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Butt & Other Implants

- Tue, 07 Apr 2020 00:05:42 EST IwYMhDET No.407222
File: 1586232342337.jpg -(401706B / 392.29KB, 1080x1108) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Butt & Other Implants
Sup seedy,

Do you have any anecdotes/ first-hand/ second-hand experience with butt, hip, or even breast implants? Did you or a friend get them and how are they? How did everything go?

I did some face things and srs, now I am considering butt/ hip/ breast enchantment, but I'm a bit borderline. I have basically no figure (36B = bwh 38-30-36) but look alright dressed. It just doesn't seem natural to me because I didn't have much of a chance to get actual curves and proportions.

I can't wear certain things, I'll never be able to wear a proper swimsuit, not comfortable showing myself naked or in underwear, I won't be properly comfortable with my current proportions. I am 32 (started at 25) so I want to enjoy the rest of my 30s and feel attractive and confident again. These are normal woman insecurities, though being trans exacerbates them.

But what I worry is that implants won't do enough or will be obvious/ bad or hard to deal with. I don't want a perfect model body/ kardashian ass or anything, just something more proportioned to the rest of me.

It's weird that /r/asktransgender used to be really popular when I started, but it has declined in quality so much. There are almost no threads about implants at all even though that's the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world, and the threads that do exist are just questions with no answers. Do trans women just not care about getting implants? Or are we all focused too much on kawaii vuvus and man rolls to think about spending precious neetbux on implants?
Cornelius Dungersodge - Tue, 07 Apr 2020 10:24:00 EST IwYMhDET No.407224 Reply
what is this weirdass link? I ain't clickin that shit.
Charles Hishdock - Sat, 09 May 2020 06:02:50 EST 0Q1YnMAX No.407303 Reply
hi op. i got breast implants totally paid for by my insurance. feels good.

it was honestly a rollercoaster of emotions. i was pretty sure i wanted them, and about a week after i got them, i was in the depths of depression and was convinced i wanted them removed from my body. i was in pain, my tits felt like they were going to explode, and my body looked different from what i was used to. i felt fine after another week, and now i like them and forget they are there a lot. still regaining sensitivity in one of my nipples, so that kind of sucks, but whatever, they look awesome and make me feel better about myself. this is all kinda common with cosmetic surgery, so since you had some before you're probably aware of how you specifically will react.

anyway, things specific to transwomen and implants that you can't just google.

since you started at 25, your tits are probably far apart. mine were too. they can't really do anything about that; they can put the implants closer together, but then your nips are more lateral. they can do that and surgically move the nip, but you get horrible scarring, it looks super weird, and you will lose all feeling in your nips. so, you just kind of have to accept that your boobs will stay far apart. if you can manage to give yourself some cleavage now with a push up bra, you will be fine. for me, the placing of the implants makes them look super natural, and yeah they're far apart, but not so far that they look weird.

the more breast tissue you already have, the better your outcome in terms of retaining sensation and looking natural. i was like a b and went up to a d, so it wasn't a radical change for me. i have great feeling in one of my nips and they look super natural. so if you are flat now, they will look super fake. also, the liquid implants look way more natural than the gel ones, but the gel ones don't sag as much. and, i'll add, regardless of which type of implant you get, they will look fake for at least the first few months. they don't start settling in completely for about a year tops.

as far as curves, i was blessed with nice hips and an amazing ass, and my fat distributes really well so my thighs look awesome. this was even before hrt. i got implants because, well, i'm 6 feet tall, and with my amazing ass and big height, i looked weird with only a b cup, so i got implants to make my proportions more even. worked very well, i'd say. they look great, and where i rarely got misgendered before, it never happens now.

for me, the biggest negatives are:
  • lack of sensation in my left breast (this is still coming back, i'm 6 months out) and loss of sensation in my right one (it's mostly back). i
  • having what really are strange foreign bodies in my chest. most of the time, i forget i have them, but if someone squeezes my tits it feels like... like i'm wearing a vest with water balloons in the chest area.
  • stretch marks. liberal application of moisturizer should be used if you get implants. i wasn't as diligent as i should have been. fortunately for me, stretch marks on my body always fade to being nearly invisible, so i normally don't worry too much about them. but, when i first got the implants, my tits were so red and covered in stretch marks that they looked awful.
  • wearing a bra. i think most women agree that bras are like prisons for your tits. before i could get away with not wearing a bra and almost no one would know. now i cannot. it's very obvious. having not grown up wearing bras and not being used to them, i don't like wearing a bra, they're very restricting. so now i actually have to choose between comfort and acceptability/looking nice.

other than that, i'm very happy with them. if i ever need to get them replaced, i think i might go down in size a bit, but i'm super, super happy with them. they look amazing.
Simon Peshmit - Sat, 27 Jun 2020 00:43:13 EST EJYrbROe No.407387 Reply
thanks anon. I know I'm late in responding, but that's all nice to know.

I just scheduled my surgery this past week for november. I did two consults, both recommended the same thing. silicone breast implants, butt implants, and lipo fat transfer to hips. I went with the doctor who has about 10x the experience with butt implants.

I'm still nervous about it being such a big change that people are going to notice and talk about it behind my back. even though I am doing it in cold weather so I can cover up to an extent. and the pandemic may mean we don't go back to work until after that, that would be great because no one would remember exactly what I looked like before.

nothing is going through insurance even though it might be possible. I don't want to go through that process again though I did it with SRS. My insurance now is even more of a nuisance to deal with, so I'm going about it like a regular woman with insecurities.
Lydia Pizzlesot - Mon, 27 Jul 2020 03:16:54 EST m+aRkf06 No.407468 Reply
Who did you choose and reject? I have pretty much the same nofigure. I am kind of skeptical fat transfer or implants can even do anything for me due to my pelvis shape
Cornelius Blackman - Tue, 11 Aug 2020 15:55:55 EST L6egn6eT No.407494 Reply
He's a smaller doctor in northern Illinois who does a lot of middle-age woman cosmetic stuff. I don't want to mention a name as if I'm saying to avoid him because he did seem competent.

I chose Dr. Shifrin in Chicago because he has a lot of experience and good reviews.

What sucks is that I want to avoid hip implants, so we're going to try fat transfer, but if it doesn't stick then it's $13k for implants. That's almost as much as breast, butt, and hip fat together (16k). I worry I'll end up with a big butt and no hips instead of a proportionate pelvis. But I guess I can always save up for a couple more years.

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