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Discord #Drugs Channel Now Open

PCE derivatives actually legal in Canada?

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- Sun, 27 Oct 2019 04:33:20 EST BQviShWn No.369282
File: 1572165200204.png -(22672B / 22.14KB, 841x459) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. PCE derivatives actually legal in Canada?
Here is the document: https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/c-38.8/index.html

The relevant parts are:

Schedule I

>Phencyclidine (1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine), its salts, derivatives and analogues and salts of derivatives and analogues, including: (1) Ketamine (2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexanone)

So you might think that "derivatives and analogues" of PCP might be why PCE derivatives are illegal. However...

Schedule III

>N–(1–phenylcyclohexyl)ethylamine (PCE) and any salt thereof

This does not mention any "derivatives and analogues" of PCE. If you want to make the case that the Schedule I ruling of "any derivatives or analogues" of PCP covers derivatives of PCE, why is PCE then not Schedule I?

Have people been mistakenly believing that PCE derivatives are illegal in Canada? Can somebody prove to me otherwise?
Phyllis Gingernatch - Mon, 28 Oct 2019 03:37:16 EST rwoCT7BN No.369295 Reply
>If you want to make the case that the Schedule I ruling of "any derivatives or analogues" of PCP covers derivatives of PCE, why is PCE then not Schedule I?
Most laws (western world but not Europe) surrounding psychoactive chemicals have a base of substances that go straight to the 1st tier Methamp, Heroin, LSD etc. Then over the years different chemicals are added as they become more than a small sample in a small lab accumulating dust.
Ketamine is PCM and I imagine its schedule 3 or lower, so PCE makes sense in that sense to be in schedule 3.

I think what you posted needs a bit more context because I can't imagine PCP and PCM being schedule 1. To be a wet blanket most analogue laws work like this.
  • PCP illegal
  • PCx illegal because PCP is illegal
  • Because PCx is illegal then O-PCx & 5-MeO-PCIp is illegal
In essence a sort of cascading effect. I would like to think that isn't the case but many analogue laws regardless how they are worded work that way. If it isn't illegal because of PCP it is illegal because of Ketamine (PCM) as PCE just has a Ethyl Chain instead of a Methyl Chain. If I'm wrong please correct me.
Phyllis Gingernatch - Mon, 28 Oct 2019 03:43:46 EST rwoCT7BN No.369296 Reply
PCM is DesChloroKetamine. 2-Cl-PCE would be an analogue of Ketamine, # - X - PCE would also be analogue. That is likely why you do not see PCE derivatives and analogues. "derivatives and analogues" is also specifically phrased like that for this sort of thing.
Beatrice Clunnermare - Mon, 28 Oct 2019 09:13:59 EST BQviShWn No.369297 Reply
> I think what you posted needs a bit more context because I can't imagine PCP and PCM being schedule 1.

Yes, PCP and Ketamine are indeed schedule I, not III.

I think if nothing else, this would give somebody a case to argue that PCE derivatives should be legal.

Psilocin, 4-HO-DMT, is schedule III. Currently you can buy 4-Aco-DMT legally as analogues of psilocin are not scheduled.

If law enforcement were to say that your 3-HO-PCE is a PCP derivative and therefore schedule I, you could make the case that it's more similar to the schedule III substance and point to the precedent of 4-HO-DMT vs 4-Aco-DMT.

3-HO-PCP and 3-MeO-PCP quality

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- Mon, 25 Feb 2019 19:31:48 EST rLasZJG5 No.364887
File: 1551141108192.gif -(511589B / 499.60KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3-HO-PCP and 3-MeO-PCP quality
So whats the deal with this shit
I have had it from different vendors now
I used to just throw it into an order because I like to have a variety of drugs so its safe to say that it wasn't just a bad batch or cut stuff from one vendor.
Everywhere it says dosage ranges from 2-8mg
My go to disso was 3-MeO-PCP but lately I found that the batches going around aren't what they used to be so I only got 3-HO-PCP at the moment which seems to be at least pure and of good quality
3-HO-PCP is fucking boring bullshit though and it hardly has any of the so praised opioid affinity and its also not really dissociating and it lacks the stimulation that other dissos give you which wouldn't be a problem if it was actually that potent but when I do 3-HO-PCP it takes me around 30-40mg to get a somewhat effect from it

I have had the grey stuff in the past and the white stuff at the moment which seems actually pretty pure idk it doesnt leave any residue when I snort it and dissolves completely
I also tried 3-HO-PCE in the past which was even shittier
where is the good 3-MeO-PCP/PCE stuff I used to get seems like only bunk batches going around lately
The RC game seems to be at a low point anyway right now
so many shortages of several good substances, not only dissos
whats the deal with all that
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Dr. Katz !KqgSR25gAQ - Sat, 28 Sep 2019 05:29:02 EST HzzwxmvU No.368949 Reply
Since MXE's production was banned I have not bought, used, or even seriously considered any RC dissociative. Damn shame, but once it seems like quality control is up to par and everyone has a decent dosage guide up that every god damn vendor is out of stock or in a country I do not feel safe ordering from.
Shit's weak!
Nicholas Corringpan - Sun, 29 Sep 2019 02:15:10 EST DbyDwnHo No.368958 Reply
interesting. my DCK experience mimicked what you're saying, but i think i did it wrong.
i got my incredible lifetime supply of 3-meo-pcp direct from a very solid chinese lab (that doesn't exist anymore :[ ) and the 3-ho was also very international and probably well sourced
Madiosn - Sun, 27 Oct 2019 09:36:07 EST mqOal6yu No.369286 Reply
>>364965 I live in Canada and hoping to contact you.

m a d i s o n 9 4 8 at o u t l o o k . c o m

Glaucine thread

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- Tue, 22 Oct 2019 05:59:20 EST YTuybFky No.369197
File: 1571738360414.png -(142929B / 139.58KB, 1262x468) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Glaucine thread
Anyone had experience with this stuff? Some OTC meds have it in them, but only in europe (sucks to be me). Anyone know if you can/need to extract from the yellow horned poppy? Is it easy to get the powder online, and will it likely be stopped by customs? legality in general?
Charlotte Chommlepack - Thu, 24 Oct 2019 04:56:20 EST HFIXxQj0 No.369228 Reply
> is it easy to order the powder online
Yeah. It shouldn't be scheduled where you are either. That being said, don't always expect your baggies of powder to get through customs if shipping from overseas. If you have trouble buying the powder for whatever reason, it comes in pill form that you should be able to import as well (again, assuming it's unscheduled where you are).

>Anyone had experience with this stuff?
Yeah. It's an interesting experience. Not nearly as powerful as DXM, but not really the same sorts of vibes come out of it anyway.

If you take it *with* DXM, it really seems to make the afterglow just keep dragging on.
Edward Gozzlestick - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 21:31:13 EST lJfbw+w1 No.369273 Reply
How would you recommend taking it? Can you make tea from the poppy? How much should a beginner take?
Eliza Henningfuck - Sun, 27 Oct 2019 00:35:25 EST HFIXxQj0 No.369276 Reply
You take it orally. Tea from the flower will not be nearly as potent as getting glaucine in powder form or as pills. Plus, you will not be able to measure your dose when trying to do it as tea.

You might want to start with 300-500mg. At least, that's about where I dose with it. Don't expect the experience to be like DXM. Glaucine is definitely dissociative on its own, but it is a different experience.

Good luck.

2'-Oxo-PCE Appreciation Thread

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- Fri, 18 Oct 2019 20:45:43 EST BQviShWn No.369170
File: 1571445943043.jpg -(3972558B / 3.79MB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2'-Oxo-PCE Appreciation Thread
Who else loves this stuff? It finally hit the market again recently... double the price I paid last year, but I'm just glad it's back.

3-MeO-PCP is the cherry on top, still waiting for that to arrive. If anyone here has both O-PCE and 3-MeO-PCP and would like to participate in a mini study:

Take two parts O-PCE to one part 3-MeO-PCP, insufflated. It's been a while, but I recall it feeling a lot like MXE but even better.

MXE is 3-MeO-2'-Oxo-PCE so the bro-science kind of works out?

I encourage you all to join the O-PCE master race.
7 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Phoebe Dammerwene - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 17:00:23 EST 3jTm8tij No.369269 Reply
taking one for the team there mate I appreciate that, fucking leddit deleting rcsources
Albert Drallywell - Sun, 27 Oct 2019 00:23:43 EST tBs55sn8 No.369274 Reply

Thank you sir. I may just get a chance to experience this chem now.

Robo Cough Storage

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- Sun, 29 Sep 2019 22:38:51 EST zL5EYkyP No.368988
File: 1569811131252.jpg -(374556B / 365.78KB, 1068x1446) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Robo Cough Storage
What is the shelf life of dxm syrups like Robocough?
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Crater Waste - Wed, 02 Oct 2019 15:54:25 EST uTC1IJkn No.369017 Reply
1570046065429.png -(2842978B / 2.71MB, 1323x990) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Do they only sell berry flavor on their website now? Is grape the other flavor? i forget
Pseudo Qui Qui - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 11:49:29 EST zL5EYkyP No.369262 Reply
From what I’ve seen they have stopped selling the original grape flavor
Matilda Bardfuck - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 13:30:42 EST /ApTTIX9 No.369265 Reply
It says on the bottom how long it lasts.
For mine it lasts almost a year from when I bought it and you get two bottles so it's worth the money.

DXM microdose

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- Wed, 23 Oct 2019 20:04:50 EST 6Zv8gxXs No.369216
File: 1571875490251.jpg -(75451B / 73.68KB, 1200x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DXM microdose
Is there any merit to this?
I wonder if taking a semi regular regimen of 1st plat and under doses would have a positive effect on mood and anxiety levels.
Or would this just fuck the tolerance up for when it is time for the big dance?
Tell me your ways /dis/
Hannah Shittingfoot - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 20:08:50 EST IloN6QLN No.369217 Reply
It will prob help. Don't expect a magical cure all though.

Ketamine - external stimuli

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- Sun, 13 Oct 2019 18:14:22 EST x8ptrQOQ No.369111
File: 1571004862370.jpg -(213562B / 208.56KB, 1024x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ketamine - external stimuli
Ok, when I normally take ket I tend to play a video game at the start and have some kind of movie on and it becomes immersive and takes me on a trip which seems related to the movie.

I have a gram left and i'm wondering if anyone here takes ket in just a silent room with no films, music or anything?

Does this differ much for you? Does anyone find that putting just music on also has an effect on the trip (before if you get to the point where you can't even hear it, that is)
5 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Seeker of Truth - Mon, 21 Oct 2019 15:59:36 EST We589e6N No.369190 Reply
Anyone else really like listening to hardcore/gabber on ketamine?
Cedric Sepperbanks - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 11:11:49 EST 66WERSJT No.369209 Reply

Never did ketamine but I did like it a lot when under the influence of dextromethorphan

Robo Cough

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- Sat, 28 Sep 2019 16:53:34 EST xCqh1HBU No.368954
File: 1569704014206.jpg -(44207B / 43.17KB, 920x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Robo Cough

Robo cough is hitting the mainstream. fuck normies gonna get it banned
37 posts and 8 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Caren Trasher - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 16:25:53 EST uTC1IJkn No.369145 Reply
one if the inactive ingredients in a bottle of dxm hbr syrup is menthol. but you're not wrong.
sylph - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 12:21:18 EST TON0Q7tW No.369162 Reply
sources? I have read some files about such cases but can't really find any now
stoned chocobo - Tue, 22 Oct 2019 20:55:40 EST Kn362rnJ No.369204 Reply
ordered a 12 pack
berry flavor
threw up from drinking like 2 within an hour span (underestimated it was so easy to drink) and the nausia cae from no where so hard and fast. then trip was over

ive tried slow dosing 1/4 of a bottle every half hour and thats ok but i cant really get past a 2nd plat without getting overly nausious from just hbr alone.
this would work well with some delsym tho. booster shots. wish the dollar store had polystyrex ":(


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- Sun, 29 Sep 2019 00:05:03 EST BVHpQuGy No.368957
File: 1569729903106.png -(24196B / 23.63KB, 800x940) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ROUGHLY HOLY DOLLAR TREE DEX BIBLE

10 SEX


Symbols guide us, but symbols are meaningless. We must collect only the most beautiful symbols and calligraphics and instill our own meanings. If DXM has taught me one thing it is thus: the hourglass, two knives, all superstitions lay powerless before the phrases: I am alive and I have a plan. Symbols are how you and I are relaying, relating, and communicating with each other.Your name: a collection of symbols, but everyone knows it! What if I told you, you could have a second most secret name!


The second secret name is one you carry within yourself. It is how you silently refer to yourself, your thoughts, the unshakeable palace of meaning. Mine is irrelevant to you, and vice versa. Even though you may recognize some familiar esoteric knowledge, I invite you to appreciate
my second name on a strictly aesthetic level, for you could never experience what it takes to create one.


Choose four locations that at this time you could walk to. These are the four corners of your innate world. Take the time the sensationalize these places. Good. I hope you are serious because you will be walking through this area mentally and physically. Now go to these 4 locations and place your symbol these. Try to be subtle, and don't damage peoples property. Collect symbols purely for their aesthetic value.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 posts and 5 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
William Fanshit - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 18:15:28 EST gpD2gVMy No.369179 Reply
It's a complicated subject. I think about it a lot. This probably isn't the right place for the discussion, unfortunately.
Walter Shittingshaw - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 18:43:18 EST Tw8O+9JO No.369180 Reply
I guess not
It just really pisses me off when people on a board for dissociative drugs, you know, the kinds of drugs that some people take for exactly the effect that I'm about to describe, come up with homebrew ideologies, no matter how developed they may be, and then are dismissed offhand as "crazy" by people who are taking drugs from the very same class and are probably doing a similar thing in their own head. It's so fucking stupid. It undermines the kind of exploration that people here are trying to do and although there may be people who take dissociatives to be "more sane" the implicit purpose of using dissociatives is not that.
Martin Hocklebury - Sun, 20 Oct 2019 03:12:49 EST uyYXwlhF No.369181 Reply
if you let the ideas do battle, there's no need for your I to suffer, or to project it onto others. If you get out of the way and let the words flow through you, clarity uncontaminated is expressed.

Salting DXM freebase

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- Mon, 22 Jul 2019 04:55:55 EST IFYdvwKp No.367534
File: 1563785755439.jpg -(3271418B / 3.12MB, 3120x4160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Salting DXM freebase
Anyone here coverted freebase DXM into hcl salt or any other type of salt? Im sick of waiting two hours for freebase to hit.
11 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Sidney Sindlesog - Wed, 16 Oct 2019 18:09:05 EST IloN6QLN No.369140 Reply
I LOVE your identical miligram scale OP. Keep traveling the omniverse bud.
Simon Blackspear - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 15:15:09 EST e3sZ83AE No.369143 Reply
DXM takes a long time to hit regardless. HBr takes me an average of 1.5 - 2 hours to hit every time. 2-3 hours isn't much longer. As somebody else stated, when a freebase is taken orally, acid in the stomach converts the freebase to a salt naturally, since that's how you make salts in the first place. That is to say, you put a freebase substance into solution with an acid, and that yields the salts of whatever freebase you started with.

At most I can only see taking the DXM as a freebase increasing the onset time by about ~30-45 minutes, which is entirely consistent with my experiences of DXM HBr taking about a 1.5 - 2 hours to hit. Sometimes if I haven't eaten all day, DXM HBr will hit me within an hour and be in full swing within an hour and a half, but this seems to kind of be a waste of your time and potentially DXM to produce.

DXM takes longer to hit in part because its mechanism of action and the fact that it' s affinity for NMDA as an antagonist is over 10 fold lower than its metabolite DXO's affinity for NMDA. DXM has to undergo first-pass metabolism first to really get any appreciable dissociative effects, and first-pass metabolism takes place when a drug is absorbed in the intestinal lining and is transported through the hepatic portal vein into the liver to be metabolized. It takes a minute before something ingested orally makes its way to the intense, and even longer before it is absorbed (and how fast it is absorbed depends on the substance, whether food was eaten in conjunction with it--typically slowing down absorption but sometimes if something is lipophilic or some shit, then eating some lipid/fat rich foods greatly aid in absorption--as well as the pH of the intense, etc.). Overall, I just don't think you're going to see much improvement for the amount of work and time it is going to take to try and convert your DXM to a salt.

Synchronized trip

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- Tue, 08 Oct 2019 15:37:06 EST +fJ+P1IF No.369066
File: 1570563426276.jpg -(1256870B / 1.20MB, 850x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Synchronized trip
Full moon on the 13th, who moonwalkin'?
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Molly Buzzstock - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 04:47:15 EST XkbBzV45 No.369105 Reply

I believe people have had success getting robocough shipped from the US to Canada in the past. Might be worth a try.
Thomas Blatherstone - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 12:01:49 EST H2t8R36y No.369115 Reply
Watched the Blue Angels airshow while moonwalkin' with dexter yesterday. Ended up getting ramen at a Dim Sum shop with my friends. Picked up a joint at a place called 'The Apothecarium' which was the ritziest weed club Ive ever been in. Getting my ID scanned put me on a waiting list, and I was encouraged to check out their 'menu' while being provided some of the cushiest couch seating I have sat my keester on in years. They had all the bougie extracts and edibles you can imagine but I am a man of class and simple things so I bought their best hybrid pre-roll. First time in got me a $5 discount but the lady accidently made it $7 off somehow so I paid about $5 totaly for some of the best weed I have smoked in my life. Even my friends were surprised by how delicious, smooth, and wonderful it was. The scent itself was divine. Wish I had more time to check out an actual apothecary/herb shop a friend told me about but that will have to be next time.


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- Sun, 13 Oct 2019 09:26:21 EST qmkAuZ/P No.369106
File: 1570973181385.png -(631103B / 616.31KB, 700x690) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ephenidine
I wanna try Ephenidine, but I've taken about 5mg of Etizolam and a couple drinks of whiskey. Is it safe? I was only planning on taking a light dose of it for a slight buzz. So no holing or anything near that, would it be ok to take 100-200mg of it with these other drugs in my system?
Also interested if anyone else had done this combo or just taken small ephenidine doses and your experience with it? I hear it's supposed to be stimulating. Can it be compared to any stims or other stimulating drugs?
Emma Blobberfoot - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 14:42:03 EST IBnEhAME No.369110 Reply

Not a good idea, that's a recipe for a black out if I've ever heard of one, and the phenidines are generally known to cause amnesia more often than ACH's like Ketamine, MXE, PCP, etc.

Take it from someone who lost a significant portion of 2016 to blacking out on dissociatives and benzos, the combination is not worth it at all.

Trying DXM again after a long time

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- Sun, 13 Oct 2019 00:29:48 EST 0ZW13qxB No.369099
File: 1570940988682.jpg -(104771B / 102.32KB, 540x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Trying DXM again after a long time
So...I did DXM for about 4 years from the age of 17-21. Last time I did it I had a "bad trip" and I heard an "inner voice" telling me I shouldn't do it anymore. I haven't since. I'm 27 now. Lately i've had the urge (but to be honest, my life is kind of a mess). I guess what i'm asking is if anyone has had any experience with regrets with dissociatives. Do you think there's still something to be earned by jumping back into the experience? Psychedelics are hard to come by in my area, but i've had introspective trips on DXM so...

Sorry, i'm rambling a bit. Has anyone quit dissociatives and returned to them? How was your experience?
Henry Bimmlechag - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 01:28:32 EST K7Cmq3fu No.369100 Reply
I took a decent break, but not as long as yours. At this point I just used dxm to purposely induce derealization because I tend to overthink everything. I really don't feel as much of a need to use substances to curb the habits of my psyche. Cured my depression now that I can finally relax in my own skin. A small dose every now and then acts as my personal anti-depressant, but taken too frequently I start to get manic and pretty egotistical n narcissistic. Everyone is different though, you might not get the same results as I did.
DisGod - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 02:32:39 EST ScS+zq4e No.369102 Reply
1570948359146.jpg -(36384B / 35.53KB, 470x313) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
abused dxm at age 16, due to weed addiction (lol i know)

combined them both, and as someone who has been a meth addict,
i found this combo more euphoric and addictive than high dose meth.

By all means, dxm seems to be far superior of an enhancer at high doses, i abused d m roughly 30 times, reaching 1200mg doses twice per week before dxm lost its effect, i begun experimenting with lsd instead, took a 2 year break, tried it once or twice in between then, had a satisfying trip then a meh one, took some good time to adapt, and i reintroduced it into my life, at a moderate dosage rate, 1-2 months inbetween, ar varying dosages- this taught me to value the experiences more, to go out into the world, and meditate at the lakes edge, and thats when it became ritualistic to me, i would listen to my tunes through my headphones and feel one with the world around me. and this was just my local park, LOL.

love is wherever you find it and life is what you make of it OP. /dis/ is all about losing your 'self', be one with the bigger picture, the world that resonates around you.
DisGod - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 03:07:59 EST ScS+zq4e No.369103 Reply
1570950479257.jpg -(130825B / 127.76KB, 1280x786) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
forgot to mention, im 23 now, and have used and continue to use DXM roughly 180 times since age 16, with increasingly positive experiences, as i use it more as a mechanism to introduce positive thought patterns rather than ingraining the self with escapist mechnisms.

Its all in the mind OP.

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