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DPH/DXM dosages

- Fri, 14 Jun 2019 15:10:40 EST teTZhCM1 No.157928
File: 1560539440937.png -(324011B / 316.42KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DPH/DXM dosages
What are dosages like on DPH/DXM? I am going to try DPH and I heard that DXM removes a lot of the shit parts of the trip but also magnifies the effect of both of them so im just wondering what the safe dosages are, I keep getting different answers
Augustus Chedgewill - Fri, 14 Jun 2019 19:18:40 EST kw6gwj5W No.157929 Reply

300/300 is the standard safe but strong trip dosage. If you try it first time and you are a little dude or a girl, maybe you want to go down to 250/250 or 200/200. from that starting point, you can work your way up and change ratios to see which effects do you like more. i'm more of a dxm guy and i prefer 250 dph with 500-600 dxm. other guys are more of a dph guys and prefer something like 700 dph with 300 dxm. i advice you to start at 300/300. you will still be in for a great deal of delirium, but not that lost in the woods running around naked type of complete detachment like the 700 club.

and i warn you: this combo is addictive. it's the perfect hallucinogen combo. you will trip into a world that is much comfier and more exciting than our world. i did dxm for years, but since i first tried it with dph, i never did dxm in itself again, but comboed with dph dozens of times. and when i come down, i always have a craving to go back.
Betsy Backlechud - Sat, 15 Jun 2019 13:30:13 EST teTZhCM1 No.157934 Reply
Thanks for the advice anon. but I just want to ask, when you say "you will still be in for a great deal of delirium" can you describe to what extent? I know it may be different from person to person but can you tell me anything about what to expect from 300/300?
Ebenezer Soddlestock - Sat, 15 Jun 2019 17:16:05 EST qkh4SLpu No.157935 Reply

for me, it's like seeing computer screens or TV shows on the wall, seeing spiders and other bugs, very rarely see some shadow people in the corners (sometimes dancing, like DnB style dancing lol), and most importantly if i sit down or lay down, i drift out into complete inner hallucinations. I wouldn't say these are CEVs. It's not just seeing something, but completely think you are at somewhere else, talking with somebody, doing something, and then suddenly wake up and realize you're just laying in the bed. For me, at this dose, this only happen when i lay or sit down comfortably and i don't do anything. I guess at 700mg, it happens all of the time even if you walk or do something important. And there are all kind of OEVs too, especially if you look at something with a complex texture, like a nice carpet or a page of text, you will most likely see things that aren't there, but probably be aware that it's just visuals.

I'm a male with about 80kg body mass and really small tolerance.
Betsy Backlechud - Sat, 15 Jun 2019 17:43:22 EST teTZhCM1 No.157936 Reply
ah ok im close to 100kg-ish so I think ill go 450-500 DPH and 300 DXM thanks for the answer anon.
Me - Mon, 17 Jun 2019 21:49:26 EST 2uGLgB2w No.157952 Reply



Nothing about this combination is safe. Granted there is an EXTREMELY UNSAFE territory...but just know going in everyone's brain is different. It's very unpredictable.
Nigel Puddleridge - Tue, 18 Jun 2019 15:06:33 EST zo+AhBeM No.157957 Reply
Last time I tripped DPH + DXM (potentiated with grapefruits juice and continually smoking weed throughout the trip) I experience tremors but I was able to calm them with my mind. I experienced heart pain so I don't recommend this. I also saw in my CEVs what can only be described as a devil. It was a spooky male humanoid with a twisted face and a beard made out of large moving spider legs.

I love both dxm and dph, but I don't take them anymore because I fear strain on my heart.
Fucking Clayson - Tue, 18 Jun 2019 19:55:16 EST teTZhCM1 No.157958 Reply
from what ive read it is probably the weed that created the heart strain, as ive heard that it doesn't go well with DPH
Filth - Wed, 19 Jun 2019 17:09:58 EST 26qpSnm0 No.157964 Reply
My experience has been that an uneven ratio (especially if going above 500mg for either) can ruin the synergy. I've had some of the most intense and very interesting experiences on 500/500, but I've also had the misfortune of blacking out and, while sleepwalking, grabbed personal belongings from where I hid them to hide them somewhere else I wouldnt remember.
I've never had a bad (for deli standards) though a few somewhat lackluster trip on 300/300.
For many of these trips I smoked cannabis, although I would say the combined respiratory depression makes it difficult to 1. Smoke enough 2. Breathe enough and 2.5 stay awake.
Thomas Clondlewater - Wed, 26 Jun 2019 22:25:57 EST 2V/K6KSX No.157992 Reply
I tried counterflipping one time with 500dxm and 300dph. I didn't get any visuals, but the body feel had the relaxation I get from dxm and the really good tingly feeling I get on the first hour of dph. It was pretty good until I tried to go downstairs and take a piss, got halfway down the stairs, fell over, and started convulsing. For like a week after that, any time I stood up I would get the same feeling of right before I convulsed, which would instantly cause me to have a panic attack. 10/10 would recommend.
meme - Sat, 27 Jul 2019 03:35:21 EST RsZMJthI No.158103 Reply
1564212921614.png -(324545B / 316.94KB, 800x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Personally I never dosed under 500/500, but I was 200-230lbs or 90-100kg at the time so I would normally dose pretty high on dxm.
My dosage of choice would have to be 750mg dxm with 500mg+ dph, it's a dream like state where I hardly noticed the negative effects of the dph and the visuals were pretty intense, for me they were like watching a sepia-tone film with my eyes open, usually of videogames or movies I had been playing/watching before I dosed, closed eye visuals were just as vivid if not more.
So in my experience of like 20 or more dxm/dph trips, it can be a really unpredictable experience, sometimes you're relaxed and grinning like a disabled kid from the dxm, and sometimes you're in a dph trip with some extra visuals.

My highest trip was 1250mg dxm and 700mg or more dph (i can't remember for the life of me how much dph i ended up downing, i just remember it being over 700mg) which was pretty fucked, I felt paralyzed by the high dose of dxm and was riddled with paranoia and was seeing shadow people all over the place in my peripheral vision from the dph.
I had to piss during this trip and it was my first encounter with hat man

>Dark af at ??:??am tripping balls
>Get up and robo walk down the hallway
>Bathroom is in the middle of the hallway, bedroom on one end
>Finish up my piss
>Exit bathroom and barely look to the left (bedroom is to the right down the hall)
>Spot a very vivid entity at the end of the hall, standing and facing me
>Nopewalking in the pitch black with nothing but moonlight shining in the end of the hall where the entity was and very dim light from my pc around the corner in my room
>Get to the doorway of my room and quickly look over my shoulder and see pic related
>He isn't hostile
>Feel way more comfort in my encounter
>Collapse onto bed with relief from my exhausting adventure to urinate
>Back to being paralyzed listening to man of no ego and tripping balls

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