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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Scanner Darkly

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- Sun, 27 Oct 2019 08:45:42 EST ivLKypzP No.369284
File: 1572180342777.jpg -(16729B / 16.34KB, 300x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. A Scanner Darkly
Just read this and it reminded me of DXM.
Am I psyching myself out and falling for a biased perspective?
I can't tell if I'm insane or retarded or if it's my constant questioning of whether or not I am that is and that makes me that way.
Does anyone else feel me or do you all have it pretty together?
There's a part at the end where they talk about a guy who saw God, and God was beckoning him through a doorway but he never went through because he was too busy admiring the doorway itself for the thought to occur to him. Then the doorway disappeared and the rest of his life was a slow, degenerative spiral of agony because he knew he'd never see it again and everything else was rendered meaningless.
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Hedda Hattingpid - Tue, 28 Jan 2020 12:51:55 EST auGm0PpI No.370514 Reply
I definitely made that connection with the show. It bled out into reality because how people reacted to the show became a part of it, like that was the real show. It's so hilarious now but one of the most euphoric experiences of my life was when Olivia (the mc) was shot or tending to someone who was shot as an emulation of a hate crime that was being popularized at the time. It zoomed out on her, she became so small, and the absurdity came crashing down, and it was like my life became a reflection of the moment because what I was perceiving was equally as implausible and fateful as a main character always being there when the most dramatic situations occur, and it was so fucking funny. And to add onto it anyone would judge me because they would think I'm laughing about hate crimes but it was something totally different. I felt so unbelievably lucky and appreciative for being me, and my fuckups, in spite of all my flaws, because that moment was unique.

That moment felt like nirvana and it was from one of the shallowest tv shows in existence. It only goes to show there's hidden meaning everywhere.
Sidney Gorrybot - Sat, 15 Feb 2020 17:51:29 EST XCJyh2Vy No.370763 Reply
1581807089441.jpg -(58253B / 56.89KB, 503x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
waking life really reminded me of dxm. the rotoscoped animation looks like 3rd plateau oevs.

Check it

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- Fri, 07 Feb 2020 12:34:25 EST 8oBsYhWc No.370646
File: 1581096865276.png -(2286454B / 2.18MB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Check it
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Ωµæƨǂ℩αiƞ - Thu, 13 Feb 2020 15:58:03 EST vICGRPB1 No.370747 Reply
1581627483281.jpg -(55782B / 54.47KB, 720x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks for the pic, bruv.
You know how to do this, you have done it many times before.
You must attain your outer form.
Ian Crebblehidge - Sat, 15 Feb 2020 10:50:59 EST RNiAxWR1 No.370761 Reply
1581781859907.jpg -(391777B / 382.59KB, 998x1218) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Had a beautiful high 2nd with damn near no nausea to speak of. This new batch says it's berry but is definitely different than the previous berry flavor, tastes a lot better too. Day and a half later and I still feel those sweet antidepressant effects. God I love this drug. SLAYER

how2make shermsticks

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- Mon, 10 Feb 2020 21:55:56 EST TIohAflT No.370693
File: 1581389756887.jpg -(67430B / 65.85KB, 600x404) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. how2make shermsticks
Hey guys so I got some 3-MeO-PCP and I wanna pretend it's real PCP so I can smoke shermsticks and be cool.

First I'm gonna freebase it, then dissolve it, then lace a spliff by dipping + drying.

Has anybody actually done the dipping + drying part, though? I've seen some people drying via cigarette lighter, which to me seems like it would ignite the solvent. Do you just dip, then send it to a wire rack to dry? Or is using a hairdryer a good idea?

4 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Edwin Mankinmat - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 23:37:17 EST TIohAflT No.370713 Reply

From what I understand, the only reason it works with PCP is because PCP is psychoactive at <10mg. You wouldn't be able to fit enough ketamine or DXM into a stick to obtain any noticeable effects.

Maybe it would work with DCK? I don't know, I don't have access to it. How about you try with DCK and I try with 3-MeO-PCP and we both report back to this thread?
Edwin Mankinmat - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 23:42:24 EST TIohAflT No.370714 Reply

And then there's this guy. How do they taste? I hear ketamine tastes pretty bad when smoked, in general. Also how do your lungs feel afterwards + how strong are the effects?
Edwin Mankinmat - Wed, 12 Feb 2020 16:31:57 EST TIohAflT No.370728 Reply
1581543117526.jpg -(51931B / 50.71KB, 580x370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've heard it works, just more intense, less magical/more stimmy and shorter duration. Could you attest to any of this?

I have also heard that 3-MeO-PCE and O-PCE work much better for vaping/smoking purposes since they're secondary amine and don't even need to be freebased. I don't have access to O-PCE, but would you say I could dissolve 3-MeO-PCE (or O-PCE) in ether/ethanol and use that for my dippies?

I'm not so much interested in vaping, just wanna find something suitable for making shermsticks. I would just use actual PCP if I knew where to find it.

Alibaba vendors

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- Sun, 12 Jan 2020 05:16:35 EST 3X1SXF7o No.370320
File: 1578824195393.jpg -(203767B / 198.99KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Alibaba vendors
anyone bought dxm from changzhou confucius biotech? i was thinking about it and i saw 2 vouches on circlejerk but they have only done 65 orders in the past 6th months. someone lmk.
20 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Sidney Paddlenit - Mon, 10 Feb 2020 12:37:32 EST JJRJQ27l No.370684 Reply
No, he’s right. Couldn’t remember the exact name of what they put in the OTC meds to help it absorb, so I pulled it up. http://www.dextroverse.org/Archives/absorb.txt

polyethylene glycol (PEG), there’s a couple of glycols that they use from what I’ve seen. The bit of alcohol that’s in some of em is also to try and improve absorption if I remember right. It’s not that you won’t trip/get high from taking it by itself, it’s just absorbed differently/not as efficiently, so some of the effects are lost, and some are delayed, getting a longer trip with less of a peak, kind of like delsym (though never tried delsym meself).

I mean, yeah, taking a gram of it will make you trip fucking balls either way, unless your tolerance is completely fucked. Don’t know who recommended you do that but I’m not surprised it just fucked you up, the difference in absorption is definitely not big enough to warrant taking that much, and the absorption is still going to be delayed/altered.
Martha Wimmerburk - Wed, 12 Feb 2020 05:55:45 EST 9YudRErz No.370719 Reply
It's faster in powdered form and it's just as strong. I literally used DXM every day for 3.5 years, usually more than once a day in an average dose of 300mg. This is my experience.. maybe what you're saying is possible, but it wasn't my experience and I can't agree with it just because it's written somewhere "scientifically."

I didn't lose anything besides a weird feeling in my stomach that didn't really affect the high but made the experience different. It was like a non uncomfortable heartburn or something like that, that didn't happen with the powder.

I don't do drugs anymore but I hope to one day.
Martha Wimmerburk - Wed, 12 Feb 2020 06:22:40 EST 9YudRErz No.370720 Reply
you know, I was just thinking about it, and maybe I'm wrong. I went from 270mg doses in gelcaps to .3 in powder. So I've come back to be a reasonable guy and admit I may have been wrong. It's a small difference in dose but I suppose that could be why it didn't feel less strong. Also I never really felt like I built a tolerance. I got a mental handle on the drug but I pretty much always started with that same dose of around 300mg.

I realized I could be wrong, despite what I've always thought, so I'm here to meet you in the middle. I negated the difference between 18 15mg gelcaps (which sometimes I'd go up or down a few) and 300 mg.

Be well. Hope you guys figure it out.

i messed up my brain!!

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- Thu, 06 Feb 2020 17:53:28 EST vFsuPkiE No.370639
File: 1581029608436.jpg -(2039075B / 1.94MB, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. i messed up my brain!!
dipping cigs in 3hopcp! i fre base then its like how its done. Leak bros waterworld im not black tho!
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Jenny Bipperferk - Mon, 10 Feb 2020 16:29:07 EST EoaiRrTF No.370687 Reply
homie gonna fuck around and crash delivering my fried rice bro thassa 1 star. no tip.


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- Sat, 08 Feb 2020 16:09:59 EST S4ou/oTm No.370662
File: 1581196199241.png -(1148831B / 1.10MB, 1487x2082) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Whattup
Was wondering how 2-FDCK compares to actual S-isomer Ketamine, for those who have tried it. Bought some and should be here within a week. This is my second time trying an RC, dissociative; first one I tried was DCK years ago and while it was cool, the "magic" that's present with Ketamine was pretty much gone. On top of that, I could act relatively sober and hold conversations despite the fact that time had slowed to a crawl and that I felt totally dissociating.

How similar is 2-FDCK to Ketamine? What are the similarities, and differences from S-isomer Ketamine? Thanks

DXM and Ketamine

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- Tue, 04 Feb 2020 21:31:11 EST hPG1JgUZ No.370621
File: 1580869871855.png -(2325797B / 2.22MB, 1506x719) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DXM and Ketamine
What happens if you take little bumps of Ketamine and/or more at the peak of a 2nd plateau?
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Eugene Churringhag - Wed, 05 Feb 2020 12:41:05 EST 8oBsYhWc No.370628 Reply
Sounds fun but avoid serotonin syndrome lol

Robo Cough

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- Sat, 28 Sep 2019 16:53:34 EST xCqh1HBU No.368954
File: 1569704014206.jpg -(44207B / 43.17KB, 920x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Robo Cough

Robo cough is hitting the mainstream. fuck normies gonna get it banned
46 posts and 9 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Sophie Bendlestock - Sat, 01 Feb 2020 20:31:17 EST pUUrPnGE No.370586 Reply
Amazon doesn't list it or the reviews anymore.


Saw there site, can you order straight from them?

Dumb if not fucking

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- Mon, 03 Feb 2020 13:11:35 EST tzeeIpaG No.370611
File: 1580753495844.jpg -(44190B / 43.15KB, 639x614) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dumb if not fucking
What's up people's? We all have that yellow text to post about that crackhouse annoyance. I have 3 but can't space the stories so if anyone reads I will post a lot.
I had those annoying drug circles where it's the best of both worlds between sex drugs and being "bullied" to more drugs or to change my philosophy of living. There' at least five subjects for coverage as them and friends stories on drugs; ms dude, meth jar boxer, mdma polish schoolboy, Arthur the greek and last subjec pretty princess. All are dank as fuck stories but they shallow man. Per subject posted one reply story, ask away
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Walter Chinnerhed - Tue, 04 Feb 2020 09:05:35 EST SbwfkfyM No.370614 Reply
Lemme get “dick girl and the sisters”. Please and thank you
Da ass prazole returns - Tue, 04 Feb 2020 10:26:54 EST kGHm1qFn No.370615 Reply
This chick I met in my primary, we didn't do anything till I changed school in 2nd class secondary on simple fact that it's seen pedo as fuck to talk to children from different classes, she was one grade under me. In 4th secondary I went with Arthur and another dude of his to a party, got drunk and stoned then went upstairs bcoz heard that there's more ppl at the party upstairs. See her filling a chick up so I Grabbed her by the butt in sneak mode and started fingering and slapping her hard as concrete ass, the ass was erect so i started fingering, got on my knees and saw she also has a pussy. Small talk down the road, I fuck her on a chair then lick her dickhead clean. Have a blast taking drugs from her stash and fuck 2 preggo teens holding hands with her as she does the other one, swap positions and partners for hours and fuck other chicks from party. Two years later I have long crackhouse sleepovers for two months and see her fcb from another girls phone, catch contact and bone her and her sisters on daily basis for a Week staying there and just swapping between her and her two hot sisters from which one surely did porn cause I swear IT'S the same chick and she said so also. Bring over a hi-Rolling Customer just cause I wasn't enough for 3 girls at a time and so we bought them jewelery with the Customer for my part I paid 250€ and 535€ to be refilled for my stash cuz the Customer paid afterwards only. The porning sis I took to the shower and took a noosefull of cocaine then let her piss in my nose for the fuck of it and the reward fuck was AMAZING also swapping positions and a shower at the end. Remember this I was fat and titsy and she hot with her every sis even the shemale is a small milfy loli and she the youngest.
Da ass prazole returns - Tue, 04 Feb 2020 10:34:43 EST kGHm1qFn No.370617 Reply
btw over the course the fat gonzo was already Fucking chicks since 5yo on a yearly 2 or none pops basis even up to 16yo girls

S isomer or racemic ket for more $, or cheaper 2fdck? Noob plz help!!!

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- Tue, 14 Jan 2020 17:20:42 EST oRZBlfXt No.370351
File: 1579040442385.png -(113596B / 110.93KB, 500x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. S isomer or racemic ket for more $, or cheaper 2fdck? Noob plz help!!!
Hey /dis/ . I come to you because I had the pleasure of trying ketamine recently and am interested in acquiring more. The peoblem is it is hars to find locally, although I can get my hands on it, it is anywhere from 60 to 100 a gram. I dont know which kind of k i tried but I should have a choice of either racemic or s isomer. My question is, what do you guys think of 2fdck? I can get it for about half as much and I have heard it is great for newbies like myself. What do you guys recommend? If ket, what type based on your preferences? Should I splurge or go for the cheaper and non scheduled option?

Pic unrelated
13 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Caroline Bliddlewater - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 14:49:28 EST Ry9e8Y9D No.370600 Reply
>>370541 OP here. I WISH I could get a g of k on the dw for 20 bucks. Here, domestic, I'm looking at anywhere from 60 bucks to over 100. That is why the 2f is even a consideration or this thread would not exist.
Lydia Drimmerville - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 21:26:17 EST nw441HMe No.370605 Reply
Yeah fuck paying domestic prices. Waiting 2 weeks sucks, but it's like 4-5g for the price of 1. Well worth it IMO.


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!jO37NlFkS6 - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 10:23:49 EST KQampZxb No.370596
File: 1580657029231.jpg -(922662B / 901.04KB, 1242x1227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. hiffwe
wtf when did /dis/ get tripfagging back
Fuck Nickleridge - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 12:56:21 EST KQampZxb No.370599 Reply
1580666181938.png -(644265B / 629.17KB, 730x732) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
thats a really long range of time, i could believe i missed it within 6 months but definitely not 12...

i think i got mandela affected>>370597

more obscure RC Arylcyclohexylamines

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- Thu, 30 Jan 2020 19:43:44 EST KQampZxb No.370551
File: 1580431424132.jpg -(216050B / 210.99KB, 593x797) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. more obscure RC Arylcyclohexylamines
Let there be a place for us to discuss the arylcyclohexylamine compounds that are somewhat less understood in comparison to others. I'm mainly making this thread to ask about the drugs O-PCE (2'-oxo-pce) and MXPr (Methoxpropamine). I've read the few availabile trip reports on the clearnet about them but i'm very interested to hear anything from people with first hand experience. Anyone with their own questions feel free to ask but i have to admit my experience with this particular family is very limited (ketamine only). I've used more DXM than i can quantify in my memory so i'm fairly comfortable being dissociated, i'm just curious as to what different dissociative drugs feel like in comparison to the ones i've already tried/other drugs in general.

>tl;dr tell me about MXPr and O-PCE so i don't go all excited delirium and rip my dick out my asshole
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Jack !fXGyYTYKEM - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 09:59:52 EST lpEUJ55p No.370593 Reply
I never tried MXPr, but I want to look into a current RC soon. It's been a long time. My memories of O-PCE were of a very clean and very dry dissociative. It was a fairly strong dissociative effect, lacked the opioid warmth I've been looking for since MXE, but didn't have any notable side effects either (besides the "cognitive blunting" that is common to so many dissociatives. Hard to think, hard to speak).

...it was boring. Other people do disagree, but like a low dose of ketamine, I found myself dissociated, and bored. It was an amazing adjunct to other drugs, though, particularly opioids (it eliminated the nods - which I understand some people love - enhanced the euphoria, and added dissociation. Not quite MXE, but very nice). That's what I thought of it, in a nutshell: excellent for adding a clean dissociative component to other things. Did not try it with /psy/, amphetamines, who knows what else. Compared to other RCs I've tried, it was potent, but could be eyeballed with practice, and fairly safe.
Fuck Nickleridge - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 10:14:49 EST KQampZxb No.370594 Reply
1580656489938.jpg -(5803B / 5.67KB, 200x145) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
thank you for answering! everyone on BL seems to agree on around 5-15mg as a starting point, would you agree with that? also, i've never mixed two dissociative compounds before, only dis/psy. do their effects add on to eachother in a linear fashion or are they more multiplicative?

>pack is coming with big chunkalunk of flap tabs so hopefully having access to both at once won't put me back in the psych ward ahaha ha ha... ha


View Thread Reply
- Wed, 19 Jun 2019 21:06:15 EST p378vNxp No.367056
File: 1560992775371.jpg -(222964B / 217.74KB, 900x632) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. BWD

No matter if your an underage dxm pleb or an RC Everyone is welcome here.
Except for maybe Ssdoctor...

Join on June 25th for a trip to madness.
502 posts and 183 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Edward Dullyworth - Sat, 01 Feb 2020 14:43:07 EST 3U0VKrjo No.370581 Reply
>Ketamine showers
Fuck yeah dude. Just tried it and had some shpongle playing from my speakers while I was in the shower and it was magical.
Emma Perrystone - Sun, 02 Feb 2020 20:44:38 EST ht2UbIlD No.370603 Reply

Taking 450mg DXM for the first time in years. I was a weekly DXM user until I fell into daily MXE, DCK, Ephenidine, and O-PCE. This'll be the first dis I've done in 6 months. Hoping for a nice music buzz. Last time I tried DXM I threw up before it kicked in I'm determined to get something out of this.
David Cublingtad - Wed, 05 Feb 2020 01:44:05 EST 9YudRErz No.370626 Reply
how'd it go? what kind of music do you listen to on drugs? I've noticed most people seem to listen to soft music

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