single dose. The actual acute WD from either one is a bit harder to measure, since kpin's longer half-life in theory makes acute WD more bearable per hour of WD (at the expense of a longer WD period overall).
Shit Borringway - Sun, 15 Aug 2021 05:37:34 EST JnIopD9Q No.152191 Reply
>since kpin's longer half-life in theory makes acute WD more bearable per hour of WD (at the expense of a longer WD period overall).

hm, this must be it, def aware one lasts longer etc but for some reason being out of alpraz scares me way more than being out of kpins did, I'd run out of kpins fairly frequently tbh though that's me being a dumbass

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