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Wanting to drastically cut back on cannabis

- Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:15:48 EST cnfcRf9r No.30491
File: 1563455748358.jpg -(50143B / 48.97KB, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Wanting to drastically cut back on cannabis
I was/am a nightly smoker of cannabis (3 years) and have done quite a bit of thinking behind why I smoke. I’ve decided to drastically cut back and having it really only be a weekend thing, if at all. I don’t drink or do other drugs but I do take anti-anxiety medication (20mg) and am concerned about that sort of combination...I’m also concerned about withdrawal. I’ve done some T breaks in the past and while I haven’t smoked for 3 days this week, I’m feeling symptoms of restlessness and struggling to get out of bed but it’s been nothing that’s caused me to not function throughout the day for my job. I’ve heard tapering off is one way to alleviate symptoms but I’m the sort of person who would want to quit cold turkey. Anyone with similar experiences want to chime in? Thank you.
David Sannertark - Thu, 18 Jul 2019 15:18:44 EST rl4uHNmE No.30493 Reply
Hey man, well done for wanting to take the steps to quit! So one thing I will say, is weed doesn't give you physical withdrawal like say Opiates / Alcohol or Benzos - but I get that probs doesn't mean it's going to be easier for you... Just remember you are not physically dependent on this stuff, you've just built up a psychological problem towards it. This means you stand a chance of beating this shit straight up with the right mindset and tools. I guess sleeping is going to be a problem right? If you wanna do this as drug free as possible, maybe get some light / moderate exercise during the day and start getting a bedtime routine in place which includes a bath 45 mins before bed. Anxiety wise, you have meds you already take right? Can you review this with your doc? Make sure dose is correct and be honest with the doc about what you're dealing with! They actually can be useful in signposting you to local drug & alcohol support groups which in my opinion, can be really great if you find the right one! Also practice slow breathing and 'mindfulness'. It sounds like BS at first, but it kinda works If you invest in taking it seriously.
Lydia Brummerhidging - Thu, 18 Jul 2019 21:07:19 EST YWBhMLiH No.30494 Reply
Bro if it's already been three days and you haven't blown your stack you can white knuckle through this. You got it, be confident.

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