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Opiate detox questions

- Sat, 17 Mar 2018 11:39:32 EST d5LeErQO No.29806
File: 1521301172464.jpg -(30674B / 29.96KB, 750x573) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Opiate detox questions
So I was like 3-4 days clean and I relapsed last night because I had gotten some free H. Prior to that my last doses were at least 2-3 days apart for like 2 weeks which I basically considered involuntary tapering. My last 2 doses were PST with my use for the past 2 weeks at least consisting almost entirely of dope and unknown fentalogues that only last an hour or two. I guess basically I'm just asking if I'm in for short term or longish term opi w/d thanks to the seeds and how far i set myself back by using last night. Still feel the quarter bag i did (snorted) like .03 of slightly cut dope without any fent cut. I did not get unsick last night but it did make me feel a lot better for a while. Right now I still have stomach cramps and in some aspects it's worse (nausea and shitting) but the RLS is almost gone and the chills vanished. I still feel the dope since I did it like 5 hours ago so I'm guessing this is just how I'll feel from this "taper" dose. I have a little gabapentin left, bud, and clonazolam but I refuse to take clam more than once every 3 days because of my prior addiction to it. I can get immodium, tagamet, and WGFJ. I can get cyclobenzaprine too and I've noticed drinking helps for a while so I can get alcohol.
>how long will I most likely be sick for?
>what's the best (non-opiod) shit I can use for w/d aside from what I've mentioned?
>how bad did I fuck myself over by doing a lower dose than necessary to help me sleep?
I know this post is a clusterfuck and I can't get any definitive answers but any help/support would be appreciated.

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