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20 days to detox from THC

- Wed, 03 Oct 2018 03:12:18 EST MQZr3BK/ No.30196
File: 1538550738254.jpg -(29715B / 29.02KB, 700x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 20 days to detox from THC
As the title says, I have 20 days and nights to detox from weed. Im male, 24, 5foot5 130lbs and I smoke at least a bowl everyday and have for the last 9 years. I have a drug test coming up on October 24th. Im already super lean/toned so extremely little body fat.

I know the basics of detoxing from weed involve working out if you have the time to and abstaining from all milk/dairy products, but stop working out a few days before your test to keep the amount of fat cells being burned and metobolites being released to a minimum, and the day before and of the test babe sure to hydrate and urinite constantly, just make sure not to over drink since its definitely a possibility, and if needed then to take a b conplex vitamin to hide the dilution and to never go into your test on an empty stomach but dont over eat.

Who here thinks I stand a solid chance of passing? I also bought some Stinger Detox x5 The Buzz in case I™m still pissing hot, the instructions for it say to abstain from weed for at least 48 hours then drink the entire 237ml bottle and refill 4 times then drink down, and to urinate at least 3/4 times but that ill only be able to piss clean for about 4 hours? Apparently it works by breaking down the fat cells in your body and releasing as much thc as possible out into the urine and then with the water on top dilutes the sample to an undetectable threshold.

Anyone familiar with Stinger as well?

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