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Tripping on Ambien

- Fri, 23 Aug 2019 15:58:24 EST 1lQnYdH3 No.146934
File: 1566590304093.jpg -(12490B / 12.20KB, 280x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Tripping on Ambien
Is it just me or is ambien the trippiest benzo? Its sort of gives you a psychedlic experience, while i dont exactly full on trip like see patterns and weird shit and stuff it still does some weird thing, for example if im watching a movie in pitch dark while on ambien i get the sensation that im in a movie theatre and there are people watching the movie with me, theres commotion in the background but i dont hear voices or anything, its like walking down a crowded place but without the people and not focusing on what everyone is saying, not only that but when i close my eyes i began to have a trip in my imagination, sort of like im dreaming but awake, i start imagining all types of trippy shit. So what causes this specific benzo to act this way? Are there other benzo's like them? or are your experienciees different then mine? id love to kno.w
ogtucker - Sat, 24 Aug 2019 01:28:21 EST CQ8cFDHL No.146935 Reply
i just got 10mg ambien x30 when i got my addy script(30mg ir 2x daily).
my doctor is cool as shit since im already getting klonopin 2mg 3x daily, was very pleased to see her also give me ambien.
and yes, ambien is very trippy, and also water soulble. i have shot it a few times but the oral BA is high enough for me(70+%). shooting it is only cool if you are sober or /stimd/ and feeling the instant ambien feel come on.
il take 30-40mg and just listen to music. coolest "z-drug" out there. i read it acts on gaba-bz receptors as opposed to gaba-a like most benzos. il have to do more research.
but bwb i suppose, speak of the devil.
15mg ambien
4mg klonopin.
eased the 90mg addy IR nasal comedown beautifully i feel superb. oh yea and 2mg suboxone
ambien gets a 9/10 when it comes to benzos in my book. very unique substance
Shitting Greenstone - Sun, 25 Aug 2019 14:58:34 EST gACrxJp9 No.146953 Reply
1566759514340.jpg -(5167B / 5.05KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ambien isnt a benzo

but yeh it's absolutely bizzare but be VERY CAREFUL because you can be DOING THINGS and NOT BE AWARE OF IT

i cant stress this enough

All i can remember is trying to cheer up my sofa because he looked sad that I hadn't been sitting on him as much and explained that the office chair upstairs was meeting my study needs more recently

then before i knew it i was in the street looking at traffic lights no idea how I got there

Then found a video of myself in the bathroom pointing the camera at the shower, saying that i thought i was stuck in the kitchen, then walking up while lookikng at my own reflection in the mirror recording from my phone and just saying
>well that's my ethnicity right out the window
and then the video ends

No memory of that, it was in a university dorm building that wasn't even mine it seems

Don't do it

take one

Cedric Gimmerdedging - Sun, 25 Aug 2019 23:24:07 EST 1lQnYdH3 No.146954 Reply

HAHAAHA, while ive done ambien quite a bit only one time have i had a full blown black out, it happened in a flight when i was heading for a college summer camp a couple of years ago. Had (and still have) a terrible phobia of planes so i decided to take 2 10mg pills, next thing i know i wake up around 12 am, in a dorm room, without my glasses, without my computer and the whole room littered with my clothes, from what i gathered, i took about 9 pills, made my way to were a rep from the college was waiting me, i was talking to the empty front row seat all the way to the college, when i got there got into a dispute in spanish with a guy who was Chinese, headed to the rec room puked everywhere (no one noticed for some reason) at one point dropped all my shit including glasses and computer, tried to hit on a Brazilian girl in Portuguese (mind you all i know are curse words from movies, she seemed really confused), went to my dorm started throwing shit cause i couldn't find my computer and went to sleep for a good 8 hours) all hail. Thats what i remember but my roomate told me that he had heard screams at one point? Dont remember the context though, was a few years ago.
Brain - Mon, 26 Aug 2019 03:07:47 EST qM27bOms No.146956 Reply
Depends on variety of factors in my opinion. Technically Ambien is a Z drug if im not mistaken but i'm not doctor. I've had more trippy shit happen on all sorts of benzos.

I've had many experiences that were quite similar to what you explained here but that was on zaleplon and not Zolpidem. Zaleplon is another one that you might enjoy. I would say you already have the better one in terms of effects. Zaleplon is more subtle and you sorta gotta fight past sleepiness that it produces to have a fun
kaleidoscope vision like effect. Depends on the person, but please be very careful. Look into harm reduction if haven't already.
Oliver Bidgedale - Mon, 26 Aug 2019 09:05:17 EST gACrxJp9 No.146960 Reply
Yeh man funny you should say that, I had a nightmare i was made to fly last night
nothing bad even happened on the plane but it was the whole being forced through the airport and strapped in and feeling all the sensations and since i took mirtazapine last night the dream was very long and vivid, i remember every detail and hearing it rattle and creek and not being able to escape. I hate it when people try to act as if lecturing you on like, care safety will make you not scared of flying since it's not really anything to do with statistics (at least if you're like me, the whole experience is just a nightmare, i haven't flown in almost a decade last time I did i had 20mg diazepam)

> i was talking to the empty front row seat all the way to the college, when i got there got into a dispute in spanish with a guy who was Chinese
>spanish guy who was chinese
wat lol

wait so how the fuck did you get past airport security on the other side? Do you remember that and were able to act normal or did you actually zombie/robot-self-get past the airport and arrive? if so that's impressive

gotta be careful with ambien, could end up arrested or in the ED easily.
Doris Hesslened - Mon, 02 Sep 2019 03:47:32 EST 1lQnYdH3 No.147002 Reply

What i ment was that i started havin an argumnt in spanish with a chinese guy, i was speaking to him in spanish and threatening him and shit but when he talked i coudnt relly understand, learnt later that the guy barely can talk english and was terrified of me, even went to complain to some counselors about it, funny because i clearly remember him speaking condescending to me but i guess those were the benzos

How the hell i got past security? thats a fucking good question, i guess i knew what i was doing and just tried to act as normal as i could (i usually try as hard to appear sober no matter if im fucked up or not, or atleast i think) and it actually panned out, or i guess until i got in the bus and started fucking roasting the chair infront of me lmao,if i would guess why i owould do such . thing maybe to act tough or something (yes im one of those types that when fucked up becomes super confident and believes that he can beat anyone and fuck any girl), funny since i despise those types, lol
Phoebe Gaddletuck - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 04:35:22 EST 9V8lxzzs No.147016 Reply
1567586122257.jpg -(745080B / 727.62KB, 2592x1936) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It is, it's called Zolpidem. Along with Zopiclone (or eszopiclone in the US) and Zaleplon. Ambien is Sublinox up here and it showed up very late by 2014, and it's sublingual pill that's so thin it's practically a blotter. It tastes awful and it did very little to me. Although some internet pharmacy sent me generic pilled Ambien and woah, that worked great, but even if I forced myself not to sleep, I never got hallucinations.

Zaleplon which was great for me then, when it was still marketed, no more Starnoc, they were in capsules and snorting the very small amount of powder in them would make me see stars, like I was staring at the lightbulb of the ceiling of my dorm room, getting hypnotized by all the flashy spots of colours it would create and then lights out. But it's only for those who have problems getting asleep, which was me then, once I fell asleep, I slept fine, I just have that thing where I get sleepy at 3 AM and wake up at noon-1PM and since it took a long time before a psychiatrist diagnosed me with the actual big "I" Insomnia that I got real help, at first with those Starnocs and then when they were removed, tried Sublinox (ambien here), they taste like ass and aren't very efficient, not as awful tasting as zopiclone and then I was scripted Restoril 30mg caps and that does it real well, along with an Atarax 50mg (hydroxyzine), I try not to take 2 Restorils at once, I know how fast the tolerance builds up, so I try to use it only 4 days a week max but there's times even the atarax or sometimes OTC promethazine pills with one temaz isn't enough. I get brand name Restoril too, there's a shortage of generic temazepam so I'm given the brand name. I really like my psychiatrist, once he knew of my physical health issues being very real and being my 1st reason for debilitating anxiety that was GAD since I never flipped the fuck out really, just was losing it to lack of sleep as a young adult in college, in a program where with homework, it was 55-65 hours a week, I managed to sell some acid blotter back then (2000-2008), I don't care to admit to that and weed/hash, I didn't have to work some shit job on top of it. The Insomnia is since I'm a child and even a baby according to my mother and aunts who were sitters for me, if something caught my attention as I was being held while she watched TV at a very low volume, I would wake up when I was just about to fall asleep. The Dexedrine script helped for college, a lot, and also for social fluidity/having sex marathons with women, but it made the insomnia worse.

I really wanted what seemed like the holy grail that is Ambien back then, I was pissed off Health Canada was not approving it. All they would throw at me at first was trazodone (thanks for the seizure), Seroquel 25's, where its effect is purely antihistamine, the dopamine and other receptors being barely touched at all at that dose, but I got a tolerance to it after a while.

So, I ended up on Restoril + Atarax, about the best outcome for me, although I wish I could try out normal pill zolpidem, Sublinox is awful, any Canadian here tried it? It's not covered by my province's insurance either and is expensive as fuck, 44 bucks for 15 pills when I had the trial, they also only partially cover Zopiclone and Zolpidem back then, since the carcinogen effects associated with Z-drugs is overly stated by Health Ministers/Doctor associations.
Isabella Wublingchane - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 20:14:37 EST qCwoBzWk No.147024 Reply
1567642477633.png -(179008B / 174.81KB, 335x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's Z's for ya. I've taken Zopiclone before at 7.5mg and 15mg doses and they've just straight knocked me out in about 20 minutes. The time just before losing consciousness has been the most intensely trippy and relaxed state I've ever been in. Then it's all about the dreams, with the most vivid, colourful, intense and well structured narratives you couldn't believe.
The metallic taste I get in my mouth the entire next day really doesn't make it worth it though. They're only good as a last resort to knock you out if you really can't sleep. I woudn't consider trying to stay awake on them, some of these stories sound wild.
Eliza Brenderhedge - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 06:46:29 EST gACrxJp9 No.147110 Reply
its funny, zopiclone has never done anything to me other than the metalic taste - doesnt even make me feel drowsy and i still end up staying awake late on it even at the exact same doses you took.

Archie Brunkinfield - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 09:11:58 EST iLlEpcOH No.147112 Reply
I had Ambien a couple times and had a lot of memory loss and doing weird shit, putting on different clothes, writing random shit that didnt make any sense, that sort of thing but now i got zopiclone and its neat, a lot less trippy and more just sedating, mixed with alcohol 15mg felt like maybe 10-20mg diaz

Taste is so bad though, its not even really metallic, it's just like generic pill taste, like a xanax got stuck in my throat, drinking water helps for like a minute, eating helps a bit more but i usually have zero appetite
Lydia Fablingtetch - Mon, 23 Sep 2019 14:44:48 EST FaZ22oVA No.147223 Reply
I was like eh there's no way I've been here over 10y & not known Ambien was a benzo this whole time

Anyways yeah I agree it's trippy. I also got my doc to script me 10mg/day. I'd describe it as a heavily aesthetic drug.. by that I mean it adds a very tangible yet strange ambiance to what you're doing (for instance I had just got out of the hospital & was staying with family, my brother was playing through Alien: Isolation; the vibes from just watching him play were surreal

That said it doesn't get you high per se & a lot of people have a similar opinion of the drug compared to Tramadol. If you think you have to be careful on benzos then be doubly careful with Ambien. I try to limit 40mg in a sitting as I've had those exact nights with the walrus where I wake up realizing I'd torn my room apart searching for pills that I'd already taken, called my mom at 5am mumbling the name of my friends gf, taken literally all the drugs at my place & so firmly believing I hadn't taken them even calling my doctor's office telling them (it's so cringe even typing this)

"I lost my medications down a storm drain" at work

For some reason they still fill my scripts for me lol

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