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- Tue, 14 Aug 2018 19:43:41 EST UzFCRvTE No.156915
File: 1534290221265.jpg -(127997B / 125.00KB, 1920x1438) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. when2datura
at which point in life one decides to do datura? if so how is it? would you mind sharing any experience?

the worst bad trip i had was on synthetic marijuana (jamaican gold extreme). actually i was the only one in our clique who was able to get through the entire trip without a fuss, others would mostly throw up. anyway, i remember the usual time loop thing where the same thing happens over and over and over and over again and you are doing stupid stuff like "last time i picked up the cigarette instead of the bottle, this time i should just choose the bottle see what happens. maybe that's the only way to break the cycle and set myself free". i guess that should be just child's play compared to deliriants.
Barnaby Duckgold - Wed, 15 Aug 2018 00:04:04 EST tb2mR7vW No.156917 Reply
Deliriants don't tend to have as much mind-fuck as psychedelics. Partially due to your short term memory being shot, it's hard to remember coherently you are in a loop. Also nothing feels particularly significant (Except the impending doom feeling), so it's not like you'll feel some cosmic need to do something. There is some general fear since it really is like seeing horror-movie scenes IRL. Actually one of the worst effects is the restless leg syndrome, it's amazing how miserable that can be when it goes for hours.

From my experience (Although I've not tried datura in significant amounts) bad psych trips are worse than bad deli trips (As if there are any other type) mentally. If you go too high on del you tend to black out, and the real risk is physical damage or doing something stupid that lands you in a jail/hospital.

If you've not tried deliriants yet datura is really not the place to start. It lasts days and notoriously hard to dose. DPH is safer and shorter acting, although still nothing to underestimate.
Jarvis Desslefield - Wed, 15 Aug 2018 03:43:41 EST 2SdP28BO No.156918 Reply
When to datura? When you feel mentally sound, when you are VERY experienced with other deli's, when you are over 25 years old, when you have a sitter, when you dont have to stay outside (against your will) for the (main) trip

How is it? Its nothing like JWH class of synthetic cannabinoids, it is a big mistake to compare them with datura. Maybe increased heartbeat rate would be a similarity. Datura takes over your mind, you will think the hallucinations are real. You can talk with dead people, or people you've lost contact with. You can black out and find out you did stupid stuff in that time. And when the datura jitters kick in man... extreme depersonalization and visual distortions. You really dont want to fall in a bad trip with datura I can't stress this enough.

Experiences? I won't share sorry, I don't want to encourage anyone to try. Lady Nightshade scared me like nothing else in my life.

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