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- Thu, 07 Mar 2019 00:01:08 EST 8I+3hemf No.157501
File: 1551934868360.jpg -(42421B / 41.43KB, 500x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. antihistamines
Are all antihistamines able to be taken like dph and cause a trip or only dph?
Cornelius Wemmerped - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 13:01:36 EST x4vn+vs6 No.157504 Reply
some of them, as long as they are anticholinergic, but there are some exceptions. doxylamine, for example, has a lot of similarities to DPH because it is another potent anticholinergic, so that'd be one (this one can be a lot more damaging about ~200mg so it's really not worth it). chlorphenamine is an H1 antihistamine which is a little different somehow (not sure exactly how tbh), you can't really trip on it but it will provide some similar bodily feelings to DPH (speaking from personal experience, i would not try to use this one recreationally if i were you). mirtazapine is another H1 antihistamine that i used to have a script for and although it works alot differently than DPH, it can provide visuals similar to DPH or ambien. the first few times i took mirtazapine i would have really vivid hallucinations but it lost its "magic" fairly quickly for me. out of all the other antihistamines i've tried, mirtazapine gave me the most intense visuals. i would see colorful hieroglyphs on my walls, bubbles in my bed, my entire wall fill up with sparkles and then suddenly vanish. the first time i took it i closed my eyes and started to get transported to different landscapes DPH style but without the shitty poisonous feeling bodily effects. it was really interesting but the drug is incredibly sedating in an uncomfortable way, not in a pleasant benzo/opiate type way. benzydamine is another one but i've never tried that one.
CrazyFolksTribe !owU3wSU682 - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 16:56:28 EST z1hONBnP No.157506 Reply
1551995788484.jpg -(1001208B / 977.74KB, 2472x3296) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Nope. I think most antihistamines don't have significant /del/ effects, and many of the ones that can be used as deliriants require a dose MUCH higher than what anyone would take for allergies or sleep, even if they had a large tolerance.

I've tried tripping on some antihistamines/anticholinergics besides DPH, and promethazine is the closest one I've found so far. 150mg of promethazine gave me a body load and fap enhancement just like DPH, and I was seeing grainy/linear shifting textures on the walls and smoke in the air. Doxylamine is also kind of visual but doesn't improve fapping as much as DPH or promethazine, IMO.

Not all anticholinergic drugs make good deliriants either. For example, brompheniramine and chlorpheniramine are both said to be anticholinergic, but I've taken high doses of both, and IMO they feel more like SSRI antidepressants than deliriants or antihistamines. Scopolamine is another one I've tried a few times but haven't really tripped on. Scopolamine's effects seem to be mainly physical (intense drymouth, clammy skin, pupil dilation), contrary to what I've read about it online.
Martin Tillingbanks - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 23:13:45 EST 9c5vNuxT No.157509 Reply
1552018425733.jpg -(273919B / 267.50KB, 650x377) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I would love to see CrazyFolksTribe's image folder. Every post is accompanied by some weird ass picture.
Frederick Duckdale - Thu, 07 Mar 2019 23:35:13 EST x4vn+vs6 No.157510 Reply
that's because chlorpheniramine has incredibly weak anticholinergic activity. it primarily acts on the H1 histamine receptor so that's why it feels like an antidepressant. it doesnt have enough anticholinergic activity to provide noticeable deliriant effects.
you can trip hard on plants containing scopolamine like datura or atropa belladonna. just because you didn't trip off it doesnt mean that other people can't. like just look through erowid and shit there are countless stories of people losing their fucking minds, ending up in the hospital, hallucinating spirits and insects and witches and shit. i haven't tried it personally but do your research and take into account what other people have experienced. "Scopolamines effects seem to be mainly physical (intense drymouth, clammy skin, pupil dilation)" this is a sign that you took enough to feel the initial effects, but not enough to break through into delirium territory. like seriously doesn't everyone know about datura and how potent of a hallucinogen it can be?
Sidney Fanderback - Sun, 10 Mar 2019 01:13:03 EST 5tQNrg8G No.157520 Reply
i remember finding a study a while back that stated CPM was roughly 1/4th as potent of an anticholinergic as DPH. it definitely acts more as an antihistamine and even an SNRI than an anticholinergic, but i do remember once or twice taking a 3oz bottle of delsym/dxm poli with two packs of triple c's and experiencing the kinds of hallucinations that only an anticholinergic can provide, albeit far less dysphoric than DPH or DPH and DXM, and a fair degree more psychedelic in nature. As a matter of fact, it was euphoric rather than dysphoric.

That said, at the time I had and honestly still have a megatolerance to DXM and had a bit of a tolerance to antihistamine anticholinergics like DPH and CPM. Taking two boxes of triple c's, iirc 128mg CPM and something like 960mg DXM, along with ~540mg DXM or whatever it is on top of that can be incredibly dangerous for anybody that doesn't have that level of tolerance, so I wouldn't recommend pursuing such an experience.
Graham Fuckingshaw - Mon, 11 Mar 2019 19:55:26 EST ZMWT9Fua No.157526 Reply
I've tripped off of Scopolamine via tablets. You're tripping hard as fuck lowkey you just dont seem to realise (short term memory loss, etc). Its less lucid than DPH. For me the visuals werent exactly different but I didn't see any spiders or anything, I did have my vision changes from all the rainbow's colours Windows Movie Maker style though, and I saw the Umi (ocean) texture from a yugioh ps1 game appear on the walls. Everytime I went to the toilet as well my pace of walking would slow down just in time for me to look through the window of the door next to the toilet and mistake my reflection for a shadow person (without fail, every single time). This happened again on DPH but I clocked it only once or twice and learnt it it would be there, which stopped it from happening. DPH seems a lot more lucid than scopolamine.

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