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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Dis memes?

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- Thu, 01 Aug 2019 08:51:43 EST AdQTJX5u No.367714
File: 1564663903244.jpg -(80999B / 79.10KB, 1080x1101) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dis memes?

Finding DXM Only Products

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- Wed, 24 Jul 2019 18:48:34 EST gpUIBNjD No.367567
File: 1564008514366.png -(2144436B / 2.05MB, 2667x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Finding DXM Only Products
I just moved to houston, texas and I can't seem to find any dxm-only syrups, only gels. Anyone have any insight on this? I'd robo cough but I don't want to order it online. Anyone else
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Reuben Farringfut - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 11:20:44 EST NSW8gqlH No.367651 Reply
1564413644548.png -(376505B / 367.68KB, 386x693) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
U gotta get real with ur parents dude I had to move back in with my mom cuz of shitty life choices but now she dont care if I get mad high as long as I dont cause a scene aka do it at night/stay in my room and I can hold down my job and keep making steps to move up in life.

We even joke about the ridiculous shit I did in the past now.

Or if ur parents r on the lame train for life u gotta get out asap imo

Buy rc and nb

Stuff to do on 3-MeO-PCP?

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- Thu, 06 Jun 2019 20:54:52 EST 6wqFpQZ5 No.366812
File: 1559868892880.jpg -(53609B / 52.35KB, 560x577) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Stuff to do on 3-MeO-PCP?
sup /dis/sounauts

ffs after 8 months sober from dissos I'm finally getting me some 0.5g of 3-Meow.

It's my 3rd fav disso, 1st being MXE and 2nd DCK. Love me some fucking mania.

Anyways got a list of stuff to do, like watching anime and playing some games.

Animes I'll watch are: Angel Beats, Serial Experiments Lain, Happy Sugar Life & Perfect Blue

For games I will play Hypnospace Outlaw.

Would like to know if you guys got any recommendations and stuff. Anime, Games, movies, whatever, gotta lot of time to do stuff lol
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Cornelius Honeydale - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 03:29:37 EST DRZaru6p No.367671 Reply

Wow. That is pretty nuts. Now watch it on LSD and try to keep up. Original Twin Peaks or The Return? (The latter would be trippier)>>367666
Albert Corrywill - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 04:07:57 EST iDWqXavs No.367672 Reply

Played some Doom 2016 last night while I was doing 3-MEO-PCP, the speed and intensity of it was incredible. Highly recommended.

A prescription for ketamine.

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- Thu, 06 Jun 2019 13:05:36 EST 8oPqdNBF No.366793
File: 1559840736960.png -(146286B / 142.86KB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. A prescription for ketamine.
dxm isn't even that scary it's used by many people recreationally with virtually no I'll effects.

But not for a hit of hemp followed by a sip of mint type liqour?

Listen up you fucking wannabe tussin punks it's medicine that has effects on cough not a recreational outlet , IF YOU DO NOT CEASE TRESSPASS E.G. PUSHING MIXING/BLATANT MISUSE OF DXM I WILL BREAK YOUR FUCKING KNEECAPS.
NEVER inhale tobacco, I'm not mad at any of you 2mg benadryl under the tongue to dull sharpness and breakup panic ON DXM.
Fuck all your images fuck all your overdoses fuck all your twisting of the narrative


You hear that? Thats the sound of the arrest of your dead on arrival drug/plant mix agenda you fucking pedophiles.


Don't fucking trip on otc medicine

THE TYPE OF PERson perpetuating the take 300/300 dxm/dph WILL BE ARRESTED and. Have their knee caps shattered I know this to be a fact.

At this rate habitual smoking of the worst kind is set to be gone by 2025. We went from 40% to under 5%. In 20 years.
we detest you hollywood
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Thomas Cregglemotch - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 15:52:05 EST SbwfkfyM No.367130 Reply

Glad I'm not the only one. The commitment makes me anxious though, whatever he's talking about sounds really important and evil. Not even in a sarcastic way, I'd love to know what specifically the OP is talking about? I saw something the other day about some guy murdering his wife or girlfriend on triple ccc's. I've always got sound harm reduction advice here and tried to give the same, really concerned and bewildered.
Augustus Grandspear - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 21:24:49 EST L3XyVEhN No.367655 Reply
Its useless, the only harm reduction to come out of this is to know this can happen to you if you have the wrong brain or take the drugs too far. This guy can't communicate anything effectively
Graham Breblingfoot - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 02:32:06 EST CamcKKi8 No.367669 Reply
Hilarious thread. Too bad you ruined it. Inb4 ban.

/dis/ games

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- Tue, 16 Jul 2019 20:39:20 EST swOgP+4X No.367464
File: 1563323960196.png -(963642B / 941.06KB, 760x777) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. /dis/ games
Going to be taking ~700mg tonight and playing some vidya. What games do you like to play while on /dis/? I enjoy playing N64 and PS1 era games and old PC games. For some reason I feel like the graphics and strong feelings of artificiality make those games very interesting to play /dis/-ed. Some notable games for me are Half-Life, the N64 Zeldas, Mario 64, Doom 1 and 2
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Phoebe Beppertit - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 07:36:15 EST W0EY7sFj No.367584 Reply
I will play Okami today on mxe. Beautiful game, zelda-like, and has atmosphere of old Asian tales, journey to the west or something like that
I played this on mxe as well. Great game, very cold and schizophrenic
David Claydock - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 11:47:39 EST LeId6x8U No.367585 Reply

Oh yeah, tree meow is up there with MXE for immersion, particularly for video games since it's so functional. I beat most of Bloodborne while on it and good fuck the boss fights were intense. It felt like I was in complete control of my character's movements, often forgetting I was even holding a controller, and yet I was still able to play way better than I thought I would without even really thinking about it.

Great shit, I love really intense games when I'm on it. I might not be as good at them for the most part, but the way it pulls you into the experience really gets the adrenaline pumping. Can't wait to try out Doom 2016 next time I do some.
Eugene Sandleman - Sun, 28 Jul 2019 08:39:36 EST I3FTlhGb No.367644 Reply

My all time favorite game to play on dissos is still GTA V. Can't beat that first person immersion, used to load up on MXE and play all night. Unlike most games I actually became much better at playing while loaded, at one time I could do some ridiculous shit in the air without flinching.
I love playing Skyrim as well, just not as much as GTA.
Will hopefully be reexperiencing the magic next week, can't wait!

I've tried with other dissos and mxe has that Goldilocks zone of dissociative immersion and retaining fine motor skills. 3-meo-pcp and 3-ho-pce and similar dissos all resulted in me losing interest or losing coordination when dosed high enough to really notice the disconnect. DCK was fun but same thing I'd get too wonky to be able to coordinate my finger movements.

Does anyone every have "good" trips while on datura?

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- Fri, 26 Jul 2019 17:42:02 EST eWFDfIG1 No.367615
File: 1564177322879.jpg -(211066B / 206.12KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Does anyone every have "good" trips while on datura?
I only ever seem to hear bad shit about them, but for some odd reason I'm still intrigued...

Robo Cough

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- Tue, 25 Jun 2019 12:52:11 EST M1T10GlU No.367159
File: 1561481531028.jpg -(2637494B / 2.52MB, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Robo Cough
If y'all haven't gotten in on this, you best do it now. This shit is a godsend.
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Esther Hevinghirk - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 00:43:18 EST zQxVoU9f No.367580 Reply
back in my day the word was to avoid the extra shit in triple Cs
I just took it at face value at the time, only ever took gels and delysm and robitussin

Im not advocating for anyones health I am just wondering if the non-DXM component of triple Cs is truly dangerous or fake newz
Cyril Fuckingdock - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:55:38 EST PdvNDXDX No.367606 Reply
Don't believe so, its my preferred method and the chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine som it seems to just add a light dph edge. It feels just fine to me and i experience no negative side effects beside the usual extreme shits
Fanny Nenderway - Fri, 26 Jul 2019 06:00:41 EST 5K+eiixO No.367614 Reply

Im the guy who also prefers triple C but just wanted to say I think the real danger with CPM is it has such a long half life that if you keep on dosing days in a row the CPM is building up in your system and is bad for your heart.
My heartbeat use to feel kind of faint the day after a triple c trip. Now that doesn't really happen, and I think I have a tolerance to cpm itself now, but I can still feel it running through my system for about 2 or 3 days because Ill notice I'm more sleepy and can fall asleep whenever I want. Its an effect I enjoy because with dxm by itself i can't ever fall asleep and I'm an insomniac usually.
People will warn you of the dangers of cpm anytime you mention it on here and its worth paying close attention to how it effects you.
Ive heard if you only use a box of triple C and no more than that, using dxm only products for the rest of your dose, you aren't really putting yourself at an increased risk of anything. The real potential danger starts when your dosing multiple boxes at once or even doing 3 or 4 boxes in just the span of a couple days.


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- Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:31:46 EST IloN6QLN No.367595
File: 1564111906056.gif -(1878450B / 1.79MB, 500x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ZA WARUDO ENDED IN 2012
The "world" ended in 2012 so says Mr Mysterio

Now that doesn't mean that exact date is set in stone for other perspectives of reality (those who may be reading this right now) since we create our own reality tunnel and depending on
What operating system you are running you will experience different perceptions of the same exact "Outward ReaLItY". They say when the europeans first arrived on the shores of the americas
The american indians could not see the ships that the europeans had arrived in. It was only after a shaman was brought into the scene (the OUT-WORD reALLitY) that he saw the great big ships on the shore
And ran back to warn his people. This was because the ships were so far outside of the Reality tunnel that the regular native americans couldnt even grasp the concept of what was before them so
What did their consciousness (AKA OPERATING SYSTEM) default to doing. It couldnt compute the concept of a ship and thus it compensated and projected absolutely nothing. But the SHAMAN (SUP SIGMA) who is entrenched in the
Spiritual realms and who is familiar with the shakiness of the foundation of reality. How it is just a simulation, and simulations can be hacked, and through his more advanced operating system (SHAMANISM 10.0) they
Were able to comprehend the alien form and concept that was the ship and as soon as he began to explain to the Natives of his tribe what was the concepts of ships. It's like he offered them an update to their operating system
That now allowed them to perceive the ships. (A SHIP PATCH For their operating systems)

So now that we understand that all of us can be experiencing the same outward reality (aka USA is probs going to war with iran etc etc) How our consciousness projects the outward reality is always filtered through
The operating system that one is running on their consciousness PC. This is why people of all different faiths can ingest a substance such as LSD or mushrooms and undergo mystical experiences that at times project
images or experiences of meeting your "GOD, PROPHET, GURU" ETC ETC

So a Christian trips on a heroic dose of mushrooms and has visions of Jesus. A Buddhist takes a dose of shrooms and he expriences visions of Buddha or of the many demonic entities that inhabit the many hells that test the individual.
A Hindu may trip on shrooms and have visions of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahman, Lord Shiva, Or many of the Hindu Deities.
This is as true inside psychedelic/mystical experiences as much as every day life. The only difference is it's very subtle in everyday life and sometimes we don't even notice the effect our operating systems filter has upon the hologram of reality.

As Above so Below, As within, so Without

The "world" ended in 2011 (For Mysterio) (*Yes I know I said 2012 in the title but Clickbait peoples.
Everything since then has been an unraveling of dimensions and quantum jumps into alternate universes. I suspect this has something to do with psychedelics and their effects on consciousnes.
(Sad part is were pretty much clueless as to what consciousness is and we have very little understanding of the intertwined bound by fate nature consciousness and reality share.
So In 2011 I finally had found a connect for some shrooms and was able to procure myself about 7 grams of the fuckers. I had been listening to Terrence Mckenna and had decided I would take 5 grams in silent darkenss.

[*Previously like in 2010 I had bought "an eighth" of shrooms off some random connect I made through a different connect and it turned out to be 3.5 grams but it was mushrooms covered with chocolate and nerds (the candy) on top.
When I bit into the chocolate it was like 70% chocolate and the rest shroom so I probably got like 1.5 grams. Not to mention I had gotten the eighth with the intetion of splitting it with a Girl and going to watch a movie. So that trip was so underwhelming
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Eliza Sammershit - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:34:36 EST IloN6QLN No.367596 Reply
1564112076056.gif -(905962B / 884.73KB, 440x248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There was this bright shining radiating light that was all encompassing. It was as if I was in the very center of a sun but it was the most loving, euphoric, releasing, peaceful, fullfilling, timeless, amazing exeriences I have ever had. It and I were one, there was no separation, there was no desire, there was only being. TO THIS DAY I have felt no euphoria no inner peace and
Contentment as much as that experience. I THINK I WAS IN THE PRESCENCE OF GOD/ JESUs/KRISHNA/ALLAH.

After traveling inwards and coming back to my body (coming back to conscious awareness in the REal world) it took some time to adjust back to normal life. Everything that I had previously believed to be true was false and all the things they said were impossible were real.
In that mystical dimension ofc. Now this is where I go Tinfoil hat on you mother Meowers.

My my only question is? ?When the "world" ended in 2011 was this caused by my internal universe breaking experiments. Meaning when I went inside my soul
"The conscious being" who went into the trip A.K.A. me jumped into an alternate universe. Which means I just jumped into another "Me's" body in another universe and maybe he/I traded universes. In a sense if there are parallel universes who are basically the exact same life lived except a tiny decision was flipped.
So In my original reality(UNIVERSE 1A)I did hunker down that night and take 5 grams of dried shrooms in silent darkness. By taking the shrooms I inadvertenly shot my mothership A.K.A consciousness "aka ME" through an interdimensional wormhole that lead me to UNIVERSE 1B.

At that exact same time the other "me" from universe 1B lived the exact same life except of him ending up in universe 1B and me ending up in Universe 1A and the end point or decision thats parellel is that the outward result of the trip was Me swapping to Universe 1B and him swapping to Universe 1A.

Meaning I didn't eject another me into another reality because of my tampering with the universe. Me and my quantum selves have been swapping universes/realities every single time we trip. (BE IT ON EXTERNAL psychedelics [In my case.] Or through internal methods such as mediation, other yogic practices, or even our body producing some time of hallucinogenic substance maybe [DMT] while we sleep.)

But that takes into account the external psychedelic drugs being the cause of the dimensional swaps in my case.

Now how do you explain someone experiencing the same thing and they are stone cold sober people. They never touched psychedelics nor any consciousness altering drug.

Well if we take the premise that the human body produces DMT or some similar type of hallucinogen when we dream/or at certain extremely stressful events in life. It's entirely possible to assume that what "trips" really are is interdimensional wormholes that only our consciousness can travel through.

Leave behind your body in dimension 1A and fear not for no harm will come to you. Connect you conscious hyperdimensional mothership and you will safely be guided into your "alt body" once you arrive in universe 1B. And fear not for the body you left behind will be taken care of by yours truly. And who can you trust more than yourself?

Reality has gotten weirder and weirder ever since then (mandela effects?) and I can't ascribe universe swapping phenomena as being due to the "tinkerings and rituals the elite/scientific community are pumping out".

Common lets be real with Occams Razor.

Scenario 2A) A bunch of different scientists at CERN running experiments with quantum colliders all working together as an elaborate operation with infinitudes of different decisions and actions that have to be done to keep operating said machines are the cause of the dimensional swaps affecting all of reality?
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I'm going to use DXM every day for science

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- Thu, 28 Mar 2019 22:28:53 EST RMtu9JnO No.365578
File: 1553826533512.jpg -(58416B / 57.05KB, 650x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I'm going to use DXM every day for science
So I have decided to do an experiment. I will blog/youtube/whatever my days on here as anonymously as I can and take at a minimum a first plateau dose every day. I will mark any known differences in life and will be the guinea pig for a new generation.
35 posts and 10 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Sidney Pirryfuck - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 15:04:29 EST gdUknMxV No.367557 Reply
1563908669818.jpg -(1851245B / 1.77MB, 2400x1812) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>36 s>>366961
So I was the original poster of this comment. Anyway as I said I was sick when I stopped using and it was terrible. I bought robocough which doesn't have any of the stupid stuff they put in the actual cough medicine to adulterate it. I have been using it for a month straight and I feel amazing. I am confident, healthy, courageous and talking to girls and receiving the same interest back. I am glowing. I have an AVM or Arteriovenous malformation which I have had since birth along with heart and lung defects so I never fit in and didn't do well in school until college which I was using dxm at the time and became high honors. The thing I said about them adulterating the medicine, they certainly changed the recipe over the decade I've used this stuff because while it was magic it made me sick too. I loved to extract it and knew it was better, but took lots of effort, but the robocough is fine. And if I wanted to extract it I could extract more easier with the lower concentration and because I am not using the cheaper dm with guaff which can be used for extraction, but not recommended for drinking, seriously. But I am feeling better than ever. Like I did as a child before school and society broke me. I am on the alpha world line and with reading steiner I can see all the problems I have been trapped in. The labyrinth of the mind that has us trapped in the matrix. Once you lift the veil you will see all the lies clearly. I have always had bad relationships, but I always knew they were bad and would let it happen. My gut told me and i would be angry at myself and in turn hated everything and everyone. I am content now. This is full actualization. My mind is clear. I am enlightened. I love everything. I still carry this hatred though since unlike the buddah whom conquered his demons and Mara. I got to know and understand my demons and that's all they ever wanted. To purge yourself is to kill a part of yourself because we are bipolar beings. Angle and demon. You can pick a side or be like us and ride the surf in the center of the yin and yang and not be swallowed up by this confusing maelstrom that is formed. We can unleash a tempest of emotion. We are ghosts in a shell. Isn't it time to get out of your shell.
I said that I am more confident and talking to women. It's true. Also I inadvertently joined the no fap challenge. I haven't ejaculated or watched porn at all in almost a month. I think of women better. I still am attracted when I see their breasts or whatever, but not sexualizing them and I think they sense it. I think they know when you are hunting puntang and try to play you if they aren't a beta, but an alpha. The beta mind is being consumed by the alpha mind for nutrition. We in the center refuse to break so we go insane. We aren't getting the help we want and don't know what to do for ourselves. We are broken and just want this storm to end. And we can't find ourselves. If you can't find the strength in you to support yourself you can't help your loved ones. After a decade of torment as a child and young adult I was a hateful spiteful and evil young man. Could have been the next hitler. Then I smoked weed and I started to meet the people that put me down and understand them. Then I got into dxm. On and off I spent a decade smoking weed and using dxm along with other substances, but nothing is like dxm weed dmt mushrooms etc. Stay away from dope and coke. They are fun and enjoyable, but they are that way for a reason. I love now. I am content with my place in life and I love and want be an internet love machine.
I met two women over the past two weeks. Ironically. So I saw one applying and she caught my eye immediately. Then when another woman was hired I was disappointed because she was older, looked like she had used dope and she admitted to me that she had before. I had no interest in her. I wondered if she was what I got for telling the owners nephew that I hoped they would hire a cute young unwed woman. So I trained this woman and sort of got to know her for whatever it was worth. Then later that week another woman was there and I was shocked because it was the cute woman I saw applying earlier that week. And oh I think she took to me as quickly as I took to her, but she is in a relationship with a woman. So wasn't the other woman that got the job, but that was irrelevant. This time though even though she is in a relations…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Sidney Pirryfuck - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 15:06:35 EST gdUknMxV No.367558 Reply
Oh and in regards to the no fap challenge. I vow not to ejaculate until I have the mother of my child with me and intend to produce an amazing heir to the kingdom.

Bromism and you: a mathematical approach

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- Wed, 17 Jul 2019 01:31:17 EST 5MSM4AZg No.367473
File: 1563341477860.png -(314973B / 307.59KB, 375x523) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bromism and you: a mathematical approach
Hey /dis/! Lets look at Bromism!
>Neurological and psychiatric symptoms are widely varied and may include the symptoms of restlessness, irritability, ataxia, confusion, hallucinations, psychosis, weakness, stupor and, in severe cases, coma.
>High levels of bromide chronically impair the membrane of neurons, which progressively impairs neuronal transmission, leading to toxicity, known as bromism. Bromide has an elimination half-life of 9 to 12 days, which can lead to excessive accumulation. Doses of 0.5 to 1 gram per day of bromide can lead to bromism.
That doesn't sound good! Am I making myself retarded? Lets find out!

The Molecular Formula‎ of DXM HBr is C18H28BrNO2 and the Molecular Weight of DXM HBRr is ‎‎370.331 g/mol. https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Dextromethorphan-hydrobromide

So the atomic weights of its constituents,
C 12.011 * 18 = 216
H 1.0079 * 28 = 14
Br 79.904 * 1 = 80
N 14.007 * 1 = 14
O 15.999 * 2 = 32
all contribute to the weight of the DXM HBr molecule.

Adding these up to check our work:
216 + 28 + 80 + 14 + 32 = 370. It checks out.
So we've confirmed that 80 atomic mass units (amu) of a DXM BHr is from Bromide.

But how many molecules of DXM HBr are in a standard bottle of robo?
Consider 354 mg per bottle / 370.331 g/mol = 0.00095590161 moles of DXM HBr per bottle.
0.00095590161 moles * 6.022e+23 = 5.7564395e+20 molecules of DXM HBr per bottle.
Since there's only one Bromide atom per DXM HBr molecule that means we've got 5.7564395e+20 atoms of Bromide.
Wow! That's 575,643,950,000,000,000,000 molecules!
5.7564395e+20 Bromide atoms * 80 amu = 4.6051516e+22 amu.
4.6051516e+22 amu / 6.022e+23 = 0.076470334689054245136 grams.

That's not a lot! According to Wikipedia,
>Doses of 0.5 to 1 gram per day of bromide can lead to bromism. Historically, the therapeutic dose of bromide is about 3 to 5 grams of bromide, thus explaining why chronic toxicity (bromism) was once so common.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Cedric Sellyworth - Sat, 20 Jul 2019 22:15:02 EST wOBY9JC0 No.367519 Reply
Lol at OP’s picture.

Mans not hot is fireeeeeeee 🔥
Lillian Hegglepeck - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 01:20:58 EST OoMgiDDf No.367520 Reply
True but /dis/ never felt as arrogant about it. Almost as if people knew the manic deluded rambling was just drug induced nonsense and not some profound insight. Not saying one way is better or anything.
Frederick Nallydale - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 00:02:41 EST CWCvLOTg No.367550 Reply
> Almost as if people knew the manic deluded rambling was just drug induced nonsense and not some profound insight
As one of the former tripfags, I can 100% confirm that this is the case.

sigma receptor (/psy/ repost)

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- Mon, 22 Jul 2019 10:53:31 EST smTx5Fn0 No.367538
File: 1563807211763.jpg -(13225B / 12.92KB, 480x343) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. sigma receptor (/psy/ repost)
I posted this on /psy/ the other day, and would like to bring awareness and attention to the sigma 1 receptor, recognising its affinity involving many neuroreceptors, drugs, and even is directly correlated with neuroplasticity involving "neuroactive steroids", the copypaste is below:

"all in all, dissociatives are invaluable therapeutic and psychological amplifiers, which their benefits, are mostly observed through the user's intent, they can directly change the structure of the brain, for better or worse, but the precursor to this effect and the intended outcome is based on the user's brain structure, their world view, their subconscious symbols, life experiences, and current knowledge and awareness.

Something happens during this experience which closes that gap.

Out of interest, i recently had begun researching the sigma receptor, which a surprisingly high amount of drugs agonise- from DMT, to methamphetamine, to DXM, Ketamine and even cocaine

(source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigma_receptor#Ligands)

what is interesting about this receptor is that it is directly correlated with neuroactive steroids such as progesterone,

(source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurosteroid#Sigma-1_receptor)

this shows that many various drugs directly alter hormonal expressions, and have amazing potential for therapy due to upregulating and/or mimicing certain neuroactive steroids, which directly correlate to neuroplasticity, affecting personality, including benefitting (or possibly hampering) the user's overall life quality, and posessing the ability to alter personal behaviour, psychologically, and external/physically, again, the outcome being positive or negative, is determined by the user themselves.

which is why therapeutic and possibly meditative use is best suited to the use of these drugs- as being ignorant towards these drug induced hormonal changes, as hedonistically enjoyable to the ignorant user that may appear, will only result in disaster."
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Ernest Worthingway - Mon, 22 Jul 2019 16:56:39 EST IloN6QLN No.367546 Reply
1563828999291.png -(8558774B / 8.16MB, 1980x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This post here PROVES OP is retarded and he thinks everyone gives as much of a fuck to reply in a coherent manner when they are dissed out of their minds.

Proves OP doesn't know shit about dissos or psychs.

Prob just some faggot that wandered over from /psy/ in order to validate his preconceptions.

Congrations you did it!

Pic related OP: Learn 2 PK Nooblet
Sidney Davingket - Mon, 22 Jul 2019 21:13:40 EST KRBQNTrZ No.367548 Reply

How the fuck do you beat monkey madness without prayer???

Free hugs

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- Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:50:56 EST br/7EUOR No.367490
File: 1563457856019.gif -(1805634B / 1.72MB, 500x522) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Free hugs
I'm really feeling the empathogenic/entactogenic effects of DXM. So I would like to give you all a psychic hug with my chemically enhanced glow in the dark brain!

If you are reading this post, you have received one (1) hug from me.

Man is the most blessed of all creatures, favored by the Gods above all animals, so treat yourselves accordingly.
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Hamilton Hazzleman - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 02:38:27 EST feEeiMsA No.367522 Reply
1563691107096.png -(588590B / 574.79KB, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Man is the most blessed of all creatures, favored by the Gods above all animals, so treat yourselves accordingly.

I disagree with this sentiment.
We are not favored if the universe is entirely random.. on the chance that it is, treat everyone with respect and kindness.
Sending everyone my love in hope that you'll understand...
Eliza Gizzlesere - Mon, 22 Jul 2019 15:50:00 EST br/7EUOR No.367543 Reply
>if the universe is entirely random

Everything is hierarchical and ordered. You can physically see the evidence of this with your own eyes if you just look around you. Everywhere there can be found repeating patterns, nothing is random but a fractal. It doesn't even make sense that anything could exist "randomly"- existence presupposes form which is order, a pattern. "As above so below." This is why man is blessed, because he above all animals can recognize this truth and see that he was "made in the image of God."



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- Sun, 14 Jul 2019 00:38:39 EST bZJ005b8 No.367411
File: 1563079119342.png -(1400792B / 1.34MB, 1152x648) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. meetups
how do you find people to trip/do drugs with in general?

do people do meetups here or are we really not allowed to post contact info on this playpen?

3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
George Tootville - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 04:33:03 EST 5YPjMysi No.367439 Reply
i was on there once while vaping MXE but at the time everybody was pretty out of it and nobody really said much
Nell Blackgold - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 11:10:50 EST 5K+eiixO No.367460 Reply
Really the only time I met someone IRL that enjoyed DXM as much as me was a bunky I had in jail over a year ago but he was like 5 years older than me and had given up dex, said it had been years since he tripped on it. He was one of the coolest people I've ever met though. Said his thing was to go buy a pepsi and a box of triple C during winter and then dose them slowly while listening to music and shoveling snow.

I've really never tripped with another person IRL who enjoyed it only dosed my friend up that ended up just puking and having a bad time.

I use to synchronize dose with a buddy over steam and play team fortress 2 while exchanging music to listen to.

I've kind of always been the friend who loves dxm too much while everyone else thought it was kinda dumb and would just smoke weed inatead. Still have a lot of good memories tripping at my best friends.
Thomas Sossleway - Wed, 17 Jul 2019 07:26:15 EST /sOFr+up No.367486 Reply
I was there, but in the later (last?) incarnations, mostly the braindrop/godlovesmxe days. It wasn't always my cup of tea. I liked it when it was chill with some good music - entheogenic, chronos/androcell, that kind of thing - not so much for the hedonistic love-ins that happened occasionally.

Old and sad enough... it's been about seven years since I was really into /dis/. I am one of those people who loved MXE, mostly here for the nostalgia at this point. DXM's side effects are too much, anymore. Still willing to have a go at the RCs, but my career makes doing even those less feasible - to the point that I probably don't have a vendor anymore. That career will make it possible to synthesize something good someday, though. I've spent some time away, but I'm not done with /dis/ forever.

Old and sad enough - those were the best days of my life. This place is diminished, but still very much alive; this is where nostalgia belongs.

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