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Somadril (Carisoprodol)

- Wed, 11 Sep 2019 01:59:47 EST wonTsFoe No.147071
File: 1568181587532.png -(160514B / 156.75KB, 539x440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Somadril (Carisoprodol)
Is this substance just as, or less "addictive" and habit forming as the weaker benzos? if you was to scale the filthiness of the drug would it be more or less filthy than say Oxazepam? Is it only a relaxant or does it have pain relief qualities too. Also is it good combo to take with speed? any particular good combo? what about taking it together with anti psychotics
Dr. Katz !KqgSR25gAQ - Wed, 11 Sep 2019 02:36:30 EST qkzTPNFj No.147073 Reply
Carisoprodol is a rather unusual muscle relaxant as it works similarly to the action of barbiturates. As such, carisoprodol acts on GABA-a (which, is the same receptor as benzodiazepines). Baclofen acts on GABA-b. Outside of those two muscle relaxers I cannot think of any off of the top of my head with specific a GABAergic mechanism of action.
By in large, carisoprodol is much more difficult to obtain a script in current times than say 20 years ago. Many muscle relaxers are prescribed in favor for a higher safety profile, decreased likelihood of abuse, and relatively minimal side-effects. Cyclobenzaprine and tizanadine are probably the two most common muscle relaxers in the U.S.

>Is this substance just as, or less "addictive" and habit forming... ?
Objectively, Soma has a host of potentially addictive properties. I would say the drug is relatively on par for addiction potential as mainstream intermediate and long-lasting benzos.

Oxazepam is one of the few benzos I wanted to try for several years, but was ultimately told it is a garbage benzo. I cannot give specific feedback on oxazepam, but I have experience with diazepam, clonazepam, alprazolam, lorazepam, diclazepam, and etizolam as well as other muscle relaxers and z-drugs (and gabapentin).

>Does it have other pain relief qualities too
I wouldn't say carisoprodol could replace a decent opiate (e.g. hydrocodone), but the drug is definitely the most desired muscle relaxer for recreational purposes. As one's muscles do relax a decrease in pain can happen but we aren't talking about a drug that directly affects opioid receptors.

>Good combo to take with speed?
I'm not a fan of stimulants, but I don't see why comibing Soma with speed/amphetamines would be inherently bad. Many people use caffeine or prescription stimulants to combat the sedation of muscle relaxers.

>Together with anti-psychotics
Sleep or extreme grogginess should be expected.

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