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Qutting the hooch cold turkey.

- Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:39:57 EST Qz/2kAjZ No.29801
File: 1521070797797.jpg -(102520B / 100.12KB, 1768x994) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Qutting the hooch cold turkey.
To all my fellow alcoholics that have kicked the habit, can you offer a fellow bro some advice, tips, personal stories, general encouragement, etc? I'm going from a literal daily drinking habit (the last time I took a day off was years ago) to quitting cold turkey. I've been drinking a lot, like a half of a half gallon or more in one sitting when I get the option to.

I still live at home (just turned 23) and have been hitting the bottle pretty hard lately to where I've gone on one too many benders and have pissed my parents off to the point where I've been told if I ever bring alcohol into the house again I'll be kicked out of the house. I don't have the money for an apartment right now, plus I love and respect my parents more than I do booze, even though I truly do love and enjoy the fuck out of drinking. I don't really want to stop drinking, but I can definitely admit that I am a genuine alcoholic and drinking in moderation is something that's not a possibility for me. Once I take that first shot I can't stop until I knock out asleep for the night. I've had to call off from a fairly well paying job due to hangovers to the point where if I call off anymore this year I'll lose my job. Until I get an apartment I have to take a long break for the moment.

Again, how's it been for others who have had to go from heavy habits to literally not drinking at all? Its only been two days but the mental urges are heavy right now.
Molly Dacklespear - Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:40:59 EST wyGXjQeA No.29802 Reply
Your urge to drink, you could actually get a 40 oz, being two days has passed. I have a theory that it may transition through the night to day three and shorten the bad feeling as well.

The withdrawal symptoms could actually get kinda sketchy, even though two days has passed. I assume you drank not last night but the night before that.

Hence two days has passed. Yea not saying to do this, but a 40 may kinda level things out, where the next day is easier to cope with, as well the night. Kinda like resetting things down to an easier to manage level faster.

If you do not drink or other suggestion, make it through tomorrow. It should only get easier from there. Each day.

Can as well, if you have insurance helps, go to an ER at a hospital. They would give you some benzos, through an iV, for immediate help. Then a take home amount of benzos to get through 4 days. Say you just drank the night before, as some may just give you too small amount that may kinda defeat the purpose, and maybe even prolong the withdrawal.

You will still feel pretty pretty crappy, out-of-sorts, but will reduce the bad feelings.

In the future there are drugs that do ease the craving for alcohol. Like simply something that triggers one to get a definite mindset that they are simply going to get alcohol, while struggling if they should or not.

Ondansetron is good if one started drinking heavily fairly early in age. It should make one not really think about
drinking. As well cravings are far less, when one would maybe be overwhelmed to just get alcohol.

Kinda like one never really drank much, or cares much about pursuing it. Good luck anyway. Gotta look at other peoples lives. Most people do not drink very heavily, let alone daily.
Martha Blythelock - Sat, 17 Mar 2018 10:37:45 EST p+1OPm6K No.29805 Reply
If this guy got withdrawal symptoms he would know it before 2 days. That is probably a good sign? Quit while you are ahead man, it only gets worse.
Cedric Sellerway - Thu, 29 Mar 2018 12:51:53 EST SUOAef+T No.29829 Reply

I was a really heavy alcoholic for about 7 years. About six months ago I tried to detox myself and ended up in the ER because I started having seizures. I was in there for a few days going through DT's, it was terrible. They put me on a benzo IV though so I don't really remember anything. Today I am about 6 months sober off everything, no weed alcohol or other drugs. I can tell you for a fact, the mental urge is really really strong for the first month off the stuff. But as more time passed I thought about drinking less and less. I still think about drinking at least once a day but it's more of just a passing thought. It gets better with time, just hold on.

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