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the trap.

- Thu, 02 Jul 2020 01:50:57 EST MaeQHndT No.149306
File: 1593669057560.png -(813303B / 794.24KB, 940x788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. the trap.
what are you guys doing to overcome [ destroy it? Or accept it?
High Strung - Thu, 02 Jul 2020 10:31:46 EST HCKNLCu5 No.149307 Reply
By that do you mean addiction?

I accepted it 7 years ago. But literally every psychiatrist I've had in every city I've ever lived in keeps me on them because they feel they're integral to my mental health/psychiatric drug cocktail.

Also I can go week or two without them. I mean, the first few days I'm super emotional and anxious and an insomniac, but I never have had the serious withdrawals like seizures or whatnot.

And I mean, I'm a teacher with a stable job, I'm a published author, and can do basic day-to-day care and life needs.... so yeah, I've embraced that I'll always be an addict. An extremely functioning and well-adjusted one, but still an addict.
Nell Grimdock - Thu, 02 Jul 2020 15:15:28 EST Q5THi1Bb No.149311 Reply
Are you the dr mario of /benz/ ? Just wait till you get ahold of some percs so you drop that whole well adjusted nonsense.
Frederick Seblingford - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 00:02:28 EST BGH46ohv No.149315 Reply
I just take them regularly at low doses. Abusing them is stupid...take another drug or do something else to get 'high'. Went years without them, lifes better and I'm better person with a little benz. I take a few days off/week, but I usually take diazepam so it lasts long time and skipping a day is no problem. I tried taking them daily and it was hard to go back to skipping days, but it was worth it. After readjusting, i decided personally, its a more positive habit with off days.

Unless you're making fun of the fact that he's a tripfag and usually their lives fall apart publicly, opiates don't destroy everyone... plenty of well adjusted addicts, only difference is good supply and not being OCD powerless to yourself whatever.
Nigel Gecklefuck - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 06:56:12 EST m+X9WnIy No.149317 Reply
You cant do it, neither could I, NO ONE can control the percs.
Edwin Billinggold - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 09:42:28 EST g+KI8pvM No.149318 Reply
You read a lot of medical journals then and study this and there is 100% out of control addiction rate? Or are you projecting from yourself and what you read in some news articles and on the net?

Even if 99% of people get addicted, I wouldn't be a fucking dick and randomly tell everyone they can't do what they claim they are doing.
Edward Webberman - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 14:05:11 EST Q5THi1Bb No.149320 Reply
You're a self serious faggot at no point was I being serious. You need to get that ego stroke from work, or your girl, or friends, not a imageboard, losar.
dr. m - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 14:46:44 EST U5YgnJq6 No.149321 Reply
1593802004096.jpg -(11029B / 10.77KB, 296x362) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bruh have you been stuck in a black hole for at least 3 years? AT BEST that post partially reflects a pre-2017 me. You won't find me shit talking High Strung, but I don't appreciate the comparison for several reasons, one being we're two different people with two very different and distinct sets of issues.

I've publicly accepted that I'm a slave to addiction when actively using, or that eventually it was enslave me again whether it takes a week or years, and that excessive drug use (my choices to initiate their use aside) was at least 51%+ of the equation to deteriorating my mental health, social relationships, and life outcomes.

However, your post brings up a worthy discussion. Are you guys firmly in the "nobody makes it out eventually" camp of eventual mental addiction, or do you guys truly believe some measurable portion of more-than-casual "hard" drug users (stims,benzos,opis, maybe booze, GBL/barbs/hard downers etc.) can actually keep it all together forever?

I kept it together perfectly and used opioid just twice a month on the dot without generally any fuck ups in my addiction or my external life...for ~7-8 years...until I didn't.

>the trap, did I overcome, "destroy," or accept the trap?

I try to accept it. The only drug class that was fully capable of "taking the wheel" from me was opioids, though I acknowledge that benzos and possibly non-booze hard GABAergics (GHB analogs, maybe 2m2b, barbs, etc.) have above a 50% chance of also being able to "accomplish" the some revocation of real personal autonomy in terms of "free" choice. So I've been on bupe for 2 years now, at least ~1.5 years consistently without any relapses/conscious decisions to use either kratom or a full agonist opioid.

Meanwhile I try to keep my benzo use reigned in via access and reason of use-related mechanisms that I'd prefer not to discuss publicly. As for my daily stim script, I used it 95% to the letter for about a year until I haven't for 6 months now. This time my 3 month script "only" ran out exactly 2 weeks short, and for now I've chosen not to pick it up for almost another week now because I want to try to remember what non-tweaked-out me is like.

>percs will steal your soul
for me, percs/vikes weren't enough to do it for several reasons (at least at street prices and only very very limited legal script supply). It took ridiculously strong 500-1000mg morphine per lb PST and the occasional PPT/dilaudid to do me in.

>maybe you're really referring to pre-2017 or maybe pre-2018 me and haven't been around lately

If that's true, I wouldn't mind a general comparison once you come across more of my posts. I was indeed 100% one of those "I can chip forever people if there's no other major stressors" people.
Edward Webberman - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 15:18:23 EST Q5THi1Bb No.149322 Reply
>Bruh have you been stuck in a black hole for at least 3 years? AT BEST that post partially reflects a pre-2017 me.

I loved that, seriously. Im gonna continuing reading forwards but I just wanted you to know that. Never change dear schizo.
Edward Webberman - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 15:20:38 EST Q5THi1Bb No.149323 Reply
> You won't find me shit talking High Strung, but I don't appreciate the comparison for several reasons, one being we're two different people with two very different and distinct sets of issues.

OOOOOO the plot thickens nb.
m - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 17:38:04 EST U5YgnJq6 No.149325 Reply
I've never been schizo, more like unspecified bi-polar-esque. Schizos see and hear shit that isn't real. I've never been bestowed the mystical gift of tripping on life like those modern day Shamans.

But really, how long have you been away? My "everything is fine on the outside" phase ended in like late '16 to late '17, unless you misinterpreted a more recent post where I act like things are manageable...they're manageable largely because I'm stabilized on a medium dose of bupe.

David Blythelock - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 20:49:41 EST 7eVUah6R No.149327 Reply
1593823781668.jpg -(24079B / 23.51KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have a 10 prescribed year habit and I think I might be BPD but I don't actually want to find out. I'm kind of willing to just burn out and die at 30 at this point.
Brain - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 02:17:10 EST XNzbXQoI No.149328 Reply
Just ignore this crap M. You don't need to justify shit to a random anon on the net.
George Nickledock - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 22:21:22 EST BGH46ohv No.149335 Reply
Schizo personalities don't necessarily hallucinate or act crazy/deranged. It's like an emotional/libido thing. And unlike bpd, isn't necessarily forever.
Idk if it applies/applied to you. Possible that it did.

He who controls the percs controls the universe.

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