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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Methadone Withdrawls

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- Tue, 26 Dec 2017 23:39:35 EST L+zYr+DL No.29651
File: 1514349575602.jpg -(78883B / 77.03KB, 960x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Methadone Withdrawls
Hello there. I am looking for information on Methadone withdrawls, not regarding myself but on behalf of others.

I have heard a person won't die simply from methadone withdrawals but could it trigger a crisis with another part of someone's body? I've also heard that methadone destroys your body while you take it.

Looking for important advice and warnings about methadone withdrawals and such things as these.

I am a noob. What is the easiest way to get into a detox facility?

Thanks for any help!
George Bunridge - Wed, 27 Dec 2017 01:01:19 EST Miuyj/+F No.29654 Reply
Before you get someone who knows what they are talking about to reply to your thread:

Iirc you can't die from opioid withdrawals. Lethal withdrawals are afaik reserved for benzos, barbiturates and alcohol.

The half-life of methadone is fairly long though, so the withdrawal will probably be protracted, if also come on more slowly.

CBD/Hemp cannabinoid Vape

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- Thu, 14 Dec 2017 11:40:40 EST Xoqv1zvi No.29624
File: 1513269640557.jpg -(14865B / 14.52KB, 350x425) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. CBD/Hemp cannabinoid Vape
So. I'm on probation. This shit is legal.
I am hoping for this to work as a tobacco substitute, as I smoke like a friggin chimney when I don't have my herb.
Jane's started makin me lazy and hazy n so on, you know the drill lads.
Anyone ever tried stuff like this?
I'm hoping it will give me a short cerebral high as I've gotten a lot of times smoking leaves/trim/or bud used for dab.
I will add my review on this shit once I get it, which will hopefully be tomoz.
Also I def recommend for my lads with cravings out there! <3
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Walter Snodford - Tue, 19 Dec 2017 05:41:18 EST Xoqv1zvi No.29638 Reply
So, I am using this to quit cigarettes.
Day 1. 4 hours in.
I can feel me being a little lethargic and grumpy, nonetheless this shit's EASY.
I will sub the vape for CBD coconut oil later, switching cig addiction, with vape CBD, then into oral CBD.
Atleast I'm swapping it with healthy shit.
Wish me L U C K lads.
Walter Snodford - Tue, 19 Dec 2017 05:58:40 EST Xoqv1zvi No.29639 Reply
But I just wanna add that I started cigs again because I had to quite the tokes.
So if you're in the same boat, try this shizzle out bruv.
Walter Snodford - Tue, 19 Dec 2017 09:03:18 EST Xoqv1zvi No.29640 Reply
How about shut your kazooey.
I am Z O O T E D.
Definitely recommend for my lil fags out there who are too paranoid to use the DM's.
This definitely scratches an itch.
Obviously won't get you head high as it has no THC/very little, so no psychoactive.
But sure gets you stoned.

Synthetic Urine.

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- Mon, 28 Aug 2017 14:22:41 EST d66Wqn5W No.29447
File: 1503944561303.jpg -(39584B / 38.66KB, 930x619) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Synthetic Urine.
Will it work for a drug test? Been reading some good things online and I wanted to hear a few personal experiences here.
Frederick Shittingcocke - Mon, 20 Nov 2017 12:48:20 EST WO34i1Mj No.29579 Reply
i got a sanitation job with my brother, i used (someones) real pee
he used synthetic, both of us passed. So im going to say yes, just make sure you got the "latest version" or some shit. i remember him saying some shit like that and how important it was.
Thomas Shittingworth - Sun, 17 Dec 2017 09:10:37 EST skzaF7q9 No.29633 Reply
I used clear choice prank urine test twice at quest and it worked both times. Strapped the bottle to my leg with a thermacare. Didnt use the heat activator

the self disgust of relapsing

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- Wed, 13 Dec 2017 06:26:59 EST pHsWgtaT No.29621
File: 1513164419801.jpg -(102974B / 100.56KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. the self disgust of relapsing
after coming to the conclusion that I need a long break from drugs for my mental health, I continued to abuse weed, oxy, xanax, pcp, ritalin, and 4-ho-mipt for three months under the clouded logic that by clearing my stash I 'm doing myself a favour
looking back, I feel not only disappointment in my lack of willpower but a large amount of self disgust by going against my own inner voice and consciousness

it feels like I've set myself back even further with my depression and dp/dr, creating even more anxiety and tarnishing my relationship with psychedelics

will this feeling pass the longer I stay sober?
how does /detox/ deal with relapsing and the like?
Fuck Dezzlekore - Wed, 13 Dec 2017 23:43:59 EST /19boi00 No.29622 Reply
If you're abusing that many substances it's going to be hard to quit them all at once or even to quit drugs all together at first. You might want to think about getting on some kind of medically supervised drug regime to get you over the rocky emotional stage that will haunt you after the acute withdrawals subside and then re-assess.

It sounds like you bought into the classic all or nothing mindset that is impeding a successful transition into sobriety. No one can tell you what you've been suppressing with your poly-substance use, but if you're doing drugs 24/7 like that there's a good chance you might be suppressing an underlying disorder or trauma by staying high all the time. You might feel suicidal, you might have flashbacks from previous trauma, you might be bi-polar or have some personality disorder, but you will probably need some kind of medication to deal with sobriety for awhile if not in the long run.

Don't believe anyone that says you can just quit using drugs and be totally fine in a couple months lol, some people are self-medicating and you might be one of them without even knowing it. Some people really are just dealing with a substance use disorder(plain addicts) but alot of people have other mental issues that surface after they quit doing drugs.
Nathaniel Genningson - Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:04:10 EST 7XdoapNm No.29625 Reply
I don't want to start an argument, and I completely believe in the idea that there is no one absolute way to recover.

Different people recover in different ways, and I have found that the only thing that works for me is NA.
If you truly want to quit and improve your life, you owe it to yourself to try every possible option. NA, or AA for that matter, is not for everyone. I get that.
Some people absolutely benefit more from Suboxone maintenance, Smart Recovery, church, IOP, other support groups, or just plain abstinence and self will.

Everyone is different, but as has been said before in this thread, many addicts deal with trauma and other mental disorders, and different methods offer different ways of dealing with these dual diagnoses.

Again, I'm not trying to start an argument, but I really feel like everyone deserves a happy and healthy life, and for many addicts the only way to gain that is by exploring your options.

Best of luck OP, you can do this.


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- Tue, 28 Nov 2017 09:08:06 EST 7gpRbKe9 No.29595
File: 1511878086049.png -(286726B / 280.01KB, 646x595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. test
I have a drug (urine) test tomorrow. The last time I smoked was a month ago (Oct 30th). The last time I smoked before that was two months ago (sometime in September). I also work out every day and have been steadily losing weight

I'm pretty much in the clear as far as it showing up in my piss goes right? Earlier in the year in Jan/Feb/March/April I was a mildly frequent user, about once a week but after that I stopped. Nothing should show up on the test, right? I'm nervous because if I lose this job I'm literally going to kill myself
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nell Dradgeville - Wed, 29 Nov 2017 10:41:55 EST Xoqv1zvi No.29597 Reply
Be sure to drink loads of water just to be in the clear.
Like, urine crystal clear drinkable clear.
Just to be sure, the only risk is if your test is the first piss of the day and you haven't drunk jack shit water. Else all gucc fam.
Reuben Pittstock - Wed, 29 Nov 2017 11:59:39 EST Yp7msQsR No.29598 Reply
Without a doubt you'll be fine. Drink a good amount of water a few hours before going in for the test, and you'll be gucci
Alice Feggledack - Mon, 04 Dec 2017 10:37:45 EST 7gpRbKe9 No.29604 Reply

yes i passed!

thank for the help lads

quitting weed and adderall at the same time

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- Tue, 21 Nov 2017 15:53:19 EST 1YUsrKhT No.29582
File: 1511297599759.jpg -(125103B / 122.17KB, 650x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. quitting weed and adderall at the same time
i've been using weed to balance out the negatives of adderall for a little over a year now. i don't smoke the weed; i decarb it and put it in yogurt or capsules. i use about 60mg of adderall a day and a bit less than half a gram of the edible weed a few hours before bed.

my thinking for quitting both at the same time is that the withdrawal symptoms of one will (at least partly) cancel out the other's. but i realize my weed tolerance is next to nothing compared to the adderall tolerance.

the only problem i can see is that i probably will get hit doubly hard in areas where they complement each other. im expecting to be bored as fuck, have zero libido, and probably be pretty irritable for the first week at least.

good plan? bad plan? if not i'm probably gonna quit adderall while staying on weed and then stopping the weed.
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Molly Fittingtidge - Sun, 26 Nov 2017 05:27:27 EST AGTWdpoW No.29591 Reply
>weening off adderall

But it doesn't even cause physiological dependence.
Jenny Gigglefotch - Thu, 30 Nov 2017 15:17:31 EST YDItxgCg No.29600 Reply
Never ever ever ever quit two drugs at the same time! That's only a last resort option and it's not even your option many times, it only happens when you get sent to jail, for example. The withdrawal will not be twice as strong as each taken separately, it will 4 times as strong. The withdrawal symptoms of one will NOT cancel out the other's, what are you even talking about?

Piss test

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- Thu, 09 Nov 2017 18:55:54 EST Yi02nUqe No.29561
File: 1510271754511.jpg -(136351B / 133.16KB, 960x808) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Piss test
175 pound 25 year old male. Havent smoked in 6 months til last weekend. Smoked 2-3 blunts, a bowl, and a dab friday, and another blunt saturday morning.

Now I get a call monday saying that theyre interested in an interview for a job paying $20 an hour. I applied to this job weeks ago. I currently make $12 and am straight up desperate for this job. My drug test is monday.

I pissed this morning when I first woke up in an at home test and came up dirty. I've been drinking cranberry juice all week. I've been trying to drink water, i've been taking niacin caps here and their and plan on getting more tomorrow. I'm about to hit the gym, I sweat my ass and balls off on the bike last night, and I plan on doing the same tonight and trying to get in a sauna. This weekend is no partying, straight up hitting the gym to shoot hoops and ride the bike all weekend, along with lots of sitting inside drinking untold gallons of water and cranberry juice

anyone got any tips? Can i pass?
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Oliver Cupperway - Mon, 13 Nov 2017 23:17:08 EST Yi02nUqe No.29572 Reply
Took the test today, i passed very close to clean this morning (the line was kinda faded but there) and I went to work, drank about a gallon of water, drank a detox at lunch, and went in to took the test at 3 pm. When I got home I took a home test and passed.

I made a comment like "Hope I dont see you here again" and the nurse said "your urine looks very normal color so there shouldnt be a problem with dilution" my pee looked straight yellow, like i just woke up.

They gotta send it to a lab, should know by the end of the week. Will they be able to tell i use detox?
Charlotte Bunwater - Mon, 27 Nov 2017 23:03:53 EST /pLanchJ No.29593 Reply
i assume the kit uses b vitamins to make your pee that color, i wouldn't worry
Albert Blackhall - Tue, 28 Nov 2017 02:33:11 EST WSkhtPhW No.29594 Reply
Hope you're all set OP, I'm in a similar boat and it's stressful as fuck

I smoke maybe twice a month depending and the day before I got a call from a friend telling me I could get a job with his company for twice my current wage and twice the hours, I took a couple hits, and had a bowl the week before.

It's been two weeks now and the test is in four days and it's got me fuckin stressed

Cannabis Withdrawal Aid

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- Fri, 14 Jul 2017 11:06:21 EST h+qW62lx No.29356
File: 1500044781705.jpg -(292167B / 285.32KB, 409x409) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Cannabis Withdrawal Aid
wasn't sure whether to post this on /weed/ or here but i guess it makes more sense here for now. I've been smoking pretty much all day erry day for 4 months and i am planning on taking a break for awhile but i have always in the past been super susceptible to the withdrawal from cannabis. Now im not saying that cannabis does not have one of the most mild and benign withdrawals i just use to fuck around with /opi/s and use to have to deal with dope sickness alot and now when i stop smoking weed i get what seems to be exaggerated withdrawals similar to the ones i used to get years ago. I was thinking if i had CBD supplements from the health food store i could take them for the first few days or so as a way to maybe ease some of the initial discomfort, would that possibly work? the CBD capsules contain like barely any THC and are completely non-psychoactive. Has anyone had any similar experiences?
20 posts and 5 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Fucking Guzzlechick - Sat, 11 Nov 2017 03:52:45 EST wAOaj2ig No.29565 Reply
sorry you have no self control and get addicted to other drugs that have nothing to do with what the OP is posting about

wow you can do hard drugs, good job you loser
Corpus Crispy - Sat, 11 Nov 2017 14:11:53 EST /rCwvARp No.29567 Reply
Might be an unpopular opinion and potentially not even that great of a solution but when I did nothing but smoke weed all day for almost a year, semi-recreational doses of diphenhydramine got be through the blues relatively easily as I am also someone who has terrible withdrawal symptoms from weed. Small doses in the range of 25mg-100mg of diphenhydramine may ease those symptoms but the best cure is still going to always be drinking lots of water and exercise
Eugene Brommlespear - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 14:11:13 EST RJ0RYzJt No.29574 Reply
ick about anyone else in this thread but for me the problem with quitting weed isn't necessarily that it's impossible, but the withdrawal symptoms (while *very* mild in comparison to say, benzos or opiates) just make me wanna do other drugs and when you're tryna get clean from a bunch of different drug habits that kinda thing can end up in a shitty spiral i'm sure you're quite familiar with.

72 hours

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- Thu, 02 Nov 2017 10:59:58 EST /rCx634Z No.29557
File: 1509634798934.jpg -(11013B / 10.75KB, 265x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 72 hours
I had about 2 grams of weed i smoked about a week ago and in that week i ate about 2 ounces of cannabutter.

Ive been sweating for a few days straight, but i just applied for a job and i neec to get drug tested now.
I also need to cleanse now. Im gonna green tea, lemons, cranbeery juice, and b12, with a ton of apple cider vinegar.

More tips and advice?
Clara Sevingfoot - Fri, 03 Nov 2017 18:04:58 EST n/uuojSo No.29558 Reply
jobs almost never have someone watching your dick. why don't you just get someone with clean piss to help you out? all you gotta do is attach a bag of clean urine to your inner thigh and pour it in the cup when you do the test.

unless your test is atypical. then you're fukt

Drug test - need to test positive for methadone metabolites! Do they test concentration level?

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- Wed, 01 Nov 2017 15:47:22 EST 5S0hrOIh No.29556
File: 1509565642259.jpg -(6540B / 6.39KB, 195x258) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Drug test - need to test positive for methadone metabolites! Do they test concentration level?
I need to pass a test on Friday. It is Wednesday right now. I need my urine to only test positive for methadone use as I am on a maintenance program and had a slip. If I give someone a very small amount of methadone will it show up properly on the test? I'm in Canada if that helps.

See, I plan to give a friend some methadone. They would prefer to not take much. I am on a fairly low dose myself (1.2ml aka 12mg)

Need to piss clean immediately

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- Sun, 29 Oct 2017 10:27:34 EST x/CiNTa1 No.29533
File: 1509287254482.jpg -(28863B / 28.19KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Need to piss clean immediately
Went to a show last night. Did some coke, molly, and rolls. The rolls were prob meth because its 9:30 am and im still awake.

Might have to piss monday or tuesday. How do I get this shit out of my system immediately?
10 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Cyril Clebblebin - Mon, 30 Oct 2017 01:18:39 EST x/CiNTa1 No.29548 Reply
also, what about detox drinks?
Cyril Clebblebin - Mon, 30 Oct 2017 01:50:31 EST x/CiNTa1 No.29549 Reply
1509342631042.jpg -(67551B / 65.97KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Okay heres my idea since no one on any websites or my friends can give me any real answers. I'm just gonna wing this.

I gotta go do some labor intensive shit in the freezing cold tomorrow for 7 hours. I'll sweat all day. I'm gonna go home and quickly chug 40 ounces of water, a detox, and 40 more ounces of water, and eat like 2 niacin caps.

I'm gonna just wing it and go in and try to piss like right before they close, maybe i'll even drink some more water. Idk. Either ways. I hope this fuckin works.
Cedric Guffinglore - Wed, 01 Nov 2017 00:24:21 EST AGTWdpoW No.29555 Reply
I'm pretty sure all niacin does is add colour to your urine to disguise the fact that you've been drinking a huge amount of water. A more advanced test will still flag your extremely diluted sample for low creatine content.
Synthetic urine seems to have pretty good results.
You might be fine after that amount of time, I'm no expert.

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