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My psichiatrist told me Clonazepam is Shit

- Wed, 25 May 2022 12:29:50 EST gONcXSBl No.153293
File: 1653496190336.png -(267822B / 261.54KB, 570x534) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. My psichiatrist told me Clonazepam is Shit
Clonazepam, Benzo makes me feel so good, because it throws away my bad thoughts, makes me feel easy and escape from the everyday. I got extremely eager, end felt like my body without it would collapse. Every doctor before him prescribed this shit, but, it seems like some of them don't even perceive how important it is for some people. What do you think?
m - Thu, 26 May 2022 11:14:38 EST G+wBcmoD No.153295 Reply
>psych told me it's shit

Could you perhaps use more precise language? I highly doubt they meant its not effective. They probably meant its bad for you, or think it's not helpful long-term daily use. Maybe that's true, but arguably not for people already dependent on it.
Augustus Huddlekock - Fri, 27 May 2022 19:21:50 EST eagALLeH No.153298 Reply
So 2mg tablets? How often do you take them?
I dont think long term benzo use is wise at all and is rarely medically justifiable (end of life, people with refraqctory epilepsy)

After horrific PTSD I can say that after over 5 years, no tablet has actually made me any stronger. Making me weaker though? Yeah probably, but definately not any stronger.

Yeh benzos get rid of bad thoughts for me too, they help me sleep when i often cant sleep and have traumatic nightmares, when I get really badly triggered - yeh a benzo relieves those symptoms. It doesnt get rid of the problem and it doesnt mean these things wont happen to me again.

What it does it make my entire life revolve around fucking tranquilisers and I regret being put on them for too long period of a time and with no tapering.

Youre maybe going to have to learn to deal with the bad thoughts or at least face them, and also face the fact that you cannot escape from the everyday "escaping from the everyday" sounds like dangerous escapism where you just wont be part of reality anymore. Why the fuck would you want that? Im asking as someone who does, and its not a good thing, it really is not, youre only going to make yourself retarded and your life revolve around fucking tranquilisers.

Sorry man I mean if you can get some and keep them for a rainy day then all the power to you, why not just keep some incase you need them? But its unsustainable and shit for your intellegence and nervous system.

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