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PF Tek in 125mL jars

- Wed, 19 Aug 2020 21:26:46 EST VvY8/e7F No.147378
File: 1597886806863.png -(762793B / 744.92KB, 663x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. PF Tek in 125mL jars
So basically I'm a dumb fag and bought 1/4 pint jars instead of 1/2 pint jars for growing some B+ in. It's incredibly hard to find yield expectations etc. for this size of jar since everyone else seems to be able to actually read and actually get the right jars. Has anyone had any success with these? I'm not really planning on spawning to bulk or anything, just going to do the fruiting in-jar with a bag over top for keeping humidity in. Should I just use these as pseudo-test runs to get something decent to put on some agar and try again? Maybe nut up and make a monotub? I'm new to this so I figured I'd see what you guys think.
Cornelius Cottingpodge - Sat, 19 Sep 2020 06:23:03 EST XOn5S12g No.147387 Reply
It's your first time, so you're going to fuck everything up. There's no way to know what your yields will be, but your jars do have half the volume as the tek's recommended, so you should expect half as large of a cake, and half as large of a yield per cake. That's just math, dude.

You could continue on just fine, except your cakes have more surface area relative to substrate, so they might be a little harder to keep properly moist.

In your situation, I would colonize the jars, then fruit some of them and use the others to spawn to bulk/monotub.

Grab some spore prints off of a couple of your yields to make new syringes for your next crop.
Wesley Norringville - Thu, 15 Oct 2020 03:40:47 EST JX4E6n5V No.147416 Reply
Basically what this guy said. Quarter pint jars are actually pretty dank since they take less time to colonize, and once the caps grow in you can get pretty much any amount of spore you need going forward
Nigel Davingman - Sun, 18 Oct 2020 14:40:31 EST XOn5S12g No.147419 Reply
You don't need a fancy grow box. Buy a cheap plastic storage container, somewhere in the range of 8 to 14 liters. If you want to do unmodified monotubs, that's fine, you're pretty much set there.
Those grow kits look over-priced. Look for a legal/legitimate "shiitake grow bag/ grow kit" or "portabello grow kit" to get the same stuff cheaper.

These grow kits are just overpriced, pre-packaged stuff, though. If you have a pressure cooker, you can make grow bags out of rice or oats, for literally pennies.

If you're really wanting to skimp, you can buy some packages of Ready Rice (brown rice, unseasoned). Look up the "Uncle Ben's Tek" if you want more info. It's more expensive than making your own bags, cheaper than buying a grow kit, and it's one less sanitary/sterilization step you have to take.
Ralph - Wed, 11 Nov 2020 12:21:20 EST C9qA3ROC No.147452 Reply
Hey man, im also new to all of this but you can check out tatanka.nl shop from witch i just bought some b+ grow kit, and also https://www.trufflemagic.com but i feel a bit sketchy about this site, and to buy you need to pay with bitcoins. if i will recieve my grow kit unharmed i will tell you

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