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Steeping datura in liquor

- Fri, 27 Sep 2019 20:02:46 EST L3hiLnNR No.158348
File: 1569628966751.jpg -(521428B / 509.21KB, 1000x1339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Steeping datura in liquor
Hello, I don't browse here or anywhere on 420chan normally but I happened to come across some datura plants in the wild recently and started reading about tropane alkaloids and came across this erowid experience of a traditional use for henbane, that of brewing it into beer or steeping it in liquor: https://erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=72632

I'm interested in growing henbane at some point in the future to try this, however for the time being I'm wondering if it can be safely and/or enjoyably done with datura instead of henbane, particularly just steeping the leaves in liquor as the author of the erowid link states he's done with henbane at this end of his article, since it'd be a lot easier than brewing beer.

If it could be done and produce mild effects like in the article, how different would the experience otherwise be from that in the article? Is henbane nicer to experience in general than datura? Are there different ratios of the different alkaloids present in henbane and datura that lead to subjective differences in recreational experience? I figured that making this thread might be a quicker and easier way of having my thoughts clarified, thanks if you can help
Oliver Clobbleway - Sat, 28 Sep 2019 23:15:27 EST 7WsjIFDr No.158350 Reply
>use datura instead safely
Probably a bad idea, even more so without having tried your skill at it with the henbane first. You shouldn't run at the most dangerous one first just cause you've heard most stories about it. Hard to keep it safe with datura, and if you mess up it's your life your risking.
>do the liquor extraction
The danger with that is that you have access to a powerful brew, which can cause delerium in which you might be deluded to think you've yet to even drink it yet. If you accidentally overshoot your desired state and redose with potent stuff in your delerium things could get very bad, the dead kind of bad. Probably why he was so unwilling to write it as a tidbit.
Even with regular DPH some folk eat more cause they think that's what they were doing.
Martin Blucklewell - Wed, 02 Oct 2019 19:15:12 EST k/RshfQA No.158355 Reply
back in the day my buddy bought a 100 pill bottle of dramamine, ate 50 of them, hallucinated an entire room full of people telling him he didn't do enough drugs to hallucinate and that he should eat the other 50, and he did

it didn't go well for him

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