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- Wed, 18 Sep 2019 04:56:17 EST RjY5BrAS No.158320
File: 1568796977778.jpg -(395623B / 386.35KB, 1536x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DPH TOLERANCE
So i used to be on this board about 2 years sgo, but have been lurking becuase I quit all mind altering substances (excluding nicotine and caffine), but have recently been smoking weed and popping low doses of dph. so gere is my broung log over tge past week.

September 12
took 8g kratom weed and finished it off with 200mg dph

September 13
3:05 am
just dosed 237 mg dxm hbr
going to take a shower
in 3 hours it will be 6
6 it will be 9
9 it will be 11

September 14
3:18 amupdate I am going to take the 200mg dph at 3:35 am then smoke a lil at 4:00am lol

3:30 took the 200mg
going to watch movie to burn time then

smoke around 4
4:00 threw on some music and smoked 2 geebs
4:22 smoked more and put on a movie
it was hard lmaooo
4:23 laying in bed
4:30 confused almost overhauls amount of things to do
5:23 hear people outside but pob not real
wanna make anew playslit
put on some three6mafia
07:42 not sure if slept at all

just dosed 300mg dph 100mg dxm
goin to smoke after effects kick in
go outside for ciggie

September 16
take 175mg dph
smoke 5 gb chops
start log thinking about my week and school
eat cookie and drink some milk

september 17
4:00am took 175 mg

Wednesday September 18
3:08 am
down 150mg dph
decided not to include dxm as I had some whiskey to drink earlier
gonna go get some water then take a shower and change into some fresh clothes
3:48 am
just fapped took shower and drank some water
i am not feeling it yet, prob cuz its q light dose (150mg)
Dextrolord - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 22:36:59 EST X/uO5+r1 No.158327 Reply
I am interested to see what eventually comes of all this but I urge you to not be dosing these drugs everyday it is not healthy, mostly the dph and the dex.

Also, why so early in the mornings??
Sophie Gamblewater - Thu, 24 Oct 2019 07:13:21 EST N5bA5BLH No.158464 Reply
bumping w/ 250mg and 50 mg dxm ! oct 24 2019

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