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I'm thinking of trying out benadryl how do I prepare? And what am i in for?

- Sun, 14 Apr 2019 22:44:47 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157665
File: 1555296287061.png -(13331B / 13.02KB, 314x363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I'm thinking of trying out benadryl how do I prepare? And what am i in for?
I've been curious about dph recently and since it's not a very popular drug there's not a ton of information about it I can find outside of erowid I was just wondering what dose you guy's would recommend I start with and also how should i prepare myself? (setting, mindset, thing's to do while high etc) the only other drug's I've done are weed and dxm so I know what being high feels like I just don't know what being on a deliriant is like. I was thinking of taking somewhere between 300 to 400 mgs and I was also considering combining it with 300 mg of dxm is that a good idea the first time or should i start by taking dph alone? What does dxm do to a dph trip?
Charlotte Dinningbanks - Mon, 15 Apr 2019 01:57:44 EST UzonRt9p No.157666 Reply
try it by itself first, wait a few weeks, try it with DXM.?

i would start with 300 by itself. but the real fun begins like 500+
Mixing 300DPH with 300 DXM is generally what people on this board like to promote. I usually try to do a LITTLE more dph than dxm cause I like my dark trips.

Dph can cause you to hallucinate and you will not know the difference, it's like a mirage goes over your vision and creates a pretty image, you blink and the mirage rips from your vision, and you see reality. but if you lose focus, if your eyes are lazy, the mirage grows and comes back.
Lydia Chittinghall - Mon, 15 Apr 2019 09:05:16 EST 1w8uPfoN No.157670 Reply
For your well being, make sure absolutely those who are near you aren't the type to exploit you when you trip on DPH.

Dosage is only a concern when too high like over a gram, may cause seizure or kill you in high blood pressure.
Barnaby Nurringspear - Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:51:07 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157671 Reply
1555361467061.jpg -(83799B / 81.83KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm probably going to do it by myself as my friend's would think that I've gone full retard if I told them "Hey man I'm gonna down a bunch of benadryl to get high wanna watch?" They think that it's bad enough I'm smoking weed. I'm going to go pick it up in a few hour's and one thing I'm curious about is what type of benadryl to get? I've looked over all their products and ingredients in said products and benadryl extra strength nighttime seams like the best bang for my buck (1500 mg dph only tablets per package) but I guess you guy's would know better then me when it comes to that so should I get the nighttime stuff or the regular allergy stuff? My last question has to do with setting should I take it in the daytime or nighttime? Does that even make a difference or not?
Augustus Bobblelock - Mon, 15 Apr 2019 18:23:49 EST coRL2CrT No.157672 Reply
Look for those with diphenhydramine as the ONLY active ingredient, usually written on the box.
Walter Gacklestone - Tue, 16 Apr 2019 06:46:13 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157673 Reply
1555411573075.jpg -(72309B / 70.61KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Op here I picked up the nighttime benadryl and it's dph only 50 mg per pill it's 24 pills per package. anyway I'm gonna down three pills tonight just to get a bit of a feel for the stuff then I'll try a proper 300 mg trip on the weekend will 300 mg fuck me up to a point where I can't act sober? Because I still live with my parents they will probably be asleep when I take it but i don't want to get too fucked up just incase they wake up and try to interact with me.
Fanny Seshstock - Tue, 16 Apr 2019 22:51:51 EST 0BCfEQ5o No.157680 Reply
>>157673 >>157674
Yeah OP Erowid is a great source for dosing information. I would gauge your second dose based on how your first 150mg dose feels. Everyone is different of course but some people can't handle their shit, especially when we're talking deliriants. If I was right in the middle of a 300mg dose trying to interact with family they'd see on my face that I'm on something. My eyes get bloodshot and glossy, and it seems like my facial muscles deactivate. Motor control may also be affected so beware. DPH affects acetylcholine in your body which is a big factor in basic muscular contraction and relaxation. Vocalizing may also be sketchy; when I'm on low-dose DPH I tend to whisper. Also, and this is a BIG ONE, try not to get into a conversation with anyone you don't want to alert. Why? Because you'll start to talk, then FORGET WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO SAY MID-SENT...

Like that. It's the worst part of trying to hide the high.
Emma Nallernuck - Wed, 17 Apr 2019 03:09:03 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157681 Reply
1555484943388.jpg -(1146861B / 1.09MB, 2560x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
op here just downed 150 mg pic related. How long do lower doses take to start working?
Graham Pickworth - Wed, 17 Apr 2019 06:39:35 EST Gvd7xS+t No.157682 Reply
It took half an hour for my first dose...

Usually an hour with empty stomach for me, regardless of dosage.
Emma Nallernuck - Wed, 17 Apr 2019 18:08:46 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157684 Reply
1555538926388.png -(116751B / 114.01KB, 1884x1124) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Op here again I think I can handle 300 now so my weekend plan hasn't changed. I took 150 mg and it didn't do much but the thing is I smoked a bowl of weed 30 minutes after taking it and my tolerance to weed is really low plus the weed was really potent shit so I don't know what drug was causing what effects for the most part. I felt tired and the twitching i had was probably from the dph as i started getting it before i smoked I also had a dry throat and i was a bit dehydrated. i noticed that I was experiencing visual drifting effects winch to my knowledge isn't caused by weed and when I looked at my hands it seemed as if I was looking at them through a magnifying glass. time felt slower and music was slower and sounded slightly distorted I don't know what role the weed played in this though. I had no hallucinations of spiders or shadow people or anything like that but from what I've read that stuff isn't to be expected at light dosages. When I do 300 I'll do it with only a little weed like a hit or two so that I'm not confused as to what drug is doing what.
Beast - Sat, 20 Apr 2019 05:14:16 EST 2uGLgB2w No.157692 Reply
They can be fairly similar at low doses.

Take solace in the mild euphoria of a good nights sleep. Not much else to it than that. Leastways if you like the way Cannabis makes you feel. The differences will be more noticeable the more you do but as a warning. It's not pleasant with higher doses. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Kind of an important question when engaging delirium.

Try putting on the Hobbit audiobook or your favorite soundtrack. Probably the most pleasant effects you can get. I dreamed the Hobbit with narration off a sleep dose.
Emma Drackleben - Sun, 21 Apr 2019 21:40:54 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157703 Reply
1555897254238.gif -(4008041B / 3.82MB, 2000x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Op here it's dph time again currently I'm feeling pretty good and I'm exited to try a higher dose so here's what I'm gonna do. in a few hours I'll take 250 mg of dph wait 30 minutes then I'll take 350 mg of dxm and wait an hour or so then I'll smoke a bowl of weed and lay down on my bed I'll try listing to my favorite music for a bit then I'll take my earphones out to see if i I can hear any audio hallucinations. i was gonna do 300 mg of dph but since there's other people home with me tonight I don't want to take to much anyway wish me luck guy's I'll be posting what my trip was like tomorrow.
Hamilton Hobbledock - Sun, 21 Apr 2019 23:14:09 EST UgC+8EFS No.157704 Reply
Prepare to see some shit, DXM and DPH potentiate each other massively in my experience. When I was on 600 mg of DXM it only took 100 mg of DPH made me see OEVs of spiders and insects clumped together in a big nasty web. On 300/300 I was seeing all kinds of crazy ass shit walking around my apartment but I wasn't fully delirious.

Please tell me what you saw, always curious to hear. Hope you made it through ok.
Emma Drackleben - Mon, 22 Apr 2019 01:44:33 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157705 Reply
I just downed the 250 mg of dph I'll probably take 300 mg of dxm instead of 350 cuz I don't want a trip that's too crazy.
Nicholas Blackfoot - Mon, 22 Apr 2019 20:37:33 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157707 Reply
Well I don't think I had any hallucinations atlest none that i can clearly remember I saw some flys on my ceiling but not a ridiculous amount of them so they could have been real and I think i hallucinated my cat being In the room with me at one point and i ended up falling to sleep about a few hours or so in. do you guy's have any info on dph tolerance? cuz I was thinking about taking 350-400 mg of dph in the next day or two to hopefully get the effects i want but I just don't know whether or not I should wait a bit first to get my tolerance down?
尿床 - Tue, 23 Apr 2019 00:29:57 EST Gvd7xS+t No.157708 Reply
Only thing I know of is prepare empty stomach for digesting it alone, for a dozen of minutes before one eats anything else. For best possible effects.
Shit Darringbanks - Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:14:11 EST zZuntjJ3 No.157710 Reply
I have taken doses up to 350 dph a few times, never really hallucinated except once saw a black spot dart through my vision for an instant. It makes music sound cool, you feel extremely tired, and theres a slight uncomfortable feeling but thats about it. I combined 300 dph with 300 dxm once but fell asleep as soon as I took it and was only awake for like 15 minutes of the trip to walk my dog. It was cool as fuck for those 15 minutes, walking was like I was gliding smoothly or something even though I was stumbling.
I have had slight hallucinations from 40 cccs (only time I've ever taken it) taken in very spread out doses tho, your vision gets blurry and you defocus your eyes and the background you are seeing starts to morph around a bit and there is a slight graininess to your vision. If you have taken morning glory a similar thing happens there. cccs had a stronger dysphoric feeling to it though I think, unpleasant. My tolerance to dxm is pretty high so I barely felt anything from the dxm in those cccs. If you are less tolerant to it they would probably be much more pleasurable.
From what I have read actual delirium kicks in at higher doses like 500 of dph. You probably want to avoid that, unless it sounds like the kind of thing you could get into and be safe.
Shit Darringbanks - Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:32:59 EST zZuntjJ3 No.157711 Reply
I can't find much on the internet claiming chlorpheniramine maleate is a deliriant, but the effects I got from it were very similar to dph. I had assumed all anticholinergic antihistamines like these were classified as deliriants, but there is nothing I can find listing this as one.
Nicholas Blackfoot - Tue, 23 Apr 2019 15:35:39 EST zCV9mPiZ No.157712 Reply
I want to be delirious enough that I actually see and hear shit and I guess it was stupid of me to think 250 mg would get me there anyways no more test dosages I'll wait another week and when I have atlest 5 or 6 hours to myself I'll take about 400 or 500 mg with the remaining 265 mg of dxm that I have. that should get me where i want to be right?
Charles Gurrypid - Tue, 23 Apr 2019 17:48:43 EST kw6gwj5W No.157713 Reply

i'm not experienced in "high" dosages, but most /del/fags say it's the worst dosage range. they say one should take either <300mg or >700mg and in between is shit because you aren't fully delirious and tripping, but the body discomfort is the highest.

i'm experinced in 300+300 (as in 300mg dph + 300mg dxm). and that makes me hear and see shit pretty much. IME this combination and dosage isn't that much about OEVs and audio hallucinations, much more about "Inner trips", when you are laying in your bed or siting in your chair and have something like a full blown lucid dream. And then you have something intense happening in your lucid dream and say something out loud or kick with your leg, etc, and then you wake up and say: wtf i'm sitting in my motherfucked chair, i tought i was hanging out with friends at the club. then 30 seconds pass and you dreaming again, might be the same place and situation or completely different.

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