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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Contact! Cosmic Coincidence Center Music Collection

- Mon, 24 Jun 2019 19:47:32 EST z/NbtvdT No.367151
File: 1561420052026.jpg -(414657B / 404.94KB, 850x1104) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Contact! Cosmic Coincidence Center Music Collection
Drop any and all songs or albums that blew your mind o. A ++++ type of trip experience. When going deep it’s nice to always enjoy novel sounds to guide the way.

I’ll start off

Shitting Geppermadge - Tue, 25 Jun 2019 16:24:55 EST Ygf2wftL No.367162 Reply
I will recommend this until the day i die

The art of chill vol. 2 is the best fucking mix to go deep too
Hamilton Cluvingchet - Fri, 28 Jun 2019 08:28:20 EST ckt3Zwt1 No.367212 Reply
1561724900140.jpg -(50390B / 49.21KB, 498x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>/dis/ music
> no drain gang

phew.. i mean it's like THE /dis/ music. Heavily psychadelic and organic but also very sterile and electric kind of atmosphere.
And that's just how it sounds the texts are even better.

bladee + ecco2k - stalker, cinderella, plastic surgery,
bladee - wrist cry, decay, be nice 2 me, lovenote, unreal, nike, just do it
thaiboy digital - haters broke, 2 seats, wrong, no. 1
ecco2k - gt-r, happily ever after, guardian_angels (((natu)))
Cornelius Brozzlestone - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 21:22:25 EST uTC1IJkn No.367377 Reply
1562980945187.jpg -(61617B / 60.17KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The Cut by First Time Neurosurgeon

I think this is another that was made mostly while dissociated. The nostalgia for me comes from the early version of this album that was in a different order. I didn't feel like updating my playlists and such, so I'm used to hearing a different order of tacks but it's all good. I remember spacing out like each song is atmosphericly different and journeying through mind space. I hope charlie bonehead is still creating stuff and doing well.


Sidney Papperlock - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 23:51:21 EST s/LsdI2k No.367379 Reply
shit didnt read your post and wondered if you were actually him sharing the album
Fucking Wemblebury - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 06:07:16 EST ABZfbFAR No.367456 Reply
Their the two posts above you...

But damn lil ugly in my mxe days shit was deeeeep
David Pugglechock - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 10:34:58 EST kZMswG/H No.367829 Reply
This song has always been really special to me on dxm. I liked it alright but wasnt crazy about it before but on my first couple trips on dxm I would just listen to this song over and over. The way the synth sounds matches well with the woozy feeling.

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