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how to quit weed less painfully

- Fri, 05 Jul 2019 05:48:44 EST yV/S+9Pc No.30462
File: 1562320124837.png -(667977B / 652.32KB, 1712x1038) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. how to quit weed less painfully
vaping like 3-6g a day whenever i get it asap just cos i can, i have no impulse control been smoking for about 5+ years nonstop and i need to stop but don't want to. what do you do after your fun receptors are so burnt out, i want to have fun with things again like when i was a kid
Emma Wondertark - Fri, 05 Jul 2019 15:55:36 EST rl4uHNmE No.30464 Reply
Oh boy - there isn't one magical answer to this question I'm afraid! If there was, addiction wouldn't be as much of an issue in our society as it currently is. That being said, there are ways you can break the cycle and get clean, but one thing that worries me about your post straight away is that you state that you "don't want to" stop. It seems that perhaps you know you should, or have been told to - but you haven't yet got yourself in the mindset to leave the drug behind you.... I'm going to be straight up with you right now - to succeed you have to actually really WANT to. Like really be committed to it. Theres no point in just going through the motions - you will just be lying to yourself and those around you and you will just end up sneaking around trying to find ways of using without nobody noticing etc... So - are you ready?? If so, I can give more advice, but i ain't wasting my time otherwise...
George Bruddledale - Fri, 05 Jul 2019 21:40:42 EST kcxADqFj No.30465 Reply
It's hard man. I've tried replacing weed with other drugs like alchohol, ketamine, ADHD stims, etizolam and nicotine. The plan was to use them for awhile to get used to not being high on weed and then quit the other substance while it's not so engraved in my neural pathway.it works to some extent and yes I am retarded for doing so but after awhile I always cave in and return back to the SWED lifestyle...I guess I just hate being sober more than anything ...
Ian Fiddlebanks - Sat, 06 Jul 2019 00:39:35 EST yV/S+9Pc No.30466 Reply
thankyou for the honesty
sometimes i have really great sober experiences like last night, where i really did feel like i did before i started smoking, then get really hype that i'm gonna quit but within 2-3 days i think i can handle it again and just restart weed, meaning i barely ever get to that week/month of no THC that makes you feel a lot better. i also have aspergers and weed became a habit/self med very quick.

i need to remember that even if i did get weed i wouldn't enjoy it, it's literally the looking forward to weed that is more hype at this point and hoping it'll be like the first time, then getting disappointed when vaping a q in a day does barely anything.
Jarvis Fankinfut - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:10:46 EST YaY2oWWS No.30479 Reply
honestly just go on a trip somewhere for a week or two. dont bring bud with you. that's what worked for me a while back. althought i did relapse and im back on that shlab train but god it would be nice to not do this every day
Doris Mublinggold - Sat, 20 Jul 2019 21:19:27 EST Xj9sIgGL No.30495 Reply
its a marathon, not a race. In order to complete a marathon, some degree of motivation is needed. Not wanting to quit is normal, it feels good in the short term, so ur brain is like man, when it feels so good, why shouldnt I?

Been in your shoes although for 10years. For me, my tipping point was when I started to sell in order to fund my own addiction. I had access to more than normal, combined with less clients to turn a profit. Then I smoked so much that I didnt even get high even though it was the dankest dank I ever had. Also witnessing my childhood friends being literally useless stone-heads made me ask myself; is this how I wanna live? My connection's constant bad mood also motovated me alot, I dont wanna end up as a raging idiot who misunderstands everything and over-reacts to petty trivial shit. Im only a week sober, but this time I will not re-lapse. I have had long breaks before, but as soon as I go for "1 J only" Im suddently back on the fog-train, seemingly unable to control my own legs as I end up at my dealer's place. Even though I really disliked the feeling of being high fter being sober for a while, I still ended up om the daily fog-tain going nowhere but to KFC and burgerking.

Cut all your "friends". In my case they never respected my wishes to stop and thus just a little preassure from them is enough if you have a weak moment of cravings. Get hobbies, eat healthy, workout and find your purpose is my tips. But first of all, in order to succseed you need to want it from the bottom of your heart!

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