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Deliriant joy?

- Thu, 02 Dec 2021 11:06:22 EST yngZw+Ui No.160619
File: 1638461182537.jpg -(967176B / 944.51KB, 3000x4000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Deliriant joy?
What makes you do deliriants? What do you get out if it? What are the things you like about em?
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Charles Blackstock - Sun, 05 Dec 2021 00:34:26 EST cdxA7w6d No.160624 Reply
The joys of self harm. Also jerking it to rougher or weird types of porn passes the time
Thomas Crinningludge - Thu, 09 Dec 2021 22:00:31 EST fHm2RHB9 No.160626 Reply
>>160619 Love the confusion and delirium honestly...takes your mind off of a lot of things... been doing a lot of dph for the past yr...and boii it's the perfect escape drug
Dextrolord - Sat, 11 Dec 2021 14:04:54 EST f/cQpnOp No.160628 Reply
1639249494994.jpg -(1102371B / 1.05MB, 1626x1626) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
As I've wondered about this too, I will try to contribute. FOR SCIENCE!!!

>I did DPH heavily for a summer when I was 17, then once in a great while at fap doses when bored for a few years. I easily did, oh God I'm just now adding it up..., easily 10-25 grams of dph that one summer alone. I did 700 club doses or stacked stupid amounts when I was already too delirious to realize not too.... I also did a fair amount of dxm that summer, usually separate tho I never got into the dphxm deal.

>now you couldn't pay me to touch the shit..

Anyways I did it part out of boredom, part curiosity, and part depression spurned escapism... I was a wreck head and also was scripted a bunch of amphetamines so I was just outa my mind 24/7 back then.

But a big part of how it started was just a young psychonauts curiosity.
Delinquent - Fri, 17 Dec 2021 21:24:06 EST xMPZLApV No.160634 Reply
I don't even care about tripping on it anymore unless I take long breaks and dangerous doses, only really do it for it the wanking, honestly once you get into the DXM/DPH porn habit good luck getting out of it ... wishing I never got into it
Fanny Seggledut - Sat, 18 Dec 2021 05:35:34 EST eCLlAa1Q No.160635 Reply
Out of confusion and curiosity, aren't you a gal? And you are interested in porn after getting overdose...
Lydia Sobbledale - Sat, 18 Dec 2021 06:48:01 EST SPeCalsw No.160636 Reply
1639828081724.gif -(1905511B / 1.82MB, 200x112) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
pretty sure girls don't exist here. The closest would probably be trans or a very butch lezza
Dextrolord - Thu, 20 Jan 2022 12:38:22 EST f/cQpnOp No.160659 Reply
Lol y would anything someone posts on here besides a straight up claim to be male or female lead u to make a guess to their gender?

I always imagine I'm talking to other asexual(mostly) beings here cuz no healthy or normal human would ever find themselves here

But for science, does delifap work for females or is the dry mouth just as bad on the vertical lips?? Lololol
witch - Fri, 21 Jan 2022 19:06:58 EST H8vtmQuN No.160665 Reply
Delifaps was invented by females who would crush nightshade berries and finger themselves with them.
Jenny Billingson - Fri, 21 Jan 2022 21:48:12 EST M7rsppaR No.160668 Reply
I just don't know what is it like for vagina to be turned on and begin rubbing...

Her username were posting quite a few photos of the same lone teen gal.
Basil Hellysotch - Sat, 12 Feb 2022 03:48:11 EST ctMWTrPQ No.160696 Reply
1644655691919.jpg -(218744B / 213.62KB, 1000x643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
for a good while it was making music, something about dph made music so vibrant in a way that other drugs couldn't reproduce (molly, lsd, ket, dxm etc etc all having different ways of enhancing music)

like yeah fap is ight but the music is what kept me doing it for a good while, though that magic long since dissipated & I only take it when trying to help sleep or feel like making a bad decision I regret later
Charles Channingdale - Sat, 12 Feb 2022 07:58:13 EST +VNwSc5n No.160697 Reply
1644670693909.jpg -(59086B / 57.70KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Dph turns me into this
User is currently banned from all boards
Jack Drobblebury - Sat, 12 Feb 2022 21:00:25 EST Gs/mnbj2 No.160698 Reply
So is no one really taking enough to see spiders and have the more generic negative effects? Just enough for only the good one?
Eliza Brookhood - Sun, 13 Feb 2022 18:04:14 EST 8SbhP2g5 No.160699 Reply
I tried it to see spiders but my lexapro killed the visuals for the most part, it was just a huge body load and heavy mental impairment. I still kind of want to see what the visuals are like but there's just too many negative side effects for it to be worth it. At least with DPH, maybe there's some other delierant thats healthier but I somewhat doubt it.
Nathaniel Sattingbury - Tue, 15 Feb 2022 10:48:44 EST OmdDIdzB No.160700 Reply
Never taken a deleriant, but this place is pretty dead so I'll chime in. Soon I'll be taking a 300 300 dose of dxm and dph since they seem to go together well. My goal with this is to escape reality for a couple hours and get a afterglow. I think the fun will come from seeing strange things and forgetting my problems.
Nigel Crisslefick - Wed, 16 Feb 2022 03:22:28 EST 15nha+Bx No.160701 Reply
Dxm is also a psych, which will definitely make you focus on your problems instead of escape them. Also, dph in high doses, especially combined with dxm, will give you a sense of impending doom. Not fun, usually regrettable. How is this board still alive... people still do this shit??
George Paggleburk - Wed, 16 Feb 2022 07:19:29 EST h9iPwUU7 No.160702 Reply
Dxm is like you get to have your problems confront you but you are to flying to get mad or stressed about them, i just say fuck ifs the way the world goes then vibe my tits off,same with psy,i find if i be 100% honest eith myself the guilt and that goes but if i kid myself then i am torn apart with cold truths untill i submit to myself
Eliza Fandock - Wed, 16 Feb 2022 16:17:40 EST M7rsppaR No.160703 Reply
1645046260762.jpg -(216709B / 211.63KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tis board's like a tavern to me for frequenting.
David Fonkinmuck - Sat, 16 Apr 2022 14:53:44 EST 5TfO0On7 No.160775 Reply
i really like the way lower recreational doses of dph make me feel tbh. i mix it with d8 pretty often. i do get some freaky effects (auditory hallucinations, some peripheral stuff, false memories), but nothing too scary. the combo gives me an insane body high and usually makes me unable to communicate. yes, i know it's bad for me.
toaster - Sun, 17 Apr 2022 23:35:09 EST 4DjXWa8M No.160776 Reply
lol what? have you ever done DXM??? it's absolutely useful for escapism (hence why depressed teenage me was doing it multiple times a week) and has a wonderful antidepressant effect. I don't know what the fuck kind of cough medicine you were tripping on if you ever did it.
Sophie Geckledale - Tue, 19 Apr 2022 10:52:41 EST rURiN+tk No.160778 Reply
I used to and some visuals were pretty cool but now my tolerance is too heavy to get significant visuals with any remotely responsible dose. Still get some sedation and milder mental and aphrodisiac effects. As for negative effects, cardiovascular stress and bad vibes decreased with tolerance but tremors/seizures tended to increase, which is why I refrain from increasing doses to much ; for me weed and/or DXM tend to mitigate this problem to some extent and increase the more desirable effects.
Nigel Grimfoot - Wed, 20 Apr 2022 07:08:05 EST kf0qS3TO No.160779 Reply
thought the exact same
like he is either too high or not high enough lmao
dxm was literally my all time favorite disso high for a long time and some of these trips are still memorable almost 10 years later
the only down side is when I got into high potency dissos that vary in the 2-5 mg range and your tolerance sky rockets it is just to much effort to get a decent high off dxm
but other than that the disso high dxm gives you combines with weed is one off the best disso highs you can get in my opinion in terms of depth in intensity
Drimitri - Wed, 04 May 2022 14:31:02 EST vgszRVEI No.160790 Reply

i like its delirium effect, my mind is just blank, empty and its the closest to bliss i know of off.

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