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Gabapentin shakes

- Thu, 07 May 2020 03:15:50 EST ElZYhoes No.148855
File: 1588835750717.jpg -(419822B / 409.98KB, 1500x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Gabapentin shakes
Hey guys i started taking gabapentin to ease withdrawal from opioids but now I have tremors in my legs and arms. Is this normal? How do I stop it? Is it dangerous? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Accidentally replied instead of making a new thread. Mb.
Henry Pittingdot - Thu, 07 May 2020 13:15:22 EST igEUPDnN No.148859 Reply
next day im feeling kind of out of it maybe in withdrawal from the gaba? woke up drenched in sweat, maybe the gaba was just really hiding the opi w/d symptoms really well, i dunno.
George Buzzfuck - Thu, 07 May 2020 14:03:08 EST drXTBcjz No.148862 Reply
Tell your doctor about it, how big are these jerks? It's called a myoclonic jerk, they can be a common side effect but if they're big and frequeint you mighjt be at risk of having a seizure
Henry Pittingdot - Thu, 07 May 2020 14:15:39 EST igEUPDnN No.148863 Reply
they were more like tremors in the muscle. like I was really weak. I got the gaba from a friend so no doc to talk to.
Beatrice Bevingforth - Sat, 09 May 2020 02:09:05 EST BGH46ohv No.148868 Reply
how lnog have you been taking it?
is it opi w/d?
possibly lack of potassium/magnesium/sodium
John Pemmlefutch - Tue, 12 May 2020 16:40:03 EST IcMQrZwa No.148894 Reply
Probably gabapentin withdrawal. Even if you take as prescribed you'll get interoperability withdrawal. Since gabapentin has such an inconsistent BA, sometimes a pill won't even get you unsick if your stomach doesn't have enough acid. If it's possible, get switched to pregabalin.
Frederick Wunnerken - Sun, 17 May 2020 01:56:41 EST GTMiJPet No.148917 Reply
Yeah fuck this shit. I'm going back to just drinking daily instead for a few months instead if I can. I ain't tripping about detoxing for a week or two in the hospital bit fuck these multiple months long withdrawals. I've kicked dope, booze, fuckin CLAM, but thus shit just seems to neve fucking end when u stop. I'd rather be on some hard core ass shit even than keep dealing with the majority of every month ate up detoxing off shit that gives me seizures. Tbh I nver had a problem kicking anything ever til these damn pills. Gabapentin wd is bullshit because it seems to last for fucking ever. I went a whole damn month without and didn't even feel the least bit of relief. I honestly wish I never used these to get off dope cause this shits worse in the long run.

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