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datura dosing research notes

!!nOu201Dt - Mon, 11 Oct 2021 17:01:17 EST q5aet6xi No.160473
File: 1633986077349.png -(23661B / 23.11KB, 321x102) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. datura dosing research notes

Introduction: The yellowish/white ones are harvested prematurely for the liquid and sap they contain for vaporization by collecting it off the bag with a knife and then plopped on the hot nail with a wad of thc wax. it's a nice combination and the datura liquid makes you feel a low dose DPH body high with teh buzz from 2 shots of hard liquor...

DOSING SEEDS [ (uf) = UNFERTILIZED/UNFINISHED SEEDS. harvested during the plant cycle prematurely.]
30 seeds (uf) popped in my 130LBs body.
1 hour later
60 seeds (uf) total feels weak
1 hour later
90 seeds (uf) total feels kinda strong
1 hour later
120 seeds (uf) total feels very strong but not mentally overwhelmed with misery or negativity.
1 hour later
150 seeds (uf) total makes me a tad worried that i'll black out

FIRST SEED DOSING RESULTS: 120-150 seeds (uf) for 130LBs is a good buzz but you should be careful and avoid alcohol. you will have drymouth and a slight blurr in your vision. it'll last around 18 hours before it starts to go away which could take a up to 72 hours to get it completely out of your system.

1 hour later
180 seeds (uf) total = blurry vision for sure, drymouth without a doubt (typical DPH abuse effects). the only notable difference being that i can remember everything and can carry a conversation with people. just can't read.
1 hour later
210 seeds (uf) total = put on the toho godzilla movies you spent 3 months collecting digitally because you're gonna be useless for 3 full days!


8:25am - 10 leafs (nothing noticible yet)
9:25am: +10 leafs (20 total) - blurry vision
10:25am: +10 leafs (30 total) DRY MOUTH
forgotten side effect: it will narrow your urethra meaning: it takes over twice as long to piss and you might as well sit down to pee because it can get messy. gross... but hey i did this for science and so if anyone from here does datura they have some research before accidently dosing way too much.

the more i research this plant the easier it is to know what dose is best for my cognative abilities. if it gives you drymouth and blurry vision, writing and posting is slightmy more difficult unless you don't use spellcheck.

i did this so i know the right doses for me and so i dont ever get high off 600mg of benadryl again. i will say that datura is better than benadryl. because it is a deliriant jjust like angel trumpets (angel trumpets are weak shit btw.) and benadryl. fuck benadryl, fuck angel's trumpets, save your money and time knowing there are better things out there growing in the wild for free. save money for a gram of weed or some video games because i sure as fuck wish i did.

RESEARCH CONCLUSIUON: it taks around 20-30 leafs to get fucked up for probably a little under 48 hours.
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1324567 - Mon, 11 Oct 2021 17:20:44 EST IG2VNGz6 No.160474 Reply
1633987244279.png -(40330B / 39.38KB, 128x125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you got one hell of a constitution, 10 seeds has me in complete hallucinatory delirium and falling in and out of OBE the entire night
Edwin Nicklehall - Tue, 12 Oct 2021 02:28:46 EST q5aet6xi No.160475 Reply
thanks, i guess coffee can negate it somewhat.

tl;dr be sure to chug some coffee to avoid full on too much datura, it will clean you out because while being stimulated, your blood will flow faster making it leave yout system for around 4-5 hours.
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Basil Bummleway - Wed, 13 Oct 2021 17:24:39 EST 5eRa1RFZ No.160478 Reply
You are great credit to team
Phoebe Brookridge - Fri, 15 Oct 2021 16:36:04 EST oOiKiq6N No.160491 Reply
Isn't the commonly agreed upon consensus that potency varies too much for establishing any dosage based on seed amounts? Did you try the same amount of seeds repeatedly to check if you get the same elves of effect or how much of a variance there is?
Also "n leaves" isn't really helpful, since they vary in size, if it's to be usable to anyone else you should weigh them instead.
And bout the seed dosages, it's kinda unclear, you say you vaporize the sap/liquid at first, but then you say you pop them into your body? Which is it? Or did you mean the first part as just a suggestion for alternate route of administration? At first glance it sounds like you describe the method and then dosage thereof.

Lastly, it's hardly a very accurate read of dosages to add 30 seeds an hour and claiming the total as a dose. The same amount spread out over a handful of hours and taken all at once wont be the same.
Your actual "FIRST SEED DOSING RESULTS" is that 150 seeds staggered over the course of 4-5 hours is a good buzz.
You wouldnt compare drinking 8 beers over the course of an entire evening to beerbonging 8 beers in 10min.

I'm all for research, but please be more scientific about it, and be more safe. Try a dose, and then actually try that dose, i.e. don't just redose and redose and redose, that's hardly a behaviour that's safe to enact especially with deliriants, since you might just keep eating more inside the delirium until you're wormfood. And I think you'd much rather be alive when there's still so much science to do, even though I'm glad I'm not you.

Also please don't take this critique as a kickdown, I just want you to take care of yourself and get more out of your research. Hugs and tokes.
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