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absolute thinnest gauge needle you can use for estradiol depot injection

- Fri, 10 Apr 2020 10:55:51 EST LKzeRb2X No.407233
File: 1586530551783.jpg -(3280479B / 3.13MB, 3024x2351) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. absolute thinnest gauge needle you can use for estradiol depot injection
I've been doing this for months now with the needles they gave me, and I used to be just fine with it, just leave an ice pack on the spot for a few minutes then bam would barely feel it, and this was surprising since historically I cant stand needles

But recently for some reason it's started to hurt a lot and the quessiness I have aboit the feeling of needles going into my muscle has come back and at this point I can barely psych myself up to do it each week

I know it's incredibly viscous, about the consistency of honey, which I think is why he prescribed such a low gauge but is there anyway just like a regular insulin needle would work? Idk which these ones are, theyre about as thick as a paperclip, I have 4 left of these that Im sure I can get myself to use, i figured out some of it was because they were getting blunted going into the vial so I just swap the same tip onto new syringes, extract it, then swap back in the new one

But still, this used to be something I almost enjoyed, now I can barely get myself to do it, I don't want to go to the patch because it seems annoying and potentially less effective but my doctor also said he was loath to prescribe oral because of the potential health complications, so this is basically my only option
Polly Crambleshit - Fri, 10 Apr 2020 20:21:30 EST DeBmfqVk No.407234 Reply
I'm using 25g for subQ T and that's pretty easy for me, what gauge are you using? also you probably ought to be prescribed separate needles for drawing and injecting
Fuck Smallforth - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 05:44:35 EST g/Bx05E8 No.407235 Reply
1586598275074.jpg -(19205B / 18.75KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Smallest I've ever gone for an IM injection (testosterone, oil base) is 23g. That's annoying for me even, and I usually use 22s and an 18 to draw up with. Maybe you need to change sites? Other things that can affect it
>losing or gaining weight
>scar tissue from overdoing site
>tense muscles (try hot shower or progressive muscle relaxation)

You could try slapping the spot beforehand, too.
Clara Crarrywag - Wed, 15 Apr 2020 14:22:24 EST uM2Yavhv No.407243 Reply
I draw with 18G and inject 23G into my thigh muscle. I also have the queezy problem with needles and it takes me over a minute to psych myself up to do it every time, but I just affirm myself and make sure I know this is my choice, and I have to do what I have to do.
I got no advice to deal with the reaction, though. My blood pressure drops every time I do anything with needles. I nearly vomit and faint every time I inject for this reason, BUT, I have yet to do either.

tl;dr is 23G is the lowest I'd go for this, so tissue damage and ease are min/maxed. I know you have to push really hard sometimes to get it to go in, but that's the price you pay for the simplicity and potentially painless injection. I would recommend deep breathing exercises before and during so you can keep your mind settled while it takes forever to push the meds in.
Fuck Serringpadge - Mon, 20 Apr 2020 07:06:13 EST LKzeRb2X No.407252 Reply
yeah this is the first time it's been actual pain that has primarily put me off

my new solution is to just get fucked up before I do it lol, also not really I just happen to have been drunk the last couple times and it worked a treat, I need to stop cause I've gotten drunk like 5 times since quarantine started and I'm legitimately an alcoholic,

tried smoking before hand once and it totally killed the pain but made the experience of inserting an inch of steel into my leg and pushing down on a plunger with so much resistance it makes my hand shake so that the piece of steel slowly leaks honey into my outer thigh over the course of 10 seconds, uh, untenable. To say the least.
Ernest Clandlebuck - Wed, 22 Apr 2020 23:07:04 EST 2yTDzv2m No.407262 Reply
good lord this is really putting me off switching to injections. What is the advantage of switching to injections over the pill? I'm on the pill currently, for reference.
Fuck Clendleshaw - Thu, 23 Apr 2020 16:55:20 EST LKzeRb2X No.407263 Reply
1587675320482.jpg -(67731B / 66.14KB, 500x327) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
As far as I understand, generally injections have slightly faster results and far fewer health complications in the long term. Taken orally, your body works much harder to process it and over time this can potentially cause problems for certain organs like your liver and kidneys.

I honestly don't know which one gives you more consistent levels over time though, since with the depot injections there seems to be a slight but discernible head change in the day or two following injection. Maybe it's because I'm just starting and/or my dose is a bit high. Obviously you wouldn't want to front load with this just like with TRT or steroids, for pretty much the same reasons. It takes time, front loading doesn't make it go faster, it's worse for your health, and can actually have a paradoxical effect of increasing testosterone production if the dose of your T-blocker isn't high enough.

I was being a bit dramatic with that description of how it was since it's how I felt when I did it really high. I think the biggest mistake I was making was using the same needle to draw as to inject. The past few times I've done it using the same one to draw and a new one to inject it and it's been noticeably easier. It needs a lot less force to break the skin and is way less likely to catch. I guess even breaking the seal on the ampule is enough to blunt it. I still need a slightly thinner gauge. I think the thing that gets me is not being able to stop thinking about it. When someone else shoots you up, you can put all your energy into not thinking about it, but when injecting yourself you pretty much have to be consciously aware of it to some extent, and even without a fear of needles, with such a thick gauge it's something your body very much does not want to let you do to it.
Fanny Wopperstig - Tue, 02 Jun 2020 19:39:52 EST TU5Q4sad No.407352 Reply
I usually use 25G. What you can do is draw with a wider needle and then switch needles and inject with a smaller one.
Clara Wunningsock - Tue, 02 Jun 2020 21:09:10 EST ge4vCY4J No.407353 Reply
if its that viscous, insulin needle will take ages to draw and inject. it sounds thicker than what ive been using by your description of 'honey,' and if thats truly accurate, by god, im sorry. maybe you can be prescribed a different formulation that is thinner?

are you doing IM? because if so, this causes more pain for viscous injections, and may be contributing to the anxiety. you could talk to your endo about doing subQ instead.

there's also apparently a technique that may reduce the chance of you having a bad reaction by preemptively increasing your blood pressure (anxiety from needle sticks are lowering it, contributing to the nausea, etc): https://www.anxietycanada.com/articles/applied-tension-technique-for-people-who-faint-at-the-sight-of-blood-or-needles/
Martha Chengergold - Thu, 04 Jun 2020 11:01:13 EST LUxxkJzH No.407358 Reply
Away from home but thats what I ended up doing, doctor recommended I stay at the same gauge because of the formulation but said just use one for drawing and one for injections, which has worked. Maybe honey is a bit much, closer to maybe syrup, my problem know is theres so much force required to actually inject it and I'm such a weakling that my hand shakes and I end up with a little bruise around the injection site sometimes.

All in all i think it's still what i prefer over oral and transdermal, I hadn't heard there were subcutaneous injections too, i might look into it, also I always assumed there had to be something that would last longer than a week at a time, like an actual tiny device that doses it consistently or something

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