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get rid of the evil eye

- Sat, 31 Mar 2018 22:53:53 EST IFNLd7DO No.29835
File: 1522551233526.png -(4785772B / 4.56MB, 3180x1753) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. get rid of the evil eye
In our digital age, the world spins on, but the evil eye can, still, and will, pervade and ruin lives !!
please !!
あ rate worse than ever, we are flooded by distractions and derision to turn from help for removal of this curse. </3 !!

/////========What do I need?=======/////

1x Coin
1x Knife
1x pencil-like object
1x pill container

=Step I=
-Utter the phrase: "Ye who is cursing thee, thee who is me, me and I and why? because I am "___First_&_Last___"

=Step II=
-put the coin in the pill case (cannot be see through) and say "if it is heads, then it is the case I am being cursed. if it is tails, then it is the case I am not being cursed."

=Step III=
-Close pill container, shake up bottle and turn pill container so coin comes out and observe the results.

==Step IV==
if you are cursed, then do:
a magic trick like:

-making your thumb look cut off
-make it look like a knife or pencil object is floating in your hand (the trick is the hand that looks it's holding the forearm, actually has a pencil lined up to perpendicularly cross and hold the knife. technically & basically, both the knife and pencil are in both pictures, you just don't see both at the same time)

==Final Step==

if you are not cursed, you are not cursed! hooray!

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