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- Wed, 31 Jul 2019 10:03:28 EST pLyoVDyN No.367677
File: 1564581808247.png -(135376B / 132.20KB, 426x422) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. DXM LEAN? (HOW TO MAKE IT NOT TASTE LIKE ASS?)
Britbong UKfag here. We have Benylin dry cough syrup here which is purely DXM. There's also a DXM/DPH version for you delvers lol.

Thing is the syrup tastes like a whole new level of awful. Especially when its 225 mg per bottle. I need 2 bottles and a joint to feel anything amazing, and because of the taste I've not ventured into the higher plateaus.

Essentially what I'm asking is, is there a way to make some form of lean with DXM to make it not taste so awful? Like I've tried sprite and a LOT of sugar, and that was better but still horrible.
Phoebe Blobberfire - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 13:04:47 EST nj89mcaU No.367679 Reply
>>367677 ime diluting it jyst prolongs the suffering, just find tablets instead, much easier
Ebenezer Shittingham - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 14:28:56 EST WAv4D8z4 No.367680 Reply

extracting is the only way.

Add syrup and equal amount of pure water to a PET bottle, add a few tablespoons of washing soda (sodium carbonate decahydrate), shake vigorously until fully dissolved, add a 30 ml of white spirit, shake vigorously for 5 minutes, let it sit until fully separated, then take the white spirit layer off with a big oral syringe. repeat this 3-5 times and collect all the white spirit and at the end discard the syrup+water+soda solution. now add the solvent to 10-15 ml of citric acid solution(in water). it has to be acidic but at the same time it has to be consumable, so taste it before. 1-2 gram of citric acid must be enough for all steps. shake the solvent with the citric solution vigorously for 5 minutes, let it sit until separated, take off the solvent, but now you will collect citric solution. collect it into another bottle or a glass, and put back the white spirit into the shaking bottle and add new ctirc acid solution. repeat 3-5 times. combine the collected solutions which is now DXM citrate, add to a small pot and very gently bring it to boil, boil it for a few minutes or until you smell no spirit odor at all. let it cool down, and drink it like a shot of liquor. it hits much quicker than syrup, like 15 minutes later you're coming up and 30 minutes later you're tripping assuming empty stomach.
Albert Trotham - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 14:29:09 EST 1tpnrEB8 No.367681 Reply
Ya there is no good way to get around the awful mouth rape that some syrups can be.

Gel caps or pills of some sort have no taste (kind of, when I think about gelcaps I can still taste having 10-20 in my mouth at a time and it makes my stomach turn, I'd rather do syrup these days) but they come with their own issues.

I recommend finding the most potent syrup you can and just slamming it with a chaser. You get over it eventually
Angus Honeyfoot - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 19:37:24 EST IloN6QLN No.367695 Reply
You got two choices

Small amounts of liquid with very concentrated shity taste

Or a big amount of liquid with a diluted shity taste but it just never ends and is almost worse.

Best thing i've found to mask the nasty cherry menthol taste of syrup back in the days was to dab some mustard on my tongue right before i would take a sip. I would dab the mustard so it covers my taste buds and then use one hand to close my nose so I can't smell then I would grab the syrup and take a small chug.. (dont chug a lot cus you will throw it up back up) if you do it right the mustard will act like a barrier that allows the syrup to slide past your taste buds and into your throat with the least amount of disgust possible.
Priscilla Hiblingchut - Wed, 31 Jul 2019 20:55:50 EST F9pWfKcC No.367700 Reply
MUSTARD!!!! Fucking facts.
> Chug bottle of syrup
> Large swig of water to wash out residual
> Rub mustard on my tongue and around my mouth
> Repeat for each bottle.

That being said the closest thing I've ever come to mixing away the grossness was with grapefruit juice, which gives the double advantage of adding potentiation, but like—
> big amount of liquid with a diluted shity taste but it just never ends and is almost worse
Pretty accurate.
William Lightridge - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 07:57:21 EST sStYbPv+ No.367731 Reply
idk about your syrup but like Rite Aid brand or Wallgreens/ generic 354mg 4oz hbr syrups aswell as delsym and its generics id always drink with a carbonated energy drink. take sip/swallow of energy drink, leaving a small amount still in your mouth, then take 2/3 fat gulps of syrup and immediately chase with more energy. do all this while holding your breath or slowly exhaling like youre about to pound a double shot of the nastiest liquor

that works quite well. also i would sometimes put some Sour Patch kids on my tounge immediatly after swallowing.

that being said i really wish you could plug snort or smoke dxm
some drugs you just need to do every ROA out there to get that max effect because lord knows having to snort half a gram of powder or eat/drink 15 pills/ 3 bottles all in one way is hard and shitty. but if you break up and eat alil, boof alil, then snort alittle it all adds together in a beautiful way without discomfort on either nose or stomach (eating 10 hydrocodones for example is bad for stomach, as is having to snort 300mg of ketamine or amphetamine due to tollerance or a bad cut.

id even do 2 or 3 ROAs with RCs like 3 ho pcp, not because its hard to snort 40mg (tollerance), but because each gave slightly different sides of the general effects
Henry Pickstone - Sat, 03 Aug 2019 20:43:38 EST jEjLqAhE No.367741 Reply
I've always just chugged it in one go. 12 ounces of that shit before without stopping was the most I've gotten down. Never puked off the syrup though, and have only vomited from DXM once out of the hundreds of doses.
James Dobblewot - Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:58:40 EST ItTs89/9 No.367827 Reply
That's really quite good since I eat a lot of Mexican food.
James Crommleleck - Wed, 21 Aug 2019 00:37:10 EST y6itDpiA No.367967 Reply
drink some hot water after just slamming it down.
do not add sugar it will make the nausea worse
Fuck Dundlepat - Wed, 21 Aug 2019 19:16:26 EST +y5AJZLx No.367976 Reply
I usually just bitch up and chug it. I usually chase it with Sprite and sometimes I eat a tortilla chip afterwards. The secret is to not breathe out your nose; that's when you really taste the shudder-causing stench.

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