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how do I into dino

- Sat, 06 Feb 2021 07:59:48 EST c0WBLZ6o No.23952
File: 1612616388249.jpg -(12802B / 12.50KB, 280x373) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. how do I into dino
I sometimes trample through my playmobil toys and use baby carrots to make limbs for hotdogs and then eat without using my hands
I've also started shrieking, but I want to go deeper into dino-identity
please give your tips to live more like a dino
Lillian Clayshaw - Sat, 13 Feb 2021 11:36:37 EST ivXBiSPR No.23955 Reply
Well you'll want to shave your head, and all other body hair. Don't want to get mistaken for one of those filthy mammals.
Practice thrashing your tail against trees and eating eggs raw so you can easily infiltrate nesting areas for an easy feed.
While you may already have a strong and developed jaw ideal for crushing prey and chewing through bone, it is also wise to practice slashing if you are a bipedal predatory dino, or stomping if you're more the herbivorous giant type.
Don't forget that territory is precious and highly sought after. You should be prepared to defend yours from competition. Beware that rival dinos have been known to disguise themselves as mailmen to take over neighbouring territories. The shrieking and slashing techniques will come in useful for this.
Cyril Hoffingsit - Sat, 27 Feb 2021 05:34:30 EST 0W40+vts No.23961 Reply
Practice walking on your toes and bird-like at all times. Train your throat to make throaty grown noises.
Cook a big ham and eat it all with just your hands teeth and hands for stabilization at least once.
velociraptor :3 - Wed, 14 Apr 2021 22:41:53 EST J83/JWp4 No.23975 Reply

I'm so delighted you asked! Now, before we get started, I should note that there's no "one true" way to into dino, you have a lot of options, and I think it's worth it to explore them!

First, think about what kind of dino you want to into! Dinos are not a monolith!!! It seems like you've been exploring a vaguely carnivorous side of the dino tech tree; you have the Big Boys, the T-Rex, as an obvious first pic for many, but consider also the skillful raptor! A more dexterous build, though not as immediately intimidating in size.

On the herbivorous side of things, we have what I like to refer to as "the bompy boys". These are the ones that love to ram all or part of their bodies into things! You should try bonking into friends, enemies, soft objects, to see what sticks best! Maybe you like bonking head-on, well, in that case, you have an option of something like a triceratops, with its imposing and striking horns; however, you also have the pachycephalosaurus, a personal favorite of mine, whose specialty is more in the blunt force trauma department!

This is just a start, but I hope it gives you some next steps to go on! I look forward to hearing your progress on your dino journey!!!!

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