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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Concerning drug abuse and hrt

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- Thu, 13 Sep 2018 15:15:23 EST UtiCFAgT No.405703
File: 1536866123505.jpg -(82474B / 80.54KB, 760x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Concerning drug abuse and hrt
I used to be an opiate addict, been clean for over a year now, but I still take benzodiazepines almost everyday. Is it safe to start hrt whilst taking benzos?
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Archie Honeyford - Tue, 18 Sep 2018 20:02:15 EST Db+lNIG+ No.405709 Reply
Yes, it is fine.

I take diazepam (valium) twice a day - every day - prescribed. My estrogen levels and transition have gone fine.

I'm even on lamictal - which is a mood stabilizer which has this weird relationship with estrogen. Estrogen lowers levels of it, and it lowers levels of estrogen. Yet, my levels are fine, because my docs keep my dose at a good level, and the effect is so minor given trans HRT doses, that it really doesn't matter.

But it does to shit like make female birth control not work - but they take much lower doses than we do. So it doesn't take much to make some people's birth control fail.
ihatethejews_jknotreally - Wed, 19 Sep 2018 18:07:17 EST dszduwuG No.405715 Reply

what opiates? i was on h for 4 years, it really fucked me up big time. in fact it fucked everything up big time. which is why it was addicting

how did you manage to consume opiates and also be trans? heroind really fucked it up for me with a couple of doctors and surgery appointments, which is pretty fuckin tragic

hrt and heroin was the worst combination. not coz it was dangerous but it felt awful.... and the whore moans starting doing the opposite of what they were supposed to do. some real david cronenberg shit yo
Nell Fanspear - Thu, 19 Sep 2019 13:14:26 EST osA1MrQo No.406593 Reply
1568913266147.jpg -(63770B / 62.28KB, 640x827) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you'll be fine op
I binged heroin for like a month straight and had no problems other than the stuff that comes with opi abuse. post orchi me and my gf blew through so many benzos and our pain pills, it was fun. If you're going to use opi just do it in bursts and take a few month break inbetween doses if you are taking the stronger opiates like heroin(weaker opiates like hydrocodone are fine to abuse for like a week with no withdrawal). Otherwise the withdrawals suck dick, the night sweats and hot flashes being the worst

benzos dont really have too much of a withdrawal in my experience other than slightly more difficulty falling asleep YMMV tho

gender enthusiasm chat

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- Mon, 27 May 2019 02:49:43 EST 6MEUPtsb No.406168
File: 1558939783698.png -(464188B / 453.31KB, 1000x707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. gender enthusiasm chat
old fags should join our forsaken chat: https://discord.gg/KNzz9Wk

promo code darktrap
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William Greenridge - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 07:04:09 EST LO+3pyFA No.406257 Reply
is there a discord chat for /TG/ ?

please provide link :)
Hedda Grimlock - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 19:37:11 EST VXOdpzl8 No.406258 Reply
fyi all discord links are cat planeted to the 420chan one

i've met a lot of nice people on The Hideway though, but it's pretty slow tho

1 year HRT finally got the girly butt I allways wanted

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- Sun, 25 Aug 2019 20:05:45 EST HbingCKL No.406476
File: 1566777945755.jpg -(1129602B / 1.08MB, 718x944) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1 year HRT finally got the girly butt I allways wanted
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Charlotte Pickridge - Thu, 29 Aug 2019 13:02:30 EST OYPvqacA No.406535 Reply
1567098150796.jpg -(34442B / 33.63KB, 531x403) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd love to fuck your ass slowly. Letting you feel my throbbing cock inside you, stretching you out. Having you feel the blood pump my cock inside you as I cum. Making you slowly push the cum out and letting it drip down your balls. Then taking you to Popeyes and getting that new chicken Sandwich.
James Hankinham - Tue, 17 Sep 2019 17:02:28 EST HK1y3juj No.406591 Reply
you look like billie eilish. post more pls. I'll be back to this post a few times.

Favorite Transgender Celebrity

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- Sun, 23 Jun 2019 18:33:23 EST d/OadiYT No.406221
File: 1561329203219.jpg -(240099B / 234.47KB, 1067x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Favorite Transgender Celebrity
Who is your favorite famous or internet-famous person who is trans?

pic unrelated
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Caroline Fonnerhall - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 05:13:29 EST qWEqRkll No.406556 Reply
Uncle Ghastly
Roberta Riot
Karen Dior
Parinya Kiatbusaba
Lana Luster
Ruby Navarro
Summer St. Cerly
Raven Shaddows
Pete Burns
Vaughn Bode
K.J. Siirila
Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont
Henry Demblebury - Sat, 07 Sep 2019 19:41:31 EST 31r/BKcO No.406571 Reply
I thought you were taking the piss with that last one but thats actually pretty neat, kind of a pointless game retconing historical figures as queer though, theyre so far removed from our time it just doesn't make sense

transgender God/Goddess

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- Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:59:59 EST qOfMhVAg No.406459
File: 1566485999494.jpg -(83367B / 81.41KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. transgender God/Goddess
who is the God/Goddess of the transgenders? who do transgenders pray to? is it Shiva?
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Nicholas Smallshit - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 14:50:57 EST xqXKJI87 No.406587 Reply
>cancer changes people so they should just drop dead FUCK MEDICINE
This is why hippies need to be banned.
Shitting Clonninghit - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 05:20:41 EST g/Bx05E8 No.406588 Reply
I have...literally no idea how you interpreted it that way. You're probably being facetious or something but I'm too dumb to notice

Also, you've correctly guessed that I'm a hippie but I take like 17 prescription meds a day lol

Jazz Jennings Joins The Dilation Nation TODAY!

Banned View Thread Reply
- Tue, 26 Jun 2018 17:07:53 EST VdT4yYM6 No.405396
File: 1530047273470.jpg -(17733B / 17.32KB, 320x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Jazz Jennings Joins The Dilation Nation TODAY!
Today is the big day. The tiny pee pee is being chopped off and in its place will be a fake pussy that must be dilated with a medical dildo every day or it will close like a wound!


> Another added complication: Jazz is going to have a slightly “different procedure” than typical gender confirmation surgeries. Jazz started using hormone blockers at age 11, according to the Daily Mail, and so never went through puberty. The blocker, she explains, is an implant in her arm that blocks testosterone in her body so she doesn’t develop male characteristics, like facial hair and a deep voice.

> However, while it helped keep her feminine, she says, the "blocker" hindered the growth of her penis, so there’s not enough tissue to construct her vagina. The new “experimental” procedure, she says, involves extracting her peritoneal lining (a thin membrane that surrounds the stomach, Jazz explains) to build the vaginal canal. Jazz adds that this creates more realistic vaginal tissue.

15 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Lillian Snodham - Sat, 30 Jun 2018 23:21:00 EST HLF306ky No.405427 Reply
I'm talking a genetic female with a clitoris that was shall we say, proud in panties. As in protruding.
Rebecca Clarringfare - Mon, 09 Sep 2019 12:20:20 EST 0tZJDs98 No.406579 Reply
Hoping jazz new vagina is as beautifull as the rest of her.
Cornelius Billyfag - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 01:53:11 EST VXOdpzl8 No.406586 Reply
lol i didn't start until after puberty but i still have this same issue getting just the inversion surgery, which I mean I'm glad I turned out the way I did because whew that would've been embarrassing, now it's a plus, but both kinds of surgeries are still really experimental and not really at all necessary

Passing / Presenting Tips for an Absolute Retard

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- Tue, 16 Jul 2019 03:58:36 EST zoklygxc No.406260
File: 1563263916689.png -(253167B / 247.23KB, 549x294) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Passing / Presenting Tips for an Absolute Retard
I have no idea where to start when it comes to passing. I am currently on estradiol and recently went back on spironolactone after that one year hiatus. I also switched my larger once-a-week patches that used to fall off for the smaller ones with better adhesives that are twice-a-week. I yearn to start passing and presenting. A friend of mine told me that nobody is going to pass over night so it's better to just start presenting while learning what works and what doesn't. But I'm too much of a pussy to do that. I feel like a helpless child in more ways than just this. I have no idea where to start with vocal training as everybody I asked for help either way my voice is "already there," but there are still those who say it's too masculine. I know it's within the overlap between masculine and feminine pitches though. It just has to be.

How do you handle passing and presenting? Where do you start?

I'm such a failure in life.
60 posts and 10 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Hamilton Sottinglune - Tue, 10 Sep 2019 09:43:39 EST qWEqRkll No.406582 Reply
Am I enthusiastic for trying to inject practical advice into a blatant hug-fishing thread? I do this a lot, then I get salty no-one acknowledges me.
Phyllis Funkinforth - Tue, 10 Sep 2019 20:08:17 EST 7YBzjNEh No.406583 Reply
>practical advice is posting a sexist 60s guide to "female impersonation" (gee I wonder where I've heard that term before).

Transbian are the future

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- Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:52:49 EST HSOPbvkg No.406226
File: 1561456369432.png -(2115B / 2.07KB, 1000x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Transbian are the future
transbians are the future

Transition is easy you just need to take hrt.
Diane 35 for instant its dirt cheap and strong.

We are Enhanced males we alter our phenotype to the ones of girls.We have the intelligence and perks of males.
We are the apex of male evolution.
If you are transbian and want to talk too like minded people feel free to join our chat on XMPP: trans@muc.snopyta.org
33 posts and 16 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Fucking Bedgenat - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 16:43:39 EST VXOdpzl8 No.406559 Reply
I havent followed him in a while, has pretending to be trans finally netted him a boyfriend free girl?
Samuel Nudgeden - Tue, 10 Sep 2019 01:03:50 EST zoklygxc No.406580 Reply
> Transsexualism is not a feeling and not about “identifying as a woman”.
I don't think I would be able to participate since it seems as if this is a boys-only club and I identify as a girl, so...


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- Sun, 25 Aug 2019 09:19:36 EST mU1GYExV No.406475
File: 1566739176288.jpg -(41834B / 40.85KB, 700x466) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Progesterone
What is seedys opinion on progesterone and transition. I really need to know once and for all. The information I've been reading is all over the place.
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Barnaby Subberwater - Wed, 28 Aug 2019 02:50:35 EST 0Q1YnMAX No.406525 Reply
For me, progesterone made me feel awesome and horny (which I know is contrary to what I have read online about the effects of progesterone, but I still felt it), but it also made me gain weight more easily, so I quit it.
Barnaby Subberwater - Wed, 28 Aug 2019 03:31:26 EST 0Q1YnMAX No.406526 Reply
As in, I gained like 10 pounds in a couple months without changing my eating habits.

I started taking it after 3 years on E alone so I can't speak to its supposed breast rounding powers, but I will say i have pretty round tits without progesterone having an effect on them (i wound up with like c cup tits).

when i asked my new doctor who ended up prescribing it to me about progesterone, she was basically just like, yeah you don't really need it but if you wanna try it i'll prescribe it, so I gave it a shot. my doctor before her wouldn't prescribe it to me, even though i wanted to try it.

in the end I would say, you mileage will vary. i know lots of people have had success with it (either mood wise or whatever), lots don't notice a change, and lots feel worse from it. so maybe give it a try, but it's not that big of a deal one way or the other.
Nathaniel Brullyspear - Sat, 07 Sep 2019 02:33:50 EST zoklygxc No.406566 Reply
Should I try it? I asked my endocrinologist AND the doctor that I saw from the LGBT Center of Los Angeles. I am now just awaiting a response from them both. The old endocrinologist that my new one replaced just told me that it was only if I had a menstrual cycle. lol


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- Tue, 21 Feb 2017 22:49:58 EST W33OzG35 No.402297
File: 1487735398384.png -(963405B / 940.83KB, 994x828) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Detransitioned?
Have you detransitioned and still browse this board?
Whats your story?

I guess if you have considered detransitioning but kept up with transitioning i'd love to hear your story too.
87 posts and 15 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Samuel Claygold - Tue, 03 Sep 2019 02:45:28 EST 8LUYy4HT No.406549 Reply


Oh noes my skull is too big, I'll just never go outside again
Archie Himbleson - Tue, 03 Sep 2019 19:32:22 EST VXOdpzl8 No.406550 Reply

also holy shit your id was so close to having SLUT in it what a shame
Archie Himbleson - Tue, 03 Sep 2019 19:32:51 EST VXOdpzl8 No.406551 Reply
shit nvm i'm blind cause i'm on a lot of drugs rn, still wouldve been funny

tips for reducing dysphoria beyond changing physically

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- Sun, 11 Aug 2019 14:12:15 EST fRgBxA0y No.406358
File: 1565547135064.gif -(657169B / 641.77KB, 236x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. tips for reducing dysphoria beyond changing physically

Self-acceptance advice specific to trans people?
6 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Charlotte Cribblepurk - Tue, 27 Aug 2019 17:40:18 EST O4q9bvm7 No.406513 Reply
What worked best for me is getting rid of mirrors and avoiding my own reflection. I got a VR set, they make me kinda nauseous but it's better than self hatred. I don't use it as much but it helped and I only used a 1070, they're also fun and a good time waster when you're waiting for your hormones to kick in.

Opinions About Sonic the Sissyhog?

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- Mon, 11 Dec 2017 21:03:41 EST mqt5dlDB No.404491
File: 1513044221785.jpg -(253920B / 247.97KB, 1070x1289) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Opinions About Sonic the Sissyhog?



8 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
srs_intellectual - Fri, 17 May 2019 23:37:13 EST yxVOZXNO No.406125 Reply
1558150633572.jpg -(120666B / 117.84KB, 397x594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
what is this bullsh*t on my /cd/

btw i just read a book for the first time in my life and it told me stuff

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