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Stim Detox

- Wed, 28 Feb 2018 02:35:23 EST LsodZgKu No.29776
File: 1519803323927.jpg -(18089B / 17.67KB, 460x241) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Stim Detox
So for the last year or so, well the last five years I've been addicted, or whatever you really want to say, to methamphetamines. I've been fine without them, though I still get the paranoia and sometimes psychosis. Though the symptoms have been getting lighter, and lighter. I was on the rig pretty hard. I just want to know, do these symptoms continue to go away? Sometimes I just feel like if they don't, then what's the use really? I've been smoking weed to moderate, but I'm going to have to quit that too soon for a job. I just am looking for some honest advice to help. It's been a fucking horror the last few years. I've been depressed, manic, worried about everything, still unable to sleep most nights even after quitting.

I guess what i'm asking is advice for sobriety? I've been clean from stimulants going on a month.
Barnaby Drirrypere - Wed, 28 Feb 2018 09:17:54 EST EddSMEJE No.29777 Reply
Meetings are good sometimes if you need an insta-friend, they're generally very caring and understanding
John Tootbanks - Wed, 07 Mar 2018 15:14:21 EST 3bxdwGsa No.29787 Reply
I needed a replacement for my drug use. My problem is that my mind and body isn't great at coping with life after years of abuse. Living life without it, I can get anxious, fearful, overly angry, overly sad, restless, discontent etc.

I found that replacement in meetings/recovery programs. When I go to meetings, get involved, it gives me a spark of dopamine that gets me by. Maybe it's literally the chemicals that go off in my brain when I interact with humans trying to do the same thing as me. All I know is that when I surround myself with these activities, all of those feelings I listed above subside some. Not completely, but much more than when I'm doing it alone.

I've been sober for 16 months now and it has helped.

Good luck man! You can do it! I did drugs but any recovery community works, I found mine in an alcoholic recovery program.
Alice Brottingdale - Mon, 12 Mar 2018 01:46:01 EST rYIIdhhG No.29793 Reply
I was a cocaine addict. Sometimes I relapse (December 2016 I did a few grams of coke and before that summer of 2015 I did an 8ball). Randomly I get strong cravings for cocaine or even have dreams about doing cocaine. I can't watch shows with characters snorting coke. I experimented with meth and I find while it made me high it made me really productive, focused and I lost a lot of weight on it. While on cocaine all I did was do more cocaine. I found I came up with some really stupid ideas on meth. I can do binges of any drug (opiates, benzos, ampethamine/meth, weed, etc.) but cocaine is the one thing I have to actively stay away from. I learned to hate it and hate when I was a drug addict. I was a scrawny 160 lbs skeleton of a man, I failed university and I blew all my money. While on meth I fucked some really gruesome girls I wouldn't have sober and made some bad choices on benzos or even just drunk. Cocaine is something I stay away from. Cigarettes/ecigs have been the hardest thing to quit however in comparison to cocaine and weed(I can't smoke it due to random drug testing at work).

Initially I quit cocaine by running out of money, having to move home to my parents house for a bit, and by meditation. I had to hit rock bottom before I learnt my goddamned lesson. So maybe you can think of it that way OP. You may feel sad initially you'll never touch meth again (I felt sad and missed cocaine, sometimes I felt sick to my guts I craved it so bad).

You have to WANT to quit. You have to feel like YOU NEED TO QUIT. Don't be too hard on yourself if you relapse but take it seriously. Cold turkey is the only way. Also stay away from anyone who does meth, sells meth and anything that makes you want to do meth. When I quit cocaine certain songs would make me wanna take a few lines.
Alice Brottingdale - Mon, 12 Mar 2018 01:47:00 EST rYIIdhhG No.29794 Reply
Also I found weight lifting, jogging, and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle helped me. I did a stint in the military as well where everyone was sober (but a few guys did coke I found out on the downlow and that got me back into in my relapses).
Alice Brottingdale - Mon, 12 Mar 2018 01:50:25 EST rYIIdhhG No.29795 Reply
Also if you have ADHD, depression, etc it may not be a bad idea to get something to help you out unless you want to go stone cold sober. After quitting cocaine I took to weed and drinking like shit to a blanket when I got bad cravings. But it was still less money and less harmful to my life at that time then cocaine. I think everyone has that one drug that is just evil to them and they want more than food, relationships, sex, etc. For me it was cocaine.

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