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- Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:31:46 EST IloN6QLN No.367595
File: 1564111906056.gif -(1878450B / 1.79MB, 500x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ZA WARUDO ENDED IN 2012
The "world" ended in 2012 so says Mr Mysterio

Now that doesn't mean that exact date is set in stone for other perspectives of reality (those who may be reading this right now) since we create our own reality tunnel and depending on
What operating system you are running you will experience different perceptions of the same exact "Outward ReaLItY". They say when the europeans first arrived on the shores of the americas
The american indians could not see the ships that the europeans had arrived in. It was only after a shaman was brought into the scene (the OUT-WORD reALLitY) that he saw the great big ships on the shore
And ran back to warn his people. This was because the ships were so far outside of the Reality tunnel that the regular native americans couldnt even grasp the concept of what was before them so
What did their consciousness (AKA OPERATING SYSTEM) default to doing. It couldnt compute the concept of a ship and thus it compensated and projected absolutely nothing. But the SHAMAN (SUP SIGMA) who is entrenched in the
Spiritual realms and who is familiar with the shakiness of the foundation of reality. How it is just a simulation, and simulations can be hacked, and through his more advanced operating system (SHAMANISM 10.0) they
Were able to comprehend the alien form and concept that was the ship and as soon as he began to explain to the Natives of his tribe what was the concepts of ships. It's like he offered them an update to their operating system
That now allowed them to perceive the ships. (A SHIP PATCH For their operating systems)

So now that we understand that all of us can be experiencing the same outward reality (aka USA is probs going to war with iran etc etc) How our consciousness projects the outward reality is always filtered through
The operating system that one is running on their consciousness PC. This is why people of all different faiths can ingest a substance such as LSD or mushrooms and undergo mystical experiences that at times project
images or experiences of meeting your "GOD, PROPHET, GURU" ETC ETC

So a Christian trips on a heroic dose of mushrooms and has visions of Jesus. A Buddhist takes a dose of shrooms and he expriences visions of Buddha or of the many demonic entities that inhabit the many hells that test the individual.
A Hindu may trip on shrooms and have visions of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahman, Lord Shiva, Or many of the Hindu Deities.
This is as true inside psychedelic/mystical experiences as much as every day life. The only difference is it's very subtle in everyday life and sometimes we don't even notice the effect our operating systems filter has upon the hologram of reality.

As Above so Below, As within, so Without

The "world" ended in 2011 (For Mysterio) (*Yes I know I said 2012 in the title but Clickbait peoples.
Everything since then has been an unraveling of dimensions and quantum jumps into alternate universes. I suspect this has something to do with psychedelics and their effects on consciousnes.
(Sad part is were pretty much clueless as to what consciousness is and we have very little understanding of the intertwined bound by fate nature consciousness and reality share.
So In 2011 I finally had found a connect for some shrooms and was able to procure myself about 7 grams of the fuckers. I had been listening to Terrence Mckenna and had decided I would take 5 grams in silent darkenss.

[*Previously like in 2010 I had bought "an eighth" of shrooms off some random connect I made through a different connect and it turned out to be 3.5 grams but it was mushrooms covered with chocolate and nerds (the candy) on top.
When I bit into the chocolate it was like 70% chocolate and the rest shroom so I probably got like 1.5 grams. Not to mention I had gotten the eighth with the intetion of splitting it with a Girl and going to watch a movie. So that trip was so underwhelming
And not a real taste of what these things can do.]

I proceeded to dive deep and I ended up dying that night, well what I thought was "ME" my ego. It was a hell of a ride, I tried fighting it for most of the trip which made it crazy and like fucked with me a bit untill I just let go in utter defeat and then it lifted the pressure
And I went somewhere very beatiful. I lost my body, I lost all sense of individuality, I didnt even think in thoughts anymore.
Eliza Sammershit - Thu, 25 Jul 2019 23:34:36 EST IloN6QLN No.367596 Reply
1564112076056.gif -(905962B / 884.73KB, 440x248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
There was this bright shining radiating light that was all encompassing. It was as if I was in the very center of a sun but it was the most loving, euphoric, releasing, peaceful, fullfilling, timeless, amazing exeriences I have ever had. It and I were one, there was no separation, there was no desire, there was only being. TO THIS DAY I have felt no euphoria no inner peace and
Contentment as much as that experience. I THINK I WAS IN THE PRESCENCE OF GOD/ JESUs/KRISHNA/ALLAH.

After traveling inwards and coming back to my body (coming back to conscious awareness in the REal world) it took some time to adjust back to normal life. Everything that I had previously believed to be true was false and all the things they said were impossible were real.
In that mystical dimension ofc. Now this is where I go Tinfoil hat on you mother Meowers.

My my only question is? ?When the "world" ended in 2011 was this caused by my internal universe breaking experiments. Meaning when I went inside my soul
"The conscious being" who went into the trip A.K.A. me jumped into an alternate universe. Which means I just jumped into another "Me's" body in another universe and maybe he/I traded universes. In a sense if there are parallel universes who are basically the exact same life lived except a tiny decision was flipped.
So In my original reality(UNIVERSE 1A)I did hunker down that night and take 5 grams of dried shrooms in silent darkness. By taking the shrooms I inadvertenly shot my mothership A.K.A consciousness "aka ME" through an interdimensional wormhole that lead me to UNIVERSE 1B.

At that exact same time the other "me" from universe 1B lived the exact same life except of him ending up in universe 1B and me ending up in Universe 1A and the end point or decision thats parellel is that the outward result of the trip was Me swapping to Universe 1B and him swapping to Universe 1A.

Meaning I didn't eject another me into another reality because of my tampering with the universe. Me and my quantum selves have been swapping universes/realities every single time we trip. (BE IT ON EXTERNAL psychedelics [In my case.] Or through internal methods such as mediation, other yogic practices, or even our body producing some time of hallucinogenic substance maybe [DMT] while we sleep.)

But that takes into account the external psychedelic drugs being the cause of the dimensional swaps in my case.

Now how do you explain someone experiencing the same thing and they are stone cold sober people. They never touched psychedelics nor any consciousness altering drug.

Well if we take the premise that the human body produces DMT or some similar type of hallucinogen when we dream/or at certain extremely stressful events in life. It's entirely possible to assume that what "trips" really are is interdimensional wormholes that only our consciousness can travel through.

Leave behind your body in dimension 1A and fear not for no harm will come to you. Connect you conscious hyperdimensional mothership and you will safely be guided into your "alt body" once you arrive in universe 1B. And fear not for the body you left behind will be taken care of by yours truly. And who can you trust more than yourself?

Reality has gotten weirder and weirder ever since then (mandela effects?) and I can't ascribe universe swapping phenomena as being due to the "tinkerings and rituals the elite/scientific community are pumping out".

Common lets be real with Occams Razor.

Scenario 2A) A bunch of different scientists at CERN running experiments with quantum colliders all working together as an elaborate operation with infinitudes of different decisions and actions that have to be done to keep operating said machines are the cause of the dimensional swaps affecting all of reality?

Scenario 2B) One certain event/ substance/ experience where I KNOW the universe shattered. I experienced the veil of reality being peeled back. Yet I came back hours later... mind in tact (yet a bit scarred)...check, body intact...check, universe in tact...(maybe check?)
it's almost as if I went into a intradimensional wormhole and came out the other side in my alt universes body, alt universes Universe, and retained my original Mind from universe 1A. Understanding the concepts of parallel universes, wormholes, and quantum mechanics (for dummies of course)
while creating a bit of my own ideas to fill in the blanks like consciousness being an interdimensional mothership that can be operated with fuel (being external or internal mystical/psychedelic experience inducing methods) is like the shaman explaining the shape/concept of "ships" to the Native Americans so too can the explanation of realities swapping be understood in a primitive way.

Scenario 2C) Lets use Occams Razor even further. Ascribe the aspects and results of scenario 2B) and just cut out the need for an EXTERNAL psychedelic substance to be the root cause or Fuel that got the mothership running. Meaning anyone who practices internal methods such as meditation, yoga, dancing, drumming, fasting, isolation, EVEN SLEEP (Which we know little to nothing about. We don't know why we do it nor what its actual function is for besides the Physical effects we can easily notice from being more rested)

But Mysterio what does Dreaming have to do with Consciousness. Well thats what we don't know and what science can't speak on. So when it comes to that trying to use science as a measuring stick for "validation" is pointless and idiotic. (IK MOST of you science heads who reading this gunna think THATS JUST AN EXCUSE TO NOT HAVE TO bACK YOUR CLAIMS UP WITH SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE AND IF YOU CANT DO THAT THEN YOUR FULL OF SHIT LYING AND PSEUDOSIENC

But I ask does your scientific paradigm/(OPERATING SYSTEM) have to be so incompatible with ( MYSTICISM 11.0) OR (RELIGIO-SPIRITUALISM 21.0)

Just because you can't use your tool to measure the phenomena does not mean it's automatically false. You may believe it and your operating system may run with that specific code in place leading your projection of the world to be filtered with that bias in mind leading you to be blind to super advanced collosal (Interdimensional/[or even ET for you ET 2.0 GUYS] Airships the size of large cities that roam our skies each and every night. Have you looked up and seen multiple mile long and wide floating aircraft roaming out skies and cloaking in and out of existence on the daily.

Next time you are tripping lock yourself in a dark room kinda late at night but not before it's way too late. Meditate while coming up, ask to be shown, ask for the veil to be lifted from your eyes. After about 1.5 hours to 2 hours you should get dressed confortably. Take everything you need, phone, big headphones, good tunes, maybe a drink, and step out and go for an adventure of a walk through your hoods, maybe to a park. W/e mayne (having a trip buddy makes this way safer). And look up.... You will see but not believe becuase it's so alien to your operating system that it can't process the information.

Open your mind, then open your eyes.

As above so below. As within so without.

PS. Sorry if it looks all fucked up I was using notepad so the formatting is prob fucked.

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