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- Wed, 24 Apr 2019 17:03:38 EST wdCbt3oQ No.406039
File: 1556139818115.jpg -(35450B / 34.62KB, 540x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Passing
Can i pass
Loli Escher - Wed, 24 Apr 2019 17:14:03 EST wdCbt3oQ No.406040 Reply
Criticizive comments only, what can i do to make myself pass super well, cute things one can do and so forth thread
Edward Duckforth - Wed, 24 Apr 2019 18:44:21 EST sjrkzAxe No.406041 Reply
learn more about makeup, let your hair grow out a bit, and don't dress like a pornstar.
Reuben Brooklock - Thu, 25 Apr 2019 14:55:49 EST KtqZatlY No.406044 Reply
I'm going to be completely honest with you.

You pass more than most people here, but you still just look like a guy. With a ton of makeup, a huge wig and some other bells and whistles you can look like a girl while you're still young. But you won't ever look like a girl in normal, everyday life. When you go to Wal-mart, you can't be so dolled up that you just look like a drag queen all the time. I'm telling you this for your own good - just be a gay crossdresser. You get all the perks of being "trans" without any of the drawbacks. You don't have to take stupid pills, which quite possibly are bad for your heart. You won't have to join a group of liars that kill themselves at a rate of 42%, which is incredible and terrifying. The reason I call trans people liars, and ofc I don't mean all of them, is that they tell each other they pass when they very clearly do not. It's just lies all the way down, I used to be in a trans discord and go to a trans forum and it was just straight up lies. The entire time. It was very sad, that's all I really know to say.
User is currently banned from all boards
Phoebe Huffingfoot - Thu, 25 Apr 2019 16:10:04 EST sjrkzAxe No.406045 Reply
are you still preaching that "just crossdress" philosophy? I mean hey if it works for you that's great and yes there would be a lot less drawbacks to crossdressing than transitioning but it really only works if you just like dressing like a girl. funny enough gender dysphoria exists and the fact that it's seen as offensive to call it a mental disorder is fucking hilarious. sometimes dressing up just isn't enough; you need to fill the role of the preferred gender for that horrible surreal queasy feeling to go away. yes it's not a perfect solution and you WILL face harassment but trust me I've tried many therapies and meditations to try to get me to accept my biology but the only thing that doesn't make me feel like I'm lying to myself is transitioning and until there is a better solution that is just how it's going to have to be I guess.
Walter Nidgesut - Thu, 25 Apr 2019 18:52:40 EST qvvMo5m0 No.406046 Reply
OP you'll be fine. Makeup, feminine hair, feminine clothes. Clothes and finding what fits and what is suitable for a person of your age is mega important. Obviously voice as well, get training with that super early.
I either pass well enough that people don't know or I'm in an unbelievably progressive place despite me living here my entire life and it not being the case whatsoever, and I started at a more "masculine" point than OP. I don't wear heavy makeup, I wear eyeliner and sometimes foundation.
I'm not going to say there isn't health drawbacks to medication, but taking those "stupid pills" were the best choice I ever made.

I wouldn't have been comfortable as a "gay crossdresser". I'm bi for one, and two I never had pleasure dressing up in women's clothes. I liked well fitting ones, and it was an amazing experience when I first wore something that fitted me nicely and accentuated my more feminine parts, but for me they're bits of fabric to hide your shame. I just chose women's clothes because it is a visual indicator to how I want to be seen.

Hell I'm comfortable at this point to not care about buying mens clothes every now and then. Men's jeans have real pockets, and sometimes I want a big baggie hoodie that doesn't cinch at the waist or have tight sleeves.

>The reason I call trans people liars, and ofc I don't mean all of them, is that they tell each other they pass when they very clearly do not.
people have different criteria for "Passing". Some people think passing means "attractive", there's so many trans girls that are just kinda ugly as girls but still androgynous. Also while I disagree with a complete hugbox mentality, for people in fragile states, sometimes some encouraging words are needed. A (good) parent isn't gonna console their crying kid that got an F on their test by saying "you're a fucking moron and you'll never be smart"
Hamilton Creggleditch - Sun, 28 Apr 2019 00:46:39 EST KtqZatlY No.406048 Reply

>fucking hilarious

No, the only thing that is hilarious is an absurd type of humor. It's a dark feelings of "how do people get this lost in their own bullshit". And btw, I am the same guy, and I'll keep posting here until I get bored. I have nothing against you and nothing to gain, just want to remind you of the real world.. :/
User is currently banned from all boards
Sidney Gingershit - Mon, 06 May 2019 00:30:10 EST KtqZatlY No.406096 Reply

I honestly thought about even replying to this, but overall there's no reason not to. I don't have anything against you or any trans people, in fact I can relate quite a lot being a gay crossdresser. I'm just saying you need to consider your life path.. and I'm saying it online, anonymously. I'm not calling you out. I'm trying to help you.
Isabella Shittingwater - Mon, 06 May 2019 15:42:28 EST 0hCQ4f6e No.406097 Reply
keep letting me feed the mods more report fodder
John Benderstone - Tue, 07 May 2019 03:45:57 EST I2roW9of No.406099 Reply
1557215157814.jpg -(153038B / 149.45KB, 603x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
May you pass, dear.

Yes, you may, but finish your vegetables first.
Ebenezer Pollyshit - Tue, 14 May 2019 19:47:13 EST t3iW9JL9 No.406114 Reply

Well, the man himself responded to me so I guess I'll peace out. It's been fun, 420chan.

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