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- Wed, 04 Jul 2018 19:29:00 EST 1NUYf9VK No.30012
File: 1530746940932.jpg -(3894432B / 3.71MB, 7152x3472) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. BWD
Bump While Detox

On Green Tea + MangoPeach Juice rn, whoa brauh the room is stable and there's the faint smell of feces or burning acrylic as the nastiness is cleansed from my body.
Going to go meditate and head out to enjoy the festivities with a clean head. Probably should shower too.

Reuben Grimwater - Fri, 06 Jul 2018 01:22:12 EST 6FvdO/Lk No.30015 Reply
day 2 no beer, last extended break I took was last July for about 4 weeks and then I started drinking again

I actually feel pretty o.k. at the moment and im trying to get rid of cravings by smoking weed, i was drinking like 6-8 5% beers a night and dont really feel any withdrawal. I've been smoking weed and drinking massive amounts of water and its been working pretty good.

im exhausted all the time because my sleep is all jacked up from booze so I have to cut back, also im getting fat
BwD - Thu, 12 Jul 2018 22:58:53 EST sOYAtUOs No.30032 Reply
Trying to quit smoking and poly substance abuse. Had one cigarette today and one yesterday. Trying to vape instead. No weed today, no alcohol, no nothing except that, psych meds, and fewd.
Fanny Fenkinlock - Sat, 21 Jul 2018 03:27:01 EST tmdaHvJY No.30055 Reply
I stupidly went and binged heroin IV for a week after being clean from a lengthy habit for over a year... This detox is nowhere near as bad but the restless legs is killer. Last time I didn't sleep at all for 4 days with full blown WD because of it. Easily the worst part of WD after the constipation hell clears up.

I'd say the reason it's so bad is that you're exhausted to the point where normally you would instantly fall asleep but you're prohibited from doing so. It is true torture.

What are other opinions on the worst of opiate WD?
Wesley Clebbermun - Sat, 04 Aug 2018 02:19:34 EST FRAuO5w7 No.30073 Reply
Day 178 of sobriety from anything harder than coffee. Day 0 was a meth comedown after 11 years of living constantly high on weed, hooch and dis's. Just the last 4 years had the inclusion of ice. The best thing of being out is not having hangovers anymore. Oh, and having energy to work-out and going outdoors again. Great life so far.
Nell Chocklelock - Sat, 04 Aug 2018 18:24:39 EST hz0sYZtr No.30076 Reply
Firstly, are you me? I was sober for 2 years, relapsed 3 weeks ago, used off and on. 14 days ago I got a vivitrol shot. You may have seen my threads around. I tried incredibly hard to get high. I used every single day for the last 8-9 days... while on vivitrol. I did get some negligible effects from the drugs, but it was mostly a waste. Vivitrol blocks the important mu receptor completely (euphoria and analgesia) but does a poor job of blocking some of the less important receptors. So I’m withdrawing from the other receptors. I doubt there are many people who have gone through this incredibly strange withdrawal. I have a large amount of Xanax, gabapentin, bupropion, but no clonidine. I’m at 32 hours since last using. I’ll say that this WD isn’t very bad. Minor aches, no leg kicks, but a very cloudy head and lots of yawning. Doubt I’ll sleep well tonight unless I drug myself unconscious. I have to go back to my desk job on Monday.

To answer your question regarding worst withdrawal, mine was from oxycodone. I was using 400-800mg/day for about a month. I didn’t understand opiates or withdrawal at the time. I used at that level for 3 straight months, never experiencing discomfort or withdrawal. When I decided I should stop, I went through the worst hell imaginable. I was freezing while dripping sweat. I was laying in bed acting as though I was peddling a bicycle as fast as I could while wildly flaming my arms and convulsing. I was cycling between suicidal thoughts, self pity, anger, fear, and frustration rapidly. I would dry heave and run to the bathroom and continue my flailing and moaning while trying to sit still in the toilet. Every hour or so I would run to the shower and shower in incredibly hot water. I ended up calling my dealer the next day to get more pills, and soon after, went to detox where they helped me tremendously coming off of that habit. So that is the story of my worst. I’ve kicked heroin a couple times, but pretty minor habits.

Lastly, I’m a bit surprised that a 1 week binge has left you in such a bad place. Sorry you’re going through that, man. I really hope it’s short lived and passes quickly. Hang in there bud.
Polly Drimblefield - Mon, 17 Sep 2018 00:53:21 EST rO9shbz6 No.30143 Reply
Been taking 3mg clonaz/day for over a year now. I've not followed any specific taper guidelines - I mostly just stopped taking them and will only take one when the side-effects become unbearable. But these headaches, man. Holy fuck I want to slam my head against a wall. This is the absolute worst. I took 1mg about an hour ago and the headache is still going strong. Fucking hell
Jarvis Seppermure - Wed, 31 Oct 2018 11:32:56 EST 1NUYf9VK No.30226 Reply
I should mention that I quit caffeine a while back, never felt more freshed and energetic.
Doris Momblemeck - Mon, 05 Nov 2018 19:22:34 EST xHaxgq4B No.30231 Reply
My area of expertise is DXM, but it is a steroisomer of opiates. If you smoke cigarettes, it could affect the metabolic pathway to MEM which becomes Hydroxymorphinan-O Glucoronide which you DO NOT want. Its probably similar to the thing created the restless legs. This is merely a hypothesis, many things affect metabolism. DO NOT take nicotine products with DXM. Anyway, hydrobromide creates a heavy "couchlock" effect simliar to opiates. Take more electrolytes: bananas, Gatorade, vitamin D (fish).

why am I internet doctor for free. oh well
Shitting Bumbleford - Tue, 06 Nov 2018 09:35:31 EST vbzqYZ5g No.30232 Reply
Hello guys, i just want to say that i'm more than 5 weeks clean from alcohol and a lot of different kind of drugs. Also i approach the end of my tapering of benzos, i'm only taking 0,5mg alprazolam a day. (I regularly flushed down 15+ mgs of clonazepam with lots of booze). So i'm 5 weeks into this almost clean state (i only take 0,5mg alprazolam, 25mg quetiapine, and smoke 10-15 cigarettes a day) and i can say it really sucks major dicks. BUT: being fucked up like those disgusting
stinky alcoholic hobos you see lying in the subway underpass, sucks even huger blue-veined meter long jolly african-americandicks with AIDS.

I really went down the rabbit hole this time and i almost killed myself. I was locked in a mental hospital, and detoxified. Now i don't want to drink or use recreational drugs(maybe some /psy/ sometimes in the distant future), but i'm feeling like shit. This is not just withdrawal or post-acute withdrawal symptoms, this is the absolute condition of my body and mind, that i didn't realize or feel because the so much narcotic i used to hide the reality.

In my experience(i used synthetic cannabinoids back then on an absolute fiendish junkie scale and then detoxed from it) and according to others, the time when i'll probably feel fine is T+6 months. And i'm only in 5 weeks. Everything is fucked up around me, i need to rebuild my life. I lost my university study, i lost my job, i spent all my money(not a lot at a time, but adding it up it equals the price of a good car), my body is injured at multiple sites, my mind and my emotions are shattered, i got fat, and i feel like i can't work or study or do anything. It really sucks. How to overcome these shits until these 5 months elapse? I can't do sport because my body really hurts on multiple sites, even walking and sitting hurts a lot , but i changed my diet to a healthy one. Also i got back to normal self-maintaining rutines, like bathing, brushing teeth, wearing clean clothes, shaving, cleaning the house, cooking/baking healthy and cheap foods. I guess it takes a lot of time to rebuild this life that i damaged to the point of almost destroying it. It wouldn't be a big deal, i can work for some months and years, but i still don't see why does it worth it. I don't think i'll ever be happy in my life, also, the way this humanity is going is probably a combination of totalitarian orwellian dystopia, ongoing world war and daily genocides. I still don't want to live in this ugly world.
Frederick Fablingfoot - Wed, 07 Nov 2018 05:18:42 EST tDrP8E51 No.30234 Reply
Hi very one, I made a post on hooch about getting carried away drinking on vacation in Japan.....I’ve never had any major addictions but overall have an addiction to being altered in some way or another....thinking it’s time to go completely sober save LSD and maybe some bud on the weekends

The daily pot use and drinking I can tell is not going to be a good thing in the long run....much love wishing all of you well
Jenny Durrynudge - Wed, 10 Apr 2019 10:51:03 EST 1Pc5zbPG No.30310 Reply
Run out of hash, admittedly I dont smoke much, 1 gram can last weeks, though I was doing codeine too and Naproxen both for pain, CBD ran out of and Im only eating fish, nuts, eggs, some greens, greek yogurt. My anti biotics course just finished. Im trying to be clean for a bit, hadnt fapped for a week and a half but was feeling highly strung and was so horny other night I ordered a fleshlight

On my fridge it says, No nicotine (was doing snuff), caffeine (gives me tmj), alcohol (self explanatory) sugar (trying to slim down)

So Im low carb no drink or drug atm, it kinda just happened, feel like I need to clean my system a bit. Will have a little drink and eat whatever over my bday next weekend, hope that doesnt mess up my hard work. Might have to get some hash (I can get bored) but that'll be all.

feeling kinda clean tbh feels good man :)
Jarvis Fankinfut - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:20:11 EST YaY2oWWS No.30482 Reply
cold turkey from 4-8mg day suboxone and this fucking sucks everything hurts i just wanna be fucking done with this shit
Angus Sushmere - Tue, 30 Jul 2019 13:02:41 EST S90C7mly No.30518 Reply
1564506161027.jpg -(55596B / 54.29KB, 640x713) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i was not stoned for about half a year. from 15yo to 22yo.

i stumbled across ayahuasca

basically everything changed from this experience on. nowadays im really healthy, doing sports regularly and my lungs have recovered.

but from time to time you can find other drugs in my systems.

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